IGT or International Gaming Technology has some outstanding slots to brag about. They are finding inspiration in places that you would never think were good enough to make it a slot game, and there are some great obvious choices, making them one of the best company for producing slot games.



International Gaming Technology has a role in the casino industry ever since the 1950s where it used to supply the casinos around the world with awesome land-based slot machines. They were the first company to offer the video poker machine in 1981, which grants them several titles for innovation and moving forward the whole industry. The casino bought Electronic Data Technologies in 1984, which made them the first casino to track the online players and give them awards after playing the games, which was considered as a bullseye shot, eventually followed by all of the online casinos.

Throughout the years, IGT managed to create a list full of games and topics that you will most definitely enjoy playing and will hopefully bring a nice prize to your account. The most amazing ones are the progressive slot games, that we will talk about in a bit.


IGT Progressive Slots

A lot of the slot games that are available on the IGT site or come from the IGT Workshop are offering jackpots, while a fair amount of them offer progressive Jackpots. The ones that are the progressive jackpots are definitely the most played ones, as the jackpots are usually life-changing numbers that everybody dream of claiming.

There are three different progressive jackpot types: The Stand Alone Progressive, the In-House Progressive and the Wide Area Progressive.


Stand Alone Progressive Jackpot

This is a slot game whose progressive jackpot is not linked to any other game. It means that you can only feed the jackpot by playing this game and you can also only win it by playing the same game. Usually, the Stand Alone progressive slots won’t go high as much as the Wide Area progressives as only one game feed it, but the chances to land the winning, a life-changing combination is a lot bigger compared to the other two.


In-House Progressive Jackpot

The In-House Progressive Jackpot is a little bit different than the Stand Alone because there are several games linked to the same progressive jackpot. Usually, a group of few similar slot games are linked together, and you can either feed the jackpot or win it from all of the slot games. The rewards in the In-House Jackpots can go a bit higher compared to the Stand Alone jackpots.


Wise Area Progressive Jackpots

Now, this is a progressive jackpot that we would all want to lay our hands on. There is a big number of games, from different genders and different casinos that are linked together. There is an independent operator being in control of all of them, but keep in mind that in order to win this enormous amount of cash, you need to be extremely lucky.