Jokerizer is Video Slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines.

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Jokerizer Slot Online

Are you up for some retro slots action with a right-now feel to it? Check out the Jokerizer slotby Yggdrasil and jump on a fun-loving game with fivepaylines, five reels and a chance to win 6000 coins at the base game - plus other great cash prizes. 

Jokerizer Overview

When you see a retro slot game that has a three-dimensional air and a shiny array of symbols, plus bonus features that can be toggledon  duringthe base game, you may be onto a release made by one of the great developers. The Jokerizer slot was made by Yggdrasil - one of the most exciting companies thathasfew dozen excellent titles behind it. So you wouldn't be remiss if you have already jumped on thisslot,because you are looking at a five-reel, three-row and fivepaylinegame that comes with a thrilling action spun up by some fruit and retro slots symbols. The Jokerizer has become part of the slots roster at a number of great online casinos, so checking out the welcome bonuses may take you straight to the game.

Jokerizer Slot Design

The design is a story within the story. Playing Jokerizer you are looking at a spectacular theme-park background to a reel-set that gleams and sparkles inintspurple vibe. And you may know what they say about the color purple in respect to the energy spectrum - it is the most powerful that a person can have, so we take that as a good sign. 

Jokerizer slot has some classic fruit symbols on the reel-set, as well as classic slots symbols such as the Lucky Seven, the Bell, the purple star, a lemon, cherriesanda purple raspberry. Thejokersymbol is the key to the bonus features and represents the scatter symbol. 

Some other highlights from the design team are the orderly surface, the animated winnings and the way in which the reels spin in such a liquid way. Many producer studios attempt that, few succeed. Yggdrasilareone of those who can, and that may have been just about enough about what captivated us to make the Jokerizer slot our favorite. 

How To Play Jokerizer 

The reel set is as intuitive as the geniuses who have made the game. You can start playing right away, as all of the settings are to the left of the Spin button, and these are easily set. One notable thing is that in the Lines filed, which designates the number ofpaylines, there is the value of 10, even though there are fivepaylines,howeverthe game calculates all bets as double thepayline

So when you bet the maximum £2.00 per line, you will get a total bet per spin of £20.00. The smallest bet per all five lines starts at £0.10, that is ten pennies, and the total bet per spin is one pound.Pleasenotthat these values may be different, as certain casinos select different values to accommodate better the players, so there may be a coin value of one penny at the casino at which you select the welcome bonus. 
How To Win Jokerizer Slot

So we know that the Joker is the feature symbol and may be responsible for fetching you some sweet prizes. If the joker appears three times on any of the reels, on any position too, you will be awarded a Mystery Win. If the joker appears three times and is aligned either horizontally or diagonally, you are in for a top payout of 6000 coins. If the threejokerscatter symbols do appear but are not aligned, the prize may be 1000-6000 coins. Such are the workings of the joker symbol in the Jokerizer slots. 

Other than this bonus feature, there aren’t any other features, but that is just all right. Some slots don’t have free spins, which in games like Jokerizer slot leaves more room for the few symbols that there are, hence, an increased potential for the bonus featureoccuringmore often. 

Jokerizer Mode

We are not just about done with the joker from the Jokerizer slot. With any linewinthe player gets the Jokerizer Mode. If you collect the prize you forgo the chance to toggle the mode, if you do select it then you take a spin and if two jokers appear anywhere, you get a mystery win. What this is, is a shortcut to the top payout. In simple terms, you don't need to have three jokers landing on the reels to get a nice pay - two are just enough, however the pay ranges wildly between 20 coins and all the way up to 6000. If your winnings are 1000 or more, the Jokerizer Mode ends. If the winnings are below 1000 you can toggle this mode yet again, and again, as long as new winnings occur with each spin. 

To start your Jokerizer slots adventure, find your casino from the list on this page and select the welcome bonus that you like. 

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