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Soft Magic Dice Group

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Soft Magic Dice is a casino gaming software developer that has been operating since 2012 out of London, UK. They are not an overly famous company, but they have their presence in the world of online casinos with around 40 online slots and half that number in casino table games such as video poker, Texas holdem, blackjack and the like. 

Soft Magic Dice Company Overview

It is understandable that both seasoned players as well as newbies have a level of apprehension when playing on games developed by unknown or lesser known software developers. Such may be the case with Soft Magic Dice slots as the name itself may not ring a bell. But, if you want to simply try another gaming platform different from the big cats out there, you are welcome to do so. Soft Magic Dice productions are tested by the independent and renowned company iTech Labs, which is an industry-standard auditor of slots and virtual table games. 

Since the time of writing of this review, the Soft Magic Dice slots developers company is allegedly in the phase of being bought out. That means that another gaming software developer will acquire the few dozen slots and the expertise that is inherited in Soft Magic Dice. Who that software developer is we could only guess, but soon enough the world of online casinos will come to that information, which would ultimately answer the question of where you can play their games if you ever have a desire to do that. 

Soft Magic Dice Slots

Until we find out what company Soft Magic Dice will be absorbed into, we will take a look at few online slots developed by this company, that are still available at online casinos.

Mayan Lost City Slot

The cultures of Mesoamerica are a regular theme in the world of slots, both land-based and online. One of the most famous characters that have gotten their own slots is Montezuma. Likewise, the Maya and the Aztec empires get a regular visual representation and are always the subject of innovative portrayal. The Mayan Lost City slot has 25 paylines with five reels. The top payout is 5000 coins times the winning bet. Like most other Soft Magic Dice slots, this one is also a five by three and can take up so 100 currency units per bet.

Cashasaurus Slot

It is a bit sad that a company with a great sense of humor should stop doing its own thing. But it is what it is and we are thankful for having been left some gems such as the Cashasaurus, which is a progressive slot by Soft Magic Dice. This is a stone-age story with funny symbpols of chunks of meat, torches and prehistoric hunks. The coin size could extend to a hefty 75 per spin.

Night of Doomed Slot

We told you, these producers had imagination and a sense of humor, while at the same time delivering excellent reel-action and gameplay in their online slots. One fine example is the Night of the Doomed slot, which is picture symbol only game dealing with black cats, voodoo dolls, kettles full of magic potion, vials of aphrodisiac, black books of magic and so on. Dare to play and you just might win the 5000 coin top payout. 

Discover these and many other Soft Magic Dice slots when you claim your welcome bonus and head to play at one of our top casinos. 

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