Art is one of the most inspiring phenomena in human history and culture. And it’s not just that artists manage to find inspiration in the most unusual things, but they also inspire others to create other works of artwork. Creativity is contagious, pass it on, said Einstein and we for one agree. So, just as art has influenced many fields, we also have quite a few art slots.

Although there aren’t as many art slots as there are money slots, or animal slots, but there are few and some of them are pretty popular and renowned.

Basic Features Of Art Slots

Let’s look at the basic requirements for a game to be one of the art slots. Well, there’s just one criterion and its pretty simple – it has to feature art on the reels. Now, that may seem like a bit of a loose definition and it, kind of, is. But we all know what art is and what are artworks, so if a game features artwork on the reels, then it is an art slot.

Some people may think that if a game has the word ‘Art’ in its title, then it has to be one of the art slots, and there is a point to it. After all, if those who created a game felt that the word ‘art’ should be included in the title, then the game itself should be considered one of the art slots.

A game can be artistic without actually referring to specific works of art or artists. So, a game that has been created in an artistic manner, and is aesthetically advanced, can also be included in the art slots category.

Visual Appeal Of Art Slots

Their visual appeal is one of the main reasons why players enjoy playing art slots. After all, that’s pretty self-explanatory. Slots fans can appreciate fine artworks and spin the reels of their favourite games.

Of course, nobody’s main idea when choosing a slot game isn’t to appreciate fine arts, but you have the option to choose a game that features artworks, so if you’re a fan of fine arts, you may opt in for that kind of games.

Art Slots At SlotsWise

As we mentioned, the selection of art slots is somewhat scarce, at least compared to other themes. For instances, we’ve got quite a lot of Irish and Egyptian-themed slots, but not as many art slots. However, we’ve selected the best art slot that is featured on our site.

Frederic Vs Francois In It For The Monet

The first thing that you will notice about this game is the clever wordplay used in the title and you have to admit – Frederic Vs Francois In It For The Monet is a pretty cool name for a slot. It represents French art and you will see Mona Lisa on the reels as the most valuable symbol, and you can also see the Eifel Tower from the window behind the reels.

The buttons that enable you to control the coins and your wager are placed below the reels. You can increase the coin size, bet the maximum amount and finally, the spin button is placed in the bottom right corner.

We mentioned the games that have the word ‘arts’ or ‘art’ in the title, and we think one of these games deserves an honourable mention – Jewel Of The Arts Slot.

Check SlotsWise out, register with one of our featured sites, claim your bonus and play art slots and other games. 



Written by Sanja Tasevska

Game Expert

Sanja uses her knowledge to review all kinds of slot games, both old and new. The detailed reviews include the most important info about a particular slot game. She’s been a part of this industry for many years and so far she’s played and given her opinion on thousands of different slot titles. Contact Sanja

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