Released: 16 Aug 2014

Ancient temples, lethal cobras, beautiful women, gold and hey, isn’t that Harrison Ford?

Enigma Slot

Enigma Slot Online

If you want a slot game which is not that aggressive and has a lot of lovely features in it, explore the Asian lands and treasures together with the seekers of treasure in the 1940s, then Enigma Slot should be your choice. Packed with some interesting bonus features, bright colours and outstanding theme that is more suitable for the girls in this community, or for the guys that are feeling the love in the air constantly.

Enigma Slot has five reels and 9 paylines at your disposal and it’s produced by not so famous gaming provider that you should definitely give a shot – Viaden Gaming Software. To start playing the slot game, you need to select one of the casinos which are located on the side of this article. All of them have unique welcome bonuses so be careful what you choose.

You can spin the reels once you’ve set the coin value of the slot, which ranges from 0.1 up to 5, where the maximum amount that you can win is a coin multiplier of x3.000! The RTP is just

Enigma Slot

The slot game is packed with interesting features but wait until you hear the music and sound effects that come out of the slot – you will be amazed.


The design is truly amazing, especially for a slot game that’s been around for quite some time now. You can see the whole slot game is made out of a big stone snake whose eyes are visible on the top of the screen. Just below that is the logo of the game, written in golden metal, chained to its position. The bottom of the slot has a lot of golden coins, and here, we can see the adjustable options of the slot like the lines, the line bet, the total bet and coins, as well as the features like Auto Play and Bet Max which are right next to the spin button. The game also has the Gamble feature in the bottom right corner.

On the sides of the screen, left and right from the paylines, are the nine paylines of the slot. You can mouse them over to see where they will appear on the slot, so you have a clear vision of what you are after. Right next to the paylines, you will see two beautiful ladies wearing gold and playing with the big golden snake.

The reels, as always, are positioned in the middle of the screen, and they are overflown with gold. Find the paytable on the bottom left of the screen while the spin is a glowing green button which you can’t miss.

Overall, a pretty interesting design which also has a lovely sound that we encourage you to turn on.


As many of the online slot games, so does Enigma slot have higher and lower valued symbols. The lower valued ones are the deck of card inspired symbols which are represented by the number 10, the Jack, the Queen, the King and finally, the Ace. They have a design similar to the theme of the game, where it’s all gold and so are these symbols.

On the other hand, the higher valued symbols have related the theme, and you can see a gun and sword sharing one symbol, a jeep, the explorer type guy and playing cards sharing a slot with temples and wild animals including an impressive looking tiger. There are simple animations which trigger when you win, for example, the gun/sword combination rotating.

How to Play Enigma Slot

The slot game with five reels and nine paylines can be played as soon as you will select a casino on the right-hand side of the review.

The casino plays a very important role in your gameplay as you will spend most of your time on the pages of the same. You will enjoy the welcome bonus that your particular casino gives, the UI that it’s there as well as the games they offer. The casino is also responsible for the deposits and withdrawals that you do, so you need to make a fine choice.

Once that’s done, set the coin size that you want to be playing with, which starts from 0.1 and goes up to 5 coins. You can win a coin multiplier of x3,000 if you are lucky enough and manage to land five of the wild symbols on an active payline.

To make things more interesting, you can use some of the features which are present in the game, like the Auto Play, Bet Max and the Gamble feature.

The Auto Play

This is a feature which gives your index finger a rest and will spin the reels of Enigma Slot automatically, with you only selecting the denomination and the number of auto spins. That you want the game to spin. You can choose one of the numbers available once you hit the Auto Play and remember that you can always change your mind and proceed manually.  

Bet Max

The bet max feature is one of the most interesting, yet most dangerous feature in all the slot games. When you hit the Bet Max feature, you set the denomination, coin value and level of the game all the way to the maximum while also activating all of the features which are present in the game. You need to be extremely careful as you will be spinning some serious cash and you don’t want to lose all of your money within several spins – that’s why you should always come up with a plan or a limit to your cash before hitting the Bet Max feature.


The gamble feature plays with what you’ve won the previous spin, and it’s available only at that time. This feature puts your winnings in a gamble, and you basically need to choose what the next card will be. You can either choose the colour (x2) or the suit (x4). You can choose up to a maximum of five times, and if you guess wrong, you lose all that you’ve won in the feature and you also lose your previous win (the one that you gamble with)

Find an online casino on the right-hand side, check the welcome bonuses and make sure you deposit to get the same. Enjoy Enigma Slot and hopefully, you can take some of the gold from the screen on your account!

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