Released: 1 Mar 2009


Captains Treasure Slot

Captains Treasure Slot Review

Are you up for some reel action without bonus features, but with a wild substituting for 5000 coin symbols? And a top possible payout of 90,000? Then Captain’s Treasure slot is the game for you. This basic online slot by a well-known company may either please you or leave you bored - that depends what you’ve been after this time around - fun or fame!? 

Captain’s Treasure Overview

The slots experts at Playtech have made a game in the genre of pirates and it sits well with the slots experts over at SlotsWise. The title is Captain's Treasure slot and features some buccaneer symbols and cards letters and numbers. What you will find is a straightforward reel action without too much eye candy, but that doesn't mean the thrill is not there. Quite the opposite, the Captain's Treasure slots is ripe for the slots players who know how to master nine paylines and a small coin size that makes this a penny slot. 

Captain’s Treasure Design

An honest opinion is that Playtech has skimped on the design. Indeed there could have been more done with the symbols, but let's guess that the logic has been, there are so many pirate-themed slots out there - so why bother with 3D design and splash animation and so on. The focus in this game is on the payouts and we will see why. 

As for the game design and the symbols, you will find some all-right pictures that get really pretty with the numbers next to them. For example, the top paying symbol is the crossed swords which bring 5000 coins. This symbol can be substituted by the bearded captain buccaneer, who is the game's wild. The next best paying symbol is a map to the secret treasure, and the prize is 2500 for five, also substituted by the wild.

How To Play Captain’s Treasure Slot

To embark on this pirate adventure you need to play with the settings until you reach the amount that you wish to offer as a wager per spin. This amount can be changed at any time during your play, as long as the reels are not spinning at that very moment. The plus and minus button in the bottom left corner hold the amount of money that is played per line. Since the game has nine paylines, whatever amount you pick will be automatically extrapolated across nine paylines. 

The smallest coin size is just one penny, which brings about a total bet per spin of £0.09. The highest bet per spin is £5 per line, which puts up a high-stakes bet per spin of £450. There are, of course, many amounts in-between that you can select. The number of paylines can be altered also by clicking on the number on the left or the right column. Unlike most other slots that offer this options, the Captain's Treasure slot does not have a button that is specifically designated for the paylines. 

How To Win Captain’s Treasure

When it comes to winning the game, one question we have asked is, is it enough for a slot game to offer just a wild card and not offer any bonus features. We would prefer a game with free spins any time, but this game does not offer this feature, so we are left to hope that the wild symbol will link up with the top paying symbols more often than not. Playing this game at one of the casinos on this page did not result in any multipliers and kickers on the winnings earned from a payline. 

So what else is there to say about a watered-down online slot like this one? Pun-intended, for a pirate-themed slot, this is a watered-down version compared to all the rest. But then there are the top payout symbols which can be substituted by the bearded pirate's wild symbol, so there is the balance right there. If you are patient, or lucky enough, to get the crossed swords in four or five instances, then you will forget all about the free spins feature not being there. 

Concluding Remarks

All that could be said about Captain’s Treasure slot has been said. The rest is up to the players to figure out. That this game is still around may be not a matter of coincidence. One of the best-known casinos online has it, and it is right here on this page, verified by our slots experts. It has three letters in the name, so there is your hint. 

The Captain’s Treasure RTP is rather high, and above the average. You will get in on the reel action with a return to player of 97.10% which is much higher compared to the second instalment of this slot, Captain’s Treasure Pro. 

Claim a welcome bonus from some of the casinos on this page and play this or other pirate and treasure themed slots. 

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