Interview With BGaming on Merge Up

Published 22 Jan 2024, 1:18 p.m.

Today, we have the pleasure of delving into the dynamic world of online slots with an interview featuring Yulia Aliakseyeva, the Co-chief Product Officer at BGaming. We're thrilled to have her share insights on their latest creation – the groundbreaking Merge Up slot!

In this exclusive interview, Yulia will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration, development process, and unique features that make Merge Up a standout addition to BGaming's impressive portfolio. From cutting-edge design to innovative gameplay mechanics, our conversation will uncover the secrets and strategies that went into crafting this exceptional slot experience.


First of all, congratulations on winning the Most Electric Slot award for Merge Up! What does this recognition mean for BGaming?

"Thank you for the congratulations! Winning in the SlotsWise Awards is a significant achievement for BGaming. It reflects the dedication and effort put in by our team to create a standout slot game Merge Up.

This recognition is important as it acknowledges our commitment to delivering high-quality and standout games. Merge Up is a game of careful development, and this award reinforces its appeal in the industry. There's no doubt, Merge Up is the Most Electric Slot! This awards motivates us to continue producing top-notch games for our players."


The iGaming industry is highly competitive. What do you think gave Merge Up the competitive edge needed to win this award?

"Merge Up is a captivating cascade slot where gems of different levels form clusters and merge into higher-value symbols. This game features the top trend in mobile gaming – unique merging mechanics, which gave Merge Up the competitive edge needed to win this award. It offers a roller coaster of excitement, making it truly the Most Electric Slot!"

merge up slot


Can you tell us more about BGaming's inspiration behind the creation of Merge Up™? What sets it apart from other slots in your portfolio?

"Merge Up™ came from watching how players do their thing in regular slot games. We noticed everyone’s always waiting for those bonus rounds and free spins, right? So, we wanted to shake things up and make the base game in Merge Up™ way more exciting.
We took a cue from mobile gaming, where this cool merging thing happens.

It upgrades symbols, making them worth more and triggering a chain reaction of better combos. It’s like a fireworks show with every spin! Symbols hit their top merge and turn into Scatters, giving players more control."


What was the creative process behind integrating merging mechanics into the traditional cascade slot concept?

"So, the merging mechanics in Merge Up™ is all about how the game works at its core. We took the Avalanche mechanics and built on that.

See, some mechanics don't fit well in a setup where you get only one win per spin. Picture this: symbols explode, you win, new symbols drop, and that’s the spin done. But in our game, symbols don’t just drop; they team up to make better combos. Having a mechanic that limits you to one win per spin just wouldn't cut it.

When we checked out what games were popular, especially those where cluster pays, we noticed the high-volatility ones were a hit. So, we tested different volatility levels for our game. We settled on a super high level, and players found it way more exciting in practice than the other options."


Can you elaborate on the unique symbol progression in Merge Up™ and how it enhances player engagement during the base game?

"Merge Up™ is like a turbo boost for classic casino slots, mixed with the latest merging mechanics from mobile gaming. It’s a big deal in the iGaming world, made to keep players engaged with its fresh gameplay.

At its core, Merge Up™ is all about symbols teaming up to make winning combos and levelling up to better ones. This whole levelling-up thing makes the base game super exciting. The constant merging and upgrading of symbols thrill the action, making players feel more involved and pumped."


The Merge Up™ slot introduces the "Merge Up" feature. How does this feature work, and what kind of gaming experience does it offer to players?

"Yes, the Merge Up™ slot game introduces a compelling feature known as "Merge Up" that significantly enriches the gaming experience. Here's the deal: when a player arranges four or more identical symbols adjacent to each other, vertically or horizontally, they form what we call a cluster — a winning combination.

Now, the real excitement begins after the cluster pays out. Some of the symbols within that cluster disappear, while the remaining ones level up to represent symbols of the next tier. What's intriguing is that this game has nine distinct levels of symbols, each corresponding to varying payout potentials.

So, how much do you win? Well, it all depends on two factors: the level of the symbols that merged and how many symbols were in that winning cluster. It's essentially a strategic aspect embedded into gameplay. Players must tactically aim for larger clusters to elevate symbol levels and maximize potential winnings."


Are there any specific player feedback or experiences with Merge Up™ that stood out to the development team? And does BGaming involve the player community in the development process, especially when introducing new features?

"Oh, for sure! The Scatters Club community was pivotal in our Merge Up™ testing phase. Collaborating with these players and gambling streamers was invaluable; their feedback served as a goldmine of insights, aiding us in refining Merge Up™ to ensure an enthralling and highly rewarding player experience.

The standout moment for us was observing a remarkable 96% positive feedback rate from Scatters Club members, with a substantial 74% considering Merge Up™ as nothing short of amazing. Their enthusiasm truly fueled our confidence in the game's potential to revolutionize the iGaming industry.

Regarding player involvement in our development process, it's a cornerstone of our approach. BGaming highly values player input, especially when unveiling new features. Their perspectives and firsthand experiences shape our games, ensuring resonance within the gaming community and the delivery of the thrill and innovation players seek."

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