Released: 16 Jul 2020

Pentagram 5000  Slot

Pentagram 5000 Slot Online

Realistic Games are known for making simple yet standard games that often assume a classic look and feel. They are also the only company in the world of online casinos that simulates upright gaming cabinets, albeit with one game one them, such as the FunSize Fireworks slot. The game at hand, Pentagram 5000 slot, is not one of those but it can become as equally entertaining. 

Pentagram 5000 Introduction

Even though the name has an ominous ring to it, Pentagram 5000 is a classical fruit-themed game that takes place between two ancient columns that have been overgrown by ivy. There isn't much to say regarding any extra features as there is only one, which is, surprisingly a free spins bonus. Nevertheless, this can turn into an engaging game, especially considering the symbol payouts.

Pentagram 5000 Design Features

In terms of graphic design, the game doesn't really try to seduce any online slots players with lush fruit symbols. The seduction can be successful once you've peeked at the paytable (and we'll get to that) but the game design is just the usual stuff: lemons, grapes, plums, bells, watermelons, cherries and pentagrams. Pentagrams? Sure, that's the theme and that is the potential moneymaker symbol.

Pentagram 5000 slots doesn't have any moving parts, except the reels themselves having to move in order to turn the symbols. Everything else is as stiff as the first-ever slot machine called Liberty Bell. But never mind that, Realistic Games are aware that it's a product of their style, and not surprisingly, many players enjoy few of their online slots.  

How to Play Pentagram 5000 Slot

Playing the game is made possible by first selecting the amount of the bet. Pressing the text that states Bet at the bottom of the reels opens up a grid with available choices. The smallest bet is only one penny per payline, which amounts to 5p per spin. The biggest bet is £4.00 per payline or £20.00 per spin.

Another way to access the bet setting is through the menu, which is the three horizontal lines button in the bottom right corner of hte screen. This is the place where players can choose the number of automatic spins, as this is one way of playing the game. The autoplay setting has presets for the spins and a conditional stop, which is a way to control the spending during this gaming mode.

The Pentagram 5000 slot paytable is also accessible by selecting the menu button and then the Pay Table tab. Once ready to spin the reels, press either one of the bigger Spin buttons, which can be seen on the left and right side of the reel set. 

How to Win Pentagram 5000 Slot

Winning outcomes are made the simple way - land three matching symbols on one of the paylines and you have a winning outcome according to the paytable. The game doesn't have a wild symbol so all paylines must be the result of three of a kind wins. 

In terms of value, there are hgih-paying and low-paying symbols and a jackpot symbol. The first category includes the watermelon and BAR symbols, which pay 40x and 200x respectively. 

Low-pays of 4x multiplied by the bet are comprised of cherries, lemons, plums and oranges. 

Somewhere in the middle are the bells and grapes, which pay 10x multiplied by the bet. 

The sole queen on the Pentagram 5000 slot paytable are the red sevens, as the prize that they can fetch is the game's jackpot of 5000x multiplied by the winning bet. 

Pentagram 5000 Bonus Features

There is only bonus feature and it is for 10 free spins, which is quite extraordinary for a retro fruit game such as this one. 

At any rate, the bonus triggers when the overlay symbols that spll PENT and GRAM have appeared on either of the standard symbols. 

The first word falls on the first reel, the second word on the second reel, but for the free spins bonus condition to be met, there has to be the pentagram symbol present on the middle reel. 

These three symbols must coincide on a payline. 

Pentagram 5000 Free Play

Realistic Games have released this game as a free play demo slot at online casinos that host their games in practice play mode. This enables players to try it out for free and get a sense of the variance. 

Pentagram 5000 Closing Thoughts

Our summary for this game is as simple as the game itself: score three of a kind to get a prize; the jackpot is 5000x multiplied by the bet; and payouts are quite decent, as the lowest symbol too pays a whole 4x times the bet.

Claim a welcome offer from this page and discover Pentagram 5000 slots at top rated online casinos. 

Key Features
  • ProviderRealistic Games Group
  • Reels3
  • Min Bet0.05
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP97.45
  • Paylines5
  • Max Bet20.00
  • Bonus Rounds1
  • VarianceMedium
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