Once you launch Starburst slot, you will notice the constant quality which NetEnt (Net Entertainment) offers in all releases from their online slots list. Besides the amazing graphics, Starburst slot also bring a classic twist to the game by using such symbols as 7 and BAR, usually found in old-school casino floor slot machines. Although this online slot doesn’t offer bonus features in the main sense of the word, there are some added extras that are found throughout the game, keeping the gameplay interesting and exciting. In this article, we will focus more on the Starburst RTP and the overall meaning of this term. 

What Is RTP?

Seasoned players of online slots already know about RTP (Return to Player) which is defined as a calculated theoretical percentage of all wins over stakes for a certain number of games. It is a calculated average for a defined number of finished game plays, not for each game play. So, you can say without a doubt that an online slot advertising a higher RTP is most definitely a better choice. There is no correlation between the number of the reels and the RTP because many slots with fewer reels boast a higher RTP than some video slots of over three reels, which have an RTP percentage that is considered average or below average.

Starburst RTP

Slots With High RTP

To reiterate the above mentioned, online slots with higher RTP percentages are best choices if one is enjoying slots for the payouts. RTP percentages of 96% or over are considered average and above average, respectively, so you’ll be playing smart if you look out for these games on slots sites. RTP of under 96% will just drain your money faster and get you shorter game plays. So, if your main goal in playing slots is to win win some money, try avoiding these slots. Getting the maximum RTP of an online slot requires using a certain “trickery” in order to get the highest possible RTP offered by the online slot. Slot providers design their releases to give the maximum RTP percentage to players betting the highest possible number of win lines. So, if you want to find out whether your account will benefit from playing with the maximum number of win lines, try to make a habit of reading the information on the slots.

Starburst RTP

Starburst RTP percentage places this online slot on the list of online games with an over average RTP. When everything is added together, the slot’s RTP and additional extras, as well as the game’s design, Starburst slots turns out to be an excellent online slot. Starburst RTP is 96.1% which is enough to put this video slot on the list of above average games.

Information on the exact RTP of any video slot can be obtained by two methods; you can find it by opening the paytable, with just a click of the PAYTABLE button, or you can find it at any time on slots sites. If you chose the latter, SlotsWise provides you with all the necessary information on Starburst slots, which is available on our Starburst slot review page.

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