If you are up for fun and entertaining times while enjoying the comfort of your bed with only your laptop or mobile phone in your hands, and all of this under the impression of being able to earn lucrative prizes in a matter of seconds, you should definitely check Starburst slot game.

Developed by Net Entertainment, Starburst slot is one of the games that should definitely be on your list of games. Developed in 2011 it took the game less than a year to reach what it still is – a top-notch online video slot game, played by millions of slot players around the globe, obtained by hundreds of casinos offering different customer services and welcome bonuses. The game already made millions of people happy with the RTP of 96.10%. 

Stick around to find out more about the Starburst Symbols.

Starburst Slot by Net Ent

There are several reasons why this game is desired and played by many online slot lovers, and the main reason maybe lies in the symbols that his game is using, and how they can make combinations in such a different way from all the other slots.

Because the game doesn’t have bonus features or free spins that they can give to the players and slot lovers that chose this game, Net Entertainment had to do something to improve the gameplay, to have something more besides the regular base game. The base game itself, the normal game with the paylines is as rewarding as it could be, but the special features that the symbols possess are extraordinary.

Apart from paying a prize for landing three or more of the same symbols, Net Ent decided to give starburst additional paylines which are paid if you form geometrical shapes on the reels – in other words, there will be a payout if you manage to form a triangle, or a square, a rectangle and several other combinations with the symbols which you can find in the paylines explanation of the game, or simply, try the game yourself Here!

Starburst Symbols

Starburst Slot Symbols

There is something interesting going on with the starburst symbols that attracts the players to keep returning to the reels. Because of the geometrical payouts that Starburst slot offers, with almost every spin you will be rewarded an award.

The Starburst symbols that are spinning on the reels are shiny and lit, which is the opposite of the dark background that the game has, making them shine in the darkness, heralding a great incoming win. We can see the symbols that are diamond shaped in different colours, starting from the one that pays out the least which is the purple one, and going towards the blue and the orange, while the green and the yellow gems are the ones that pay the most. Apart from the 5 differently coloured gems, there are two more symbols that are the most valued ones, represented by the 7 and the Bar symbols. The 7 symbol will pay out 120 coins for five of them on the reels, while the Bar has the max payout of 250 for five of them.

Take a look at what the game Starburst slot offers, we are sure you will enjoy it! If you want to try this game, try it at one of the slots sites that we recommend here at Slotswise.com