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Playpearls is an experienced member of the iGaming industry that offers not only incredible casino games but also a wide range of other types of services that make this company a great choice for both players and operators. Read on and learn about the specifics.

Playpearls Games

Everything You Need To Know About Playpearls

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Our Verdict on Playpearls

The experience of this company and the people who work there is evident from the quality of the games and the services they offer. Playpearls may not have become a leading developer of casino games, but it has certainly created a name for itself and it continues to accomplish great things.

Playpearls even offers aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to open their own white-label casinos, which is a pretty big thing. You can read all about how exceptional this company is and about all the things that it has in store for you in this in-depth review below.

About Playpearls

Playpearls is a company that focuses on developing both land-based and online slots. It was first established in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. The first Playpearls office was opened in Malta and the headquarters of the company has remained there even to this day.

Fair play and randomness is something that Playpearls takes very seriously. Their games utilize a random number generator in order to accomplish this and the company holds several licences and certificates as proof of that. 

Playpearls is certified by NMi Gaming Limited and the famous Quinel Laboratories. On top of that, the company also holds a licence from Curacao Interactive, as well as an AAMS licence.


Playpearls does an incredible job at what it does and the people there are completely dedicated to their craft. However, the competitiveness in the iGaming industry is unparalleled, so the company has not been able to secure any prestigious accolades for its great work. Of course, that might change in the future, but we just have to wait and see.

The company is completely devoted to its customers and makes sure that all of their needs are met and satisfied. Playpearls offers an impeccable affiliate platform, fraud management, third party integration, as well as several cashier options. On top of that, the company works closely with organizations that deal with responsible gaming.

Playpearls Games

A lengthy portfolio is also something that you can look forward to if you choose Playpearls. So far, the company has created about 80 games in total, which is not a bad amount. The company continues its great work and more games are constantly being added to this portfolio.

The game library is of course dominated by video slots, which offer some really high-quality experiences. Apart from those, you can also find table games, scratchers, lottery, and there are even live casino games if you want a more realistic experience.

playpearls slots

Unfortunately, Playpearls has not included any jackpots in their games either. The developers might decide to venture out and add them in the future, but so far you cannot find either fixed or progressive jackpots.

The games that Playpearls has created so far are great in the appearance aspect. Of course, the company’s older releases are not as refined and they come with somewhat dated and retro aesthetics, but with their more recent releases, the developers have taken the visual design of the games to a whole new level. 

One thing that some players might find a bit off-putting is the fact that the RTP values of the slots are generally below the industry average. From what we’ve seen, it seems that the RTPs of the Playpearls slots range from 95% to 96%. Nevertheless, make sure to check the RTP value of the game you choose, beforehand.

playpearls games

The slots can also be very fun as well. The developers seem to include different creative themes in their releases, which makes them quite interesting and unique, so you can look forward to a great degree of entertainment value as well. On top of that, some of the games are also released as scratchers as well, which can also be quite entertaining.

Popular Playpearls Slots

The slots you will find in the Playpearls portfolio don’t offer anything unprecedented in regards to their layout and the way in which they are played. They typically take place on standard-sized grids where you get paylines and some exciting bonus features that can prove very helpful in your endeavours and reaching the big wins.

Some of the most popular games include Colt P.I., Cyber Catz, Way of the Warrior, Space Hunters, and Iron Sky.

Colt P.I. Slot

With Colt P.I. slot, you get to join a rugged private detective as he infiltrates and solves crime somewhere in Miami. The visuals of the game are quite impressive and they seem to be quite similar to the GTA Vice City video game. You can earn many great prizes in this game and also take advantage of some interesting bonus features too.

colt p.i. slot

We are still working on detailed reviews of the other Playpearls games, so make sure to check back often and we will update them in no time.

Mobile Experience 

Playpearls is also making sure to utilize the latest technology when creating its games and this also includes HTML5. Namely, it allows you to play these games even on smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones. You can choose a game and open it directly in the browser and there are no downloads necessary, plus the game will still come with the same gameplay and visuals.

playpearls review


All in all, Playpearls has certainly proven to be a serious contributor to the iGaming industry and has secured its place among the better and more well-known software developers out there. The company’s aim is to preserve the authenticity of the traditional casino experience, all while moving forward with the latest advancements in technology. So far, they have been doing an incredible job at accomplishing that.

The games you can find at Playpearls are quite fun and enjoyable, plus they offer some really impressive prizes as well. Choosing Playpearls means that you are choosing entertainment and security all in one. Check out the video slots we offer here on Slotswise and enjoy what they bring to the table.


What types of slots does Playpearls offer?

Playpearls offers a wide array of video slots, but you can also find live casino games, scratchers, and even table games for the players who prefer them.

Which are the most popular Playpearls slots?

Colt P.I., Cyber Catz, Way of the Warrior, Space Hunters, and Iron Sky are among the more famous games by this developer.

Are Playpearls slots secure?

Playpearls is licenced by Curacao Interactive and also has an AAMS licence. On top of that, fairness is certified by a few reputable testing laboratories.

Are Playpearls slots mobile-friendly?

Thanks to HTML5 technology, you can enjoy them on smaller devices without the need for any downloads. Just open the game directly in the browser.

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