With the increased number of casinos that are opening in recent years, every single one of them is doing their best to attract more and more people and potential players to their casino pages. Having a fantastic set of games, positive customer service and UI where everything is within the reach and on the homepage is not enough, as the casinos started offering interesting promotions to get to more players.

Everyone that has played an online slot game, or whatever table game at an online casino, can see the promotions that are on the main banners of the casinos and are being promoted by the affiliates that collaborate with the casinos. There are promotions in the shape of a deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, free play credits and free spins. The free spins promotion is the most famous one, as the slot games are definitely the most played casino games. The Free Spins feature will provide free play in the old, already proven slots, as well as the new ones where you can test them without investing your money in it. If you want to learn a bit more about the Free Spins, you are on the right page, as in this article we will talk a bit more about it.


Online Slots Free Spins

When you decide that you want to play slot games for real cash and see whether it's your lucky day, you can get free spins pretty easily. First, you need to select the game that you want to play on our Slotswise site, and to follow the link to the casino which promotion states Free Spins. All of the casinos, at different times, offer different promotions, therefore you need to find the right promotion that catches your eye and suits your needs and try it on their page. You need to create an account there and make the very first deposit in order to get the free spins.

Free Spins are often a must in a casino as this is the most wanted promotion and it is the player’s favourite. Usually, casinos that are focusing on slot games have this kind of promotion. Don’t be surprised if there are no free spins promotions for a certain casino that you prefer, as it may not be included in their rotation. Casinos tend to change the promotions. There are daily, weekly and monthly promotions, as well as special days or holidays promotions.


In-game Free Spins

Apart from the free spins obtained in the casinos, there are free spins that are part of the games themselves. If you are a free spins fun, you should always be searching for the games that have free spins on their reels as a special feature. The companies developing these games are well aware of the fact, therefore, more and more free spins features are being implemented in the new games. Best of luck in your free spins adventures!

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