Released: 1 Feb 2011

Norse mythology is the theme of this 5-reel, 20-line video slot.

Trolls Slot

Trolls Slot Online

We’ve all heard of trolls before, and we know that they can be both creepy and cute, as seen on the big screen in cinemas. However, many don’t know that trolls actually originate from Norse mythology and are part of the Scandinavian folklore. In fact, trolls have been used as a negative synonym for a Jötunn – a mythological race that lived in Jötunheimr. According to Old Norse sources, these creatures dwelled in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, and lived together in small family units, being rarely helpful to human beings. Inspired by all that, NetEnt decided to create the online video slot of the same name, offering players an inside look into these mythological beings. Keep reading to find out more about Trolls slots!

Trolls Slots Overview

Trolls is a five reel and twenty payline slot which takes you deep into a mysterious forest, where you can hear many different sounds, such as birds tweeting and footsteps treading across the soft paths. Smiling male and female trolls frame the reels which are held in place by rocks, twisted roots and Celtic patterns and everything is designed with high quality graphics and animations to ensure your gameplay is as entertaining as possible.

Standard playing cards represent the lower value symbols, but these also have been designed theme-accordingly - crafted out of logs tied together with plants. The higher value symbols are a range of different trolls and so we have one with a red hat, a baby with a bone, a stone troll, a troll in the gloom, a troll with a basket of mushrooms and one wearing a crown. All of the symbols blink whenever they are part of a winning combination.

There’s a scatter symbol in the shape of a full moon in the night sky and two Wild symbols. The regular Wild is a brown tree stump with the word "wild" printed atop it in blue. These regular Wild symbols double your earnings when they substitute for other symbols on the reels. Both the regular Wild and the Golden Wild will substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter. When you score a Golden Wild, which only appears on the third reel, your winnings are multiplied x4.

How To Play Trolls Slots

To start playing Trolls, first you need to set up your bet. Use the Coin Value button to adjust the coin denomination that ranges from €0.01 up to €1.00 per line. Bet Level allows you to change the number of coins per line and here you can choose from a level of between one and four. If you want to play fewer than maximum lines, use the Bet Lines button to adjust the number of active paylines. Use the circular arrow button to start spinning, or press Max Bet to spin with all 20 lines active and a bet of 4 coins per line.

Trolls slots is web-based with no download necessary and is fully compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

How To Win Trolls Slots

Now, let us introduce you to the family members that you’ll meet and be hoping to see the generous side of. The leader of the pack and most valuable of all is the gold-faced, crown wearing King who can spoil you with up to 750 coins. Then there’s – presumably – the matriarch of the family who holds a basket of food and ensures nobody goes hungry which will see you feast on up to 500 coins. The troll armed with a wooden club can reward you with up to 500 coins; the one with a ring through his nose and the baby troll are worth up to 250 coins, while the final troll in this family that resembles a garden gnome will gift you up to 200 coins.

Trolls Slots Bonus Features

Trolls Slots Free Spins

You trigger this feature by landing three, four or five of the  full moon scatter symbols. This will award you with ten, twenty or thirty spins respectively and all prizes you win while playing are subject to a 3x multiplier.

Landing more scatter symbols in this bonus round will reward you with more free spins.  When the scatter symbols form a winning combo, the night scene will transform into a sunny day.

Our Trolls Slots Review

Trolls slots is a great game for new players, as the betting combination possibilities are relatively basic, and there aren't a lot of bonus features to keep up with. The controls along the bottom are clearly labelled which makes it easy to keep up with your current bet level, the number of lines you're betting, your total coins remaining and the amount of your current win. The game is really well designed and constructed online slot from a company that knows what it’s doing, so it’s worth giving a try.

Don’t be afraid, these are the generous types of trolls! Check Trolls slots out and see for yourself!

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