Released: 17 Sep 2019

Play the classical Snakes & Ladders game on the Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slot by Realistic Games. The players will find a classical slot game of five paylines and three reels that can trigger the famous board games with three matching dice win. The top payout in the game is 600x on the triggering bet. 

Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Slot

Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Slot Review

Climb the ladders and avoid the snakes for a chance to win 600x on the winning bet in the Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slots

Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Introduction

A famous board game gets a makeover in the shape of a classical slots machine that actually plays the Snakes and Ladders game for a chance to lay winning outcomes and score the jackpot prize. This is a sequel to a more basic sort of game, so we can expect an improved gameplay to deliver a solid adventure on the reels. 

The Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slot plays on three rows and three reels which spin across five always active paylines. While there are many classical slots, the players get a standard reel action, but here the winning outcomes on the reel-set triggers action on the playing board on the upper part of the slot. 

Turning to specifics, Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slot 'hasss' a maximum payout of 600x multiplied by the winning bet. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95.01% and the winning outcomes are made with three matching symbols. 

Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Design

Realistic Games have a number of classic or call them retro slots that are based in the same environment. The cabinet is set against a stone wall inside a slots machine parlor and the players can choose between a close-up view or a view from a distance.

The symbols are well known to the slots players, just lots of fruits there, dice, the bell and the Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slots logo symbol. There is a standard slots machine jingle with each spin and a number of exclamation sounds 

How to Play Snakes & Ladders Slot

Setting up for the gameplay is more than easy. The only thing that needs to be done is select the bet per spin. 

There is a range of bets that goes between pennies to a more of a high-stakes bet. Each of the symbol pays are in relation to the triggering bet.

The game has an autospins feature even though it is a classic slot. Toggling it on will simply send the reels turning and hitting the same button will stop this feature. 

Unlike most classic gaming cabinets that hold the paytable on the upright area, Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slot has a paytable that can be accessed from the menu button. 

This is where the players can discover all of the symbol wins and how the actual snakes and ladders board game is played on the vertical display.

How to Win Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Slots

Winning outcomes in the game are made with three matching symbols falling on one or more of the five paylines. With classical slots there is a chance that the reel-set may be filled entirely with the same symbol and that simply multiplies each outcome by the winning bet. 

The most exciting feature of the game, however, is when you score three of the dice symbols. This is when the Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slot activates the actual board game, which takes place on the vertical display. 

Just like in the standard game, the dice is rolled and the player advances that make squares until reaching a ladder, which pushes the token up. When the token ends on a snake square, then it comes down to the respective square.

The objective is to reach the end, marked by a dice, and that pays the jackpot prize. What is best about the Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slot is that this jackpot can be triggered more than just once. 

Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Bonus Features

The only this that is different from a standard slots action is the board game. We can’t call it a bonus feature because it is part of the standard gameplay, because it is triggered by three of the dice symbols. Other than this, there isn’t a free spins bonus feature or anything similar.

Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Free Play

We can’t say whether this release can be played as a demo. It is an exclusive slot by Realistic Games which may be released as an actual casino-floor slot machine. However, those who want to test the game without breaking the bank can do so and play with real money, on the smallest wager. 

Snakes & Ladders Deluxe Closing Thoughts

We’ve come across a classical slot game that’s been given a twist. Coming from Realistic Games, a company that has many years of experience in this industry, we know it will be one to look out for. They may be decent winnings, but few lucky players will also chance upon the 600x multiplied by the winning stake payout. 

Claim a welcome offer to discover Snakes & Ladders Deluxe slots at a number of excellent online casinos. 

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