Mighty Fish: Blue Marlin Slot Interview With Wazdan

Published 27 Mar 2024, 4:10 p.m.

We are thrilled to welcome Łukasz Trawka, Senior Account Manager at Wazdan, for our second interview. Today, we delve into the exciting world of Wazdan and their recently acclaimed slot game, Mighty Fish™: Blue Marlin.

As one of the most anticipated releases in the gaming industry, this game has garnered attention for its captivating gameplay and innovative features. Łukasz will provide us with an insider's perspective on the creation, reception, and future prospects of this remarkable addition to Wazdan’s gaming portfolio.

Let's jump right into it!

slotswise interview with wazdan


Welcome, Łukasz! It's a pleasure to have you speak with us again for the second time. Can you start off by telling us more about your job description?

"Hi, I’m Łukasz Trawka – Senior Account Manager at Wazdan. Daily, I focus on maintaining good relationships with our partners, meeting their needs and consulting them in case of any issues or questions."


Can you elaborate on how Wazdan's core values of honesty, creativity, and innovation are reflected in your daily operations and strategic decisions? 

"Absolutely! These values aren't just principles; they actively shape our culture, actions, and collaborations at Wazdan. We see them as the foundation of our success in delivering exceptional iGaming experiences.

Truthfulness and transparency are key in our interactions, both internally and with partners. We prioritise clear, open communication to ensure everyone is well-informed, building trust through transparency.

Engagement is at the core of our game development process. We consistently explore unique themes, graphics, math models, and features to provide players with the most engaging experiences.

Innovation drives Wazdan forward, guiding our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and gaming trends. Our daily operations follow methodologies that enable swift adaptation to market changes."

wazdan and slotswise interview


How does Wazdan foster a partnership approach with casino operators, and what do you believe is essential for growing a business beyond digital excellence in the iGaming industry? 

At Wazdan, we don’t treat business like a game, and we help our partners engineer their success.  We cultivate genuine partnerships with casino operators through open communication and collaboration. Our team maintains regular, transparent contact, ensuring alignment on goals and expectations.

Recognising the significance of tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each casino operator, we take a personalised approach. This allows us to offer customised solutions that enhance the overall gaming experience for our partners.

In our pursuit of business growth beyond digital excellence in the iGaming industry, we emphasise the importance of building strong relationships. It’s not just about delivering top-notch software; it’s about comprehending our partners’ individual needs and collaboratively working towards shared goals."


Could you walk us through the creative process behind developing a new game at Wazdan, from concept to launch?

"The game development journey at Wazdan is meticulous. It starts with conceptualisation, where our creative team brainstorms ideas. Once finalised, our skilled development team handles coding, graphics, and sound engineering. Rigorous testing ensures high-quality and fair games. After internal approval and jurisdiction certification, games integrate seamlessly with partner casinos.

We work closely with clients during integration, ensuring a smooth process. Post-integration, the game officially launches on partner casinos’ platforms. Continuous monitoring, player feedback, and iterative development reflect our commitment to delivering top-tier gaming content. It’s a comprehensive process for an ever-evolving gaming experience that makes everyone a winner."


Wazdan is known for integrating leading-edge features in its games. Can you discuss one or two of these features that you believe significantly amplify performance and drive revenue?

We take pride in integrating our gaining features that elevate gaming experiences and boost performance and revenue. Two standout features are Collect to Infinity™ and Chance Level™.

Collect to Infinity™ has been instrumental in the success of our top-performing titles, attracting significant player interest over the past two years. Its unique dynamics not only enhance the gameplay but also effectively retain player engagement, positively impacting our partners’ revenue.

The latest addition to our Freedom of Choice™ suite, Chance Level™, adds a new dimension to customisation. By allowing players to tailor their experiences, Chance Level™ enhances satisfaction and extends gaming sessions, positively influencing our partners’ overall revenue."


Having won the Slotswise One to Watch 2024 Award for Mighty Fish™: Blue Marlin, what do you believe set this game apart from the competition?

"Mighty Fish™: Blue Marlin's recognition with the SlotsWise One to Watch 2024 Award stems from a blend of unique features. The game doesn’t feature base paying symbols and betlines, which adds excitement and resonates with players familiar with other Wazdan titles.

The innovative Cash Out and Trawler Cash Out features allow players to win prizes directly in the base game, enhancing engagement and adding more thrills. This feature sets Mighty Fish™: Blue Marlin apart, elevating the overall player experience.

The strategic blend of Free Spins and Collect to Infinity™ features adds distinctiveness, providing players with varied and dynamic gameplay, and increasing the overall appeal of this beautifully designed title."

mighty fish blue marlin slot


How does Wazdan choose themes for its slot games, and what has been the most successful or player-favoured theme to date?

"At Wazdan, our slot game themes are carefully chosen, catering to diverse player preferences and aligning with industry trends. We consider market demand, player feedback, and the desire for innovation in the selection process.

The Coins™ series is our flagship theme, which has captivated players with its engaging gameplay, unique game math, and exciting features. The games don’t just provide one-of-a-kind entertainment but also present one of the most easily accessible and understandable themes of golden coins.

With each release in the series, players are drawn into immersive worlds filled with unique mechanics and rewarding opportunities, further solidifying Wazdan's reputation for delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Power of Gods™ series stands out as another of our most successful themes, drawing on the timeless appeal of mythology to provide an immersive experience. The combination of rich storytelling, engaging graphics, and innovative features has garnered positive feedback and sustained player interest.

Retro slots have also proven exceptionally popular, blending classic charm with Wazdan's innovative twists. This combination of traditional slot simplicity and modern features creates a nostalgic yet exciting gaming experience, attested by the enduring popularity of the Hot Slot™ and Mighty Symbols™ series among our player base."


Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming games Wazdan has in the pipeline for 2024 and what players can expect from these new titles?

"In 2024, we have an exciting lineup of upcoming games that promise players a diverse range of rewarding experiences. Building on the success of the One to Watch winner, Mighty Fish™: Blue Marlin, players can anticipate continued innovation and engaging gameplay.

Fans of the popular Coins™ series will be delighted with new additions, bringing fresh elements to the series. These slots combine the proven success of the Coins™ concept with novel features and themes. 

We are also bringing back a fan-favourite title Mighty Wild™: Panther in completely new versions. Players are sure to have a blast with these titles, presenting unique twists on an already beloved experience. 

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In summary, Wazdan's 2024 game lineup offers players a diverse and thrilling array of experiences. With a mix of award-winning themes, innovations, and extensions of beloved series, players can expect a year filled with excitement and big wins."

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