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In this detailed Beginner’s Guide To Online Scratchcards, you will learn about:

  1. What are online scratchcards?
  2. How to play online scratchcards?
  3. What are the best online scratchcards?
  4. Can you play scratchcards online and win?
  5. Are online scratchcards worth it?
  6. Are there any free online scratchcards?
  7. Play the best online scratchcards UK

If you ever wanted to explore more of what the online gambling industry has to offer, specifically the instant win games, then you can give online scratchcards a chance. These instant win games are favoured by many players around the world and in this guide, we will explain all the details and help you get more familiar with them.

What are online scratchcards?

Online scratchcards are a form of instant win game that is played in a similar way as real-life scratchcards. You can play scratchcards online in many casinos and many players seem to prefer them over their land-based alternative.

How to play online scratchcards?

Let’s take a look now at the practicality of these instant win games and why they are so favourable by players. Like we said before, online scratchcards are not so different from the physical version, which is why they are also played in a similar fashion. The scratchcard typically consists of a 3x3 layout where each one of the positions hides a potential prize that needs to be revealed. 

Another advantage that online scratchcards have in comparison to real-life ones, is the fact that it’s all done with the press of a button. There is no need to actually scratch the card.

How do online scratchcards work?

Online scratchcards are certainly a hit among players and they utilize a Random Number Generator. This makes sure that the games provide randomness and fair play. One of the greatest things about these games is the fact that they don’t require any kind of skill or expertise and you instantly know whether you’ve won or not.

How to buy scratchcards online?

In order to try out your luck with these online scratchcards, you will need to find a casino that offers them. This shouldn’t be very hard, as most casinos have them on offer. Once you do, they can be bought in bulk, which can save you some time and you can start scratching your way into potentially massive prizes.

What are the best online scratchcards? 

With such a huge array of online scratchcards to choose from, you can find a plethora of options. However, we would suggest that check out some more trusted casinos first, such as Playzee or Paddy Power. This is especially true if you are still a beginner.

Here are some of the most popular online scratchcards that are continuously being in high demand among players.

  • Merlin’s Millions - 95.17% RTP
  • Pig Wizard - 95.82% RTP
  • Wish Upon a Jackpot - 96.06% RTP
  • Lucky Numbers - 96.57% RTP

Can you play scratchcards online and win? 

As we mentioned before, scratchcards are instant win games and the online versions are no different. They are completely based on luck, but it is possible for them to bring you some great prizes as well.

Your job would be to scratch the covered positions and look at the prizes underneath. A win is achieved by managing to reveal 3 identical prizes on a single scratchcard. It is one of the simplest online casino games out there, but at the same time, it provides a great degree of excitement and unpredictability. 

Are online scratchcards worth it?

For those who are still debating whether to give online scratchcards a chance, here are some advantages and disadvantages of this game. This can make it easier to weigh your options and come to a decision.


  • Online scratchcards are one of the simplest casino games out there. They are very easy to play and require no special skill or complicated bonus features in order to be played.
  • These are instant wins games, which means that you will know right away whether a win has been achieved or not.
  • Generally, most online scratchcards are quite cheap and affordable, so they don’t require a huge budget in order to be played.


  • For some players, continuously scratching cards can get a bit repetitive and monotonous over time. If you are one of those players who prefer more action and flashy animations, then online scratchcards might not be the right choice.
  • There are fake online scratchcards out there, that can potentially scam you. This is why we recommend that you select trusted providers and casinos, which are licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Are there any free online scratchcards?

It is always a good idea to check the games out first before you start playing with real money. This is why many providers and operators provide free online scratchcards or demo versions of the games. This is a great way to test the waters and see if playing scratchcards online is your cup of tea.

Play the Best Online Scratchcards UK 

With online scratchcards, you can enjoy a really fun experience full of many potential prizes. Why don’t you check out some of the great casinos we feature here on SlotsWise and check out the online scratchcards phenomenon.

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