Types of Roulette

When playing roulette, you will meet two types that have its own features: the American roulette and the European. Keep reading to find out more details about each type, individually.

American Roulette

The American roulette originates from the European one and the main differences between these two types is in the roulette wheel. In addition to the 0 slot, the American version also has an additional one, that contains the 00 slot. As a result, the house advantage is higher than the European version.

Besides the extra slot, there is another difference between these two types, which is the placement of the numbers. The numbers in the American roulette are placed in a sequence and they have a logical order. So, if you take a look at the wheel, you will notice that the numbers are placed sequentially, however they are opposite one other. For example, the slot with 0 is placed on the opposite of 00. Contrary to this type, the numbers in the European roulette are placed at random.

The odds of winning an American Roulette are one to 38.

European Roulette

The roulette originated in Europe - France, so it is no surprise that this type of roulette is the more authentic version out of these two. The wheel has numbers that vary from 0 to 36, unlike the American roulette that has additional 00 slot on the roulette wheel. This is the main reason, why the European roulette is better than the American. Having one less slot means that the players have a higher chance of landing a big win. Even the house edge rate is different in both of these types of roulette. The American roulette has a 5.27% and the European roulette has a statistical rate of 2.70%

The other main variations are because of the cultural differences between European and American roulette. The European one offers more gaming options and formalities. One of them is that the players have a chance to pay the dealer that spins the roulette wheel (or croupier) at a specific spot on the roulette wheel. There is also another rule that is known as “la partage”, which means that after a spin of 0, the players can leave their bet in a so-called prison. If you decide to leave the bet in that “prison”, it will remain in the same place that you have initially placed it before you spin the 0. The “la partage” is a second chance of recovering the loss.

When you play European roulette, the odds of landing a win are one to 37.

Other Types of Roulette

Aside from the American and European types of roulette, there are two other types that aren’t as famous as the previous two. However, we thought that we should still mention them. Those are the Casino Roulette and the Rapid Roulette.

  • Casino Roulette – Many players that try their luck in a Las Vegas casino are more interested in playing the European version. And if you are one of those, make sure to ask for the single-zero roulette.
  • Rapid Roulette – This type of roulette is a combination of a touch-screen betting prompts and a live dealer. 
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