Released: 22 Apr 2020

A game of three reels, three rows and eight paylines comes with two symbols and a bonus game. It may look basic. but Wazdan have given the 9 Tigers slot a life of its own. Players can win prizes of more than 1000x the bet from a single spin. 

9 Tigers™ Slot

9 Tigers™ Slot Review

Wazdan are a Malta-based company that's known for creating some rather strange games. Their productions are always well-made, even when the themes demand a simple approach, such as in their fruit-themed slots. The 9 Tigersslot is one of those games that has definitely unique features about it, both in terms of graphic design and gameplay.

9 Tigers™ Introduction

The game features only two symbols and one bonus symbol. The name 9 Tigers™ refers to the number of symbols that can land on the reel-set, which has three reels and three rows. The number of paylines is eight and not every spin results in every position being filled with both or either of these symbols.

With this kind of a setting, the game had necessitated a unique approach in converting the potential win outcomes. The number of matching symbols results in an accorded prize and the bonus symbol only appears during the game's bonus feature, which isn't triggered by the bonus symbol itself, rather by a specific outcome with the tigers. 

9 Tigers™ Design Features

Anyone who has played Magic Stars 3 slot by the same company will recognize similarities between that game and 9 Tigers™ slot. What prevails from the former are the fiery effects that pervade the symbols. 

The tigers have this ethereal glow around them and they look as if ready to pounce, and they do when you land a win. On one hand, you kind of wish there were more than one animal in the game, but then the gameplay only requires two symbol kinds.

Each win is marked quite energetically in a display of electric light around the symbols and through the paylines. An oriental musical theme fits the game's theme and ambiance very well. 

How to Play 9 Tigers™ Slot

You are welcome to sit in the temple, hidden somewhere in the mythical Shaolin, by pressing the spin button. The yin-yang symbol is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Both to the left and right of this button are buttons that are relevant for the gameplay.

Wazdan are one of the very few companies that enble the players to select the Volatility Levels™. By pressing the graph symbol to the left of Spin, you can choose between low, medium and high variance. 

To the right is the button that allows you to choose the speed at which the game makes the spins. The available options are turtle, hare and horse. You can imagine how each setting refelcts on the reels.

Below this button, 9 Tigersslot has an autoplay button (where available). Pressing this button opens the menu that lets you choose from the number of available automatic spins. Additional options are controls that enable you to place greater control over the balance spend.

Last but not least, the bets can be selected from the bar below the reel-set. The smallest bet that is allowed is 10 credits, which corresponds to £0.10 per spin. 100 credits equals a bet of £1.00. The biggest bet is £100.00 per spin. Regardless of the bet amount, the game plays on all available paylines. 

How to Win 9 Tigers™ Slot

Winning in the game is the result of landing three matching symbols across any one, or more, of the eight paylines. What is exceptionally rare in the world of online slots are payouts made on vertical paylines. So, in the 9 Tigers™ slot, three tigers of the same color lined up on a reel result in a pay.

Another unique feature is that 9 Tigers™ returns the bet even for the smallest win, which is one payline. In the event of three matching symbols stopping on one line only, the player gets back 1.8x the bet. Two paylines bring 2.8x, three bring 3.8x. The optimum payout is with six and seven paylines: 16.8x on the bet.

Obvious is the prevalence of the number 8 which is considered lucky in China.

9 Tigers™ Bonus Features

The bonus is triggered when there is a payout on all eight paylines with either the fire or water tiger. In the event, the game triggers the Tigers Bonus, which is a nine-spin game. A number of symbols remain on the reel-set.

Drawing the opposite tiger kind on the remaining fields results in the yin-yang symbol stopping on that position. Completing the nine spins results in a cash prize paid for the number of yin-yang symbols.

In this regard, one symbol pays 20x, two pays 25x, three pay 30x and so on, with a maximum win of 1000x times the bet for all nine symbols. 

9 Tigers™ Free Play

Wazdan releases all of their games as free play demo slots, which lets players try a game out with free credits. These games may be available as demo at online casinos that host demo slots.

9 Tigers™ Closing Thoughts

One of the best releases by Wazdan. Choose the variance, choose the speed of the spins, and play for a chance to win a fierce 1000x.

Discover the 9 Tigers™ slot by claiming a welcome offer right from this page and play at top rated online casinos.

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