Thanksgiving comes in a great time of the year where the family is gathered spending quality time together, and people absolutely love this holiday. So, it comes as no surprise that this was an inspiration for software development companies to develop slot games based on this holiday and this time of the year. In this review, we will talk aboutThanksgiving slots, which are rather new but are not to be undermined. So, we hope that this review will spark some great memories about Thanksgiving, and you will enjoy reading about the thrilling Thanksgiving themed slot games.

Thanksgiving Slots Overview

As you probably know, there are countless holiday-themed slots and their purpose is to recreate the warm atmosphere and the family moments throughout the year. Software development companies have developed many thanksgiving slots, so the players can enjoy the atmosphere around the pleasant holiday. Playing these slots will definitely take you on an amusing journey and you will remember that delicious turkey in an instant!

Since there are many online Thanksgiving and festive slots, it is very hard and challenging to pick up the most amusing and interesting games that fall under this category of online slots games. But nevertheless, our experts have put a lot of effort and have indeed pointed out the best and most amusing among the lot.

In the next segment of this review, we will focus on games based on this holiday, that will definitely bring you the memories of this glorious day.

Wild Turkey Slot

This online slot is very simple but fun game that is pleasant for both newcomers as well as experienced slot players. The game graphics are highly entertaining, and we can see that the software development company NetEnt that is behind this online slot game, has put a lot of effort to recreate the enjoyment of thanksgiving.

If we look closer and analyze this game in detail, we can surely say that it is the best and most popular one from the category of thanksgiving slots. And there are reasons behind this statement: The free spins feature of the game can give you great awards and some hefty payouts, along with the excitement from the graphics.
The Turkey Wilds is the key for the free spins feature in thisThanksgivinggame, and can act as standard and Stacked Wilds.

Another thing is the pleasant and straightforward gameplay that you want to see in slots games, with no great complexity and features that appear boring and déjà vu. There aren’t that many symbols in the Turkey Wilds slot game. This as a package offers a great gameplay experience for new players and perfectly recreates the Thanksgiving atmosphere which is based around turkey.

And let’s not forget the potential 800,000 coin jackpot that is possible to claim from this game, which is amazing. This makes the game even more delicious, just like that turkey meat you eat on Thanksgiving.

Our Thoughts

You can try and play almost every thanksgiving game out there at our featured casinos that will perfectly fit into your desire to play some Thanksgiving Day games. In these games, you will enjoy the atmosphere that exists during that day and hopefully, you can claim some lucrative cash prizes playing them.

This review made you interested in thanksgiving slots games? Feel free to register at one of our casinos and play the best slots based on this holiday. Good Luck!

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