One of the many excellent bonus opportunities at Virgin Games casino is the Virgin Games Refer A Friend program. For each of your friends that you refer to Virgin Casino, you’ll get $50 Bonus Money. It is a great way to tell everyone how much you like Virgin Casino and earn yourself some extra bonus money at the same time.

What Is The Virgin Games Refer A Friend Bonus?

This bonus is given to you when you refer a friend to join and play at Virgin Casino. Your friend needs to register an account using a unique link provided by you and deposit and meet the wagering requirement on any Virgin Casino games. Once they’ve met the wagering requirement, you'll get your Refer a Friend Bonus.

Eligibility And Bonus Amount

To be eligible to refer someone to Virgin Casino, you must have deposited at least once since your account was created.
As mentioned in the text above, Virgin Games Refer A Friend program gives the referrer $50 Bonus Money. This amount gets credited to your account as soon as your friend meets the wagering requirement.

When Is The Bonus Credited?

As soon as your friend fulfils the requirement is fulfilled, the bonus will be credited to your account. The entire process is automatic and happens immediately when your friend meets the requirement. There are no restrictions on the bonus funds and you can use them on any of the games at Virgin Casino.

How Тo Refer А Friend?

To refer a friend, use the personal referral link found in the promotional email that was sent to you by Virgin Casino. You can email the referral link to your friend or copy and paste it to their social media accounts or anywhere else you'd like.

Alternatively, your friend can enter your username in the "Referred by a Friend?" field when registering their account with Virgin Casino. They need to enter complete details and your exactusername or your accounts will not be linked. If this happens, may not receive your referral bonus.

The number of friends you can refer is not restricted, but you should know that you can receive a maximum of $2,500 Bonus Money from your referrals. You will get your “Refer A Friend Bonus” for each of your friends individually. You cannot refer yourself, nor anyone who already has an account on Virgin Casino.

Haven't Received Your Referral Bonus?

When this happens, it is for one of these three reasons:

Your friend didn’t enter your username correctly when registering on Virgin Casino. You can check the status of your referrals by contact the Virgin Casino Customer Support team.

Your friend has not met the wagering requirement yet.

The Virgin Casino system has detected that the referral is in breach of their Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions. This could be because your referred friend already has an account on Virgin Casino.

So, now that you know how you can get your “Refer A Friend Bonus”, claim your Virgin Casino welcome offer from Slotswise and start referring!