Published 20 May 2022, 8:01 a.m.

As part of Slotswise's interview series with gaming studios, we've had the chance to speak with Riccardo Golia, RGS & Compliance Manager at WorldMatch. WorldMatch is an award-winning provider with more than 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, so it was great to get insights from such an established company.

Riccardo shared exclusive details about WorldMatch's slots and upcoming releases, which we're sure you'll find exciting. So if you want to learn more about WorldMatch and its games, continue reading our interview!

Hi, Riccardo! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Before we begin, could you introduce yourself and WorldMatch to our readers?

"I'm Riccardo Golia, RGS & Compliance Manager at WorldMatch. WorldMatch is a leading company based in Italy that specialized in designing and distributing online casino games. Our titles are present within the biggest international online casinos all over the world, in Europe as well as in South America and Asia.

I’m in WorldMatch since the beginning, I’m the software architect who designed from scratch the entire gaming platform. Today I’m more focused on our remote gaming system and games’ compliance. In particular, I lead the team in WorldMatch dedicated to designing games, defining mathematical models and developing the related engines. We build and provide all the software services used by game clients."

WorldMatch has been present in the gaming industry for more than 20 years. What’s your strategy for staying up top in such a competitive industry?

"Innovation, reliability, flexibility, attention to players’ expectations. All our customers recognize our capacity to deliver content with continuity and according to a shared release plan. We are reliable and flexible since our gaming platform is designed to evolve and scale up easily, fitting as many integration scenarios as possible. We pay great attention to innovation and market trends, in order to keep providing graphical themes and game features that can be attractive for players."

the tyragnez slot

Your gaming portfolio consists of slots, roulette games, table games, and video poker. How much time does it take to create a game, from idea to release?

"It depends. If we need to build an innovative game, based on a concept that is totally new, we have to execute everything from scratch. This can require a certain effort since we need to define a new mathematical model and develop the related game engine. In this case, the creation of a game can last for months.

Differently, when we are approaching a new title based on an existing mathematical model and engine, we can save a big amount of time, since our RGS leverages a proprietary software framework, based on a plugin-driven logic, that permits to reuse of many of its internal parts. In this case, we can focus mainly on the development of the game client."

“Influencer” is the name of your newest slot release, and it incorporates some interesting symbols and free spins. What was your inspiration for this game?

"#Influencer is a slot machine inspired by social networks. Five influencers, two animals and three humans compete for gaining likes and followers. Many symbols remind of emoticons used within chats and apps, using a style that I can define as “fresh”.

The game includes three bonus games in order to win money or free spins. Both in normal rounds and in free-spins, winnings can be multiplied up to 8 times, an aspect that increases the game volatility. A distinctive feature is represented by the fact that on mobile devices the slot machine changes reels geometry in order to follow the screen orientation. Very cool!"

influencer slot

Another game that caught our attention is the Into the Wilds Megaways slot. Could you tell us a bit more about this slot and its features?

"Into the Wilds Megaways is the megaways version of an existing slot machine based on a jungle theme, with gems carved into ancient stone falling down to compose dynamic combinations. In practice, the game is an all-ways slot machine where reels can change their height, from two symbols up to seven symbols. In this way the density of the slot machine can vary randomly as well as the number of possible combinations, which can be more than one hundred thousand per round."

into the wilds megaways slot

What would you say is the most important aspect of a successful game?

"What I always say to people asking about my job is that I feel lucky because “there is a team that dresses the result of my work based on numbers and programming code with emotions”. This is real luck! That said, you must always find the right math behind a game. You can have the right numbers, but a bad game.

Therefore, designing a successful game is not only a matter of graphics and sounds, even if they are important to create emotions and elevate the user experience. You must be creative with numbers and algorithms, in order to put in place features that can surprise and involve players."

Is there a specific slot from WorldMatch that you are extra proud of?

"I’m proud of every single game we did. By the way, I want to mention Candy Bar, a game characterized by simple math, but based on a great game engine. I liked it a lot to implement it! Once again, the team was able to do a fantastic job with graphics and sounds, getting a result over the top."

candy bar slot

What can we expect from WorldMatch in the upcoming months?

"We are working on games that are totally innovative. In particular, one of them is a real new entry into the market. We think to release it very soon, but I cannot say more at the moment. Stay tuned!"

Thank you, Riccardo, for taking the time to chat with us. We're excited to see the new and innovative games you plan to release soon!

In the meantime, make sure to visit WorldMatch and try their already released and awesome slot games


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