Playtech decided to offer the simplest way to award some cash to players.

Crazy 7 demo

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Crazy 7 Slots Online

Crazy 7 slot is a very simple piece of an online slot which has been made in the classic Las Vegas style. With a single payline, this game will not leave an impression due to its gameplay and graphics, but its Return to Player is something to think about when deciding if you will ignore this title. 

Crazy 7 Slots Review

Playtech has made one of the simplest online slots in the world ever. This game is so simple, but it doesn't mean that simple games can sometimes be quite rewarding, as long as you are into three-reel slots with only one payline. On the other hand, there are many three-reel games with more than one payline, that have a more engaging gameplay and bonus games and more. 

The sound score of Crazy 7 slot is a tad irritating, but it's easy to turn it off. On the other hand, there is no way of making the reels spin faster and watching this sort of silent-movie reel action may result in a severe bout of nail-biting. Playtech can't be held accountable for this aberration, as they are one of the best slots makers in the world; so the only thing to suspect here is that an intern's work was erroneously sent to some online casinos. Regardless of what may have happened, let's just continue and say some nice things about the Crazy 7 slot. 

Crazy 7 Design

Returning to the basics is what is considered to be the most effective way of doing things, and Playtech kept this in mind when creating Crazy 7 slots, an online slot that fancies the old, traditional way of delivering cash to the players, on only one payline. 

The design of the game is pretty simplistic as there are small reels positioned in the centre of the screen with the paylines on top of the screen. A colourfully themed slot with fantastic music is what you should expect and if you are in love with radiant hues of purple, then this is your game as you can not escape the overwhelming depth that comes as a side-effect of the colour's ocular magnetism. 

The reel set itself is plain white featuring the number seven rendered in different colours - red, green, blue and, of course, purple - in order of value. A burning question is why the purple sevens are the lowest-paying combination when the entire slot is dominated by this colour. The universe tells us that not all questions will get answers, so this will remain one of life's great mysteries that we can try hard to forget. 

How to Play Crazy 7 Slot

Sticking to the traditional way of playing slots, Playtech had decided to implement the three reels. Compared to games from the classic Las Vegas era of land-based slots, the Crazy 7 slot is one class below simply because of that one payline. However, let's put up a huge post-it note on this entire review - all the cons of the game don't count in respect to the most important thing in online slots. Let's forget about the visual qualities and the unremarkable gameplay, to focus on the MacGuffin of online slots, the hidden treasure behind the reels. The Crazy 7 slot pays cash. That simple one reel, it generates winnings and you don't have to follow the gameplay or check out any paylines. It's as simple as that. If three sevens land fully in line with the one payline, which is placed in the very middle of the reels, then the winning combination is given and that could be some hefty coin. 

The options such as adjusting the denomination, the max bet an autoplay is here, and you can expect a perfect gameplay of those crazy sevens keep lining up on the payline. The denominations of the game start at £0.01 per spin and go as high as £15.00. That means, you can pick from a number of values in-between to make the total bet and when a winning combination occurs, that amount is multiplied by the winning bet. 

Lucky 7 Symbols

As far as the symbols are concerned, there are found symbols, and they are all represented by the number 7, which is where the name of this game is. We can see the pink as the lowers valued symbol, followed by the blue, and going up the green as the 2nd most valued symbol, while the red is the top symbol of this game that gives 400x for three of it, and it’s the maximum that you can win in this game.

There are no wild or scatter symbols, which means the gameplay is pretty straightforward and you should rely on gaining all the lucrative wins from the base game only.

Crazy 7 RTP

The Return to Player theoretical outcome in the Crazy 7 slots is the brightest part of this otherwise unremarkable online slot. That means, for those players who don’t care about 3D graphics, cinematic sequences and 1000 paylines, this slot will be a welcome refreshment, especially considering the Crazy 7 RTP which has been noted both as 96.98% and above the 97%. At any rate, even the first figure is more than solid, as it is way above the average which some experts say it’s 94.00% and others 95.00%. Any decimal point that is beyond this average is considered a plus that works towards your potential gain. 

Concluding Remarks

Amazingly, the Crazy 7 slot is available at few of the world’s top casinos, such as Betfair and WillHill. This means something. The game is not to be cast away so easily, and there are people who prefer simple reels than complex ones, so there is that. The Crazy 7 slots with its amazing RTP may result in some winnings, even though it takes for the reels to spin. In case anyone decides to try the game, our welcome packets are always here to be claimed. 

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