There is no doubt that what was once considered to be a pastime for kids has become one of the biggest themes in entertainment in general. Whether it is a TV series, a blockbuster film or even online video slot, like in our case, there is hardly an adult person who hasn’t heard about the most famous comic characters. Superman, Hulk and Batman, just to name a few, they are the main characters in many superheroes films with fan bases all over the globe.

That is why they have also made their way into the online gambling scene with many slot machines themed on different comics characters. These online comic slots give fans the opportunity to experience their favourite superheroes in a new way by giving the reels a spin hoping to win some excellent real money payout. So, if you are a fan of some comics character, there is a great chance that there is a slot themed on your favourite superhero.

Play Free Comic Slots Online

Comic slots differ from the rest of online video slots mainly in the theme, while the remaining elements are more or less the same. This is the main reason why you can find both real money version and free play versions of comic slots. Both versions of the game feature the same elements and come with their own pros and cons.

When spinning on free play versions, you are actually playing the gameplay of the original real money version of the slot with only one difference. All elements and features of the original game are present, and you can spin the reels without a problem. You can see how the bonus features are triggered and what are their payouts, as well as the number ofpaylinesand their layout.

However, the con of playing the free play of online comic slots is that you cannot bank a big win when you land it on the reels. When you play a real money version of a slot, the outcome is much different because you can bank an eventual big win without any problem. Nevertheless, playing free or demo versions of online slots is always a good thing because you can have a glimpse into the gameplay of the real money version without making deposits. You can spin as much as you want until you feel confident enough to try your luck spinning on the real; version of the game.

Comic-Themed Slot Machines

So, whether you’re an experienced punter or a newbie to the world of online slots, you can always enjoy the excitement and fun that comic slots provide. There are plenty of comic-themed slot machines online and you only need to find the one that meets your interests the best. Try googling your favourite superhero online and see if there is a comic-themed slot based on them.

If you check the slots below, you can find all the comic slots reviews available on Slotswise. All you need to do is select your welcome bonus from our featured partners and spin for the chance to win real money payouts!

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