Roulette is a casino game that’s been around since the 17th century and has made many people happy, many people sad, entertained, satisfied and with mixed feelings. This table game is unpredictable, and if you think there is a way to make an analysis of the numbers and come to a number that will land next, you are wrong.

We will focus this article on the odds of a roulette and few tips for your gameplay to be more fun and more effective, so stick around.


Roulette Introduction

Roulette is a table game that can be found in every land-based and online casino nowadays. It is one of the most popular table games alongside Blackjack, where many players enjoy spending time at.

Roulette is a game which consists of 36 betting numbers plus the 0. The numbers are evenly separated between black and red numbers, while the zero represents the green colour.

After each round, before the next spin takes place, there will be a time of one minute for you to think about your next bet, do your own calculations and place the bet.


Roulette Bets and Odds

First of all, you need to understand that there are two types of bets in Roulette – inside bet and outside bet. You should determine what each bet focuses on by the name and by the position on the table, but we are here to explain anyway.

The outside bets give higher odds of winning, but their payouts are smaller than the inside bets, while the inside bets are larger, but with smaller odds.

Most of the people that are interested in playing the games safe play on the outside bets because of the odds and these bets are usually returning double time more than what you’ve wagered. The red or black coloured bets, the odd or even bets or the number bets (0-18, 19-36) all pay out double than what you’ve wagered, while the chances of landing a win are a little bit less than 50% (48.65%) since there is an additional number (zero) on the wheel.

On the other hand, the inside bets give away a bit more combinations, a bit more money, but little chances of landing on them. Starting from the Column and the Dozen, which cover 12 numbers from the table (1-12, 13-24, 25-36). The odds are just below third of all the possible outcomes because of the zero, or 32.43% to be more exact.

Some of the other bets include Straight betting which is basically selecting a single number and hoping to land it. With this game, you have 2.70% to win. The Split means that you bet for Two numbers, with 5.41% chance.

A street is a three-number bet which gives you 8.11% while Corner gives 10.81% chance if you guess right one of the four numbers you’ve selected.

Double Street and Basket give 16.22% and 13.16% if the ball lands on one of the six numbers you’ve selected.