iGaming Industry Trends for 2024 - Blueprint Gaming

Published 1 Dec 2023, 10:48 a.m.

In the dynamic world of iGaming, staying ahead of trends is crucial. That's why we've turned to industry experts to get some insights into the future! We're delighted to present an exclusive interview with Alex Naspe, Head of Marketing at Blueprint Gaming.

With his finger firmly on the pulse of the industry, Alex is perfectly positioned to provide us with a glimpse into what the iGaming landscape might look like in 2024. From emerging technologies to evolving player behaviours, Alex shares the predictions and insights based on Blueprint Gaming's innovative perspective. Stay tuned for a compelling conversation on the future of iGaming!

What are your expectations and predictions for the iGaming industry trends in 2024?

"While predicting the most prevalent future trends with absolute certainty in an industry as fluid, adaptable and innovative as ours is always going to be a challenge, several emerging inclinations can reasonably be expected to shape the gambling industry in 2024.

First and foremost, we believe added meta elements to traditional slots will underpin the development process for many studios throughout the coming year. 

Blueprint Gaming has a long history of ensuring they play a key role in its titles, with many of our games employing features such as Jackpot King, which significantly enhances the gameplay offered in a slot. We’ve seen the use of this traditional yet essential element pick up pace, aligned with the expansion and evolution of North American markets – it’s resulting in jackpots becoming a more important part of a studio’s offering.

Notable examples to have enjoyed the JPK treatment include The Goonies and Fishin' Frenzy. Each spin in these slots can randomly trigger an additional jackpot bonus game where lucky players will climb an incrementally increasing prize ladder in hopes of winning a big jackpot prize.

There’s no denying that infusing slot games with dynamic components significantly enhances player engagement and entertainment. This trend extends beyond jackpots to encompass tournaments, player battles and other thrilling additions that will continue revolutionising slot development in 2024.

We also anticipate a surge in sequels over the next 12 months. With so many games available to players, developers are increasingly turning to established franchises to capture the attention of slot enthusiasts, who themselves clamour for more of what they know and love.

Sequels offer the advantage of having a proven track record, a loyal fan base and recognisable themes, making them more appealing than entirely new titles. This approach also allows developers to build upon existing successes and introduce innovative elements, driving continuous evolution in their portfolios. 

At Blueprint Gaming, we strive to strike a balance between fresh ideas and established franchises, catering to both new and returning players exemplified best in the recent release of Napolean 2 FatStacks. Undoubtedly, the trend of sequels will continue to gain momentum throughout 2024.

We also expect to see a rise in IP-inspired slots moving forward. This is evident in our own portfolio, which includes titles based on popular films like The Goonies and Ted, television shows like Deal or No Deal, Rick and Morty, and classic cartoons like Top Cat. Players enjoy seeing their favourite brands and IPs come to life in the slots medium.

Whether it's seeing our take on some of the most recognisable brands, experiencing a reimagining of the franchise, or simply expanding a universe they enjoy, players are drawn to these familiar characters and stories. We anticipate that slots based on established IPs will become even more popular in 2024 and will once again help providers appeal to a new player base that they might not have reached otherwise.

One of the most debated aspects of 2024 will likely be the increasing prominence of AI in slot development. The merits and drawbacks of incorporating AI are a topic worthy of its own discussion. While we cannot envision AI replacing our skilled artists, mathematicians, developers and other professionals, there is no doubt that the industry is moving in this direction, with many providers increasingly employing AI as a development tool. 

We personally don’t want to homogenise the industry and merely rely on algorithms to generate and fulfil ideas, but AI is fast becoming an accepted additional tool that can promote productivity across businesses. For Blueprint, while slot development is still very much a creative process that requires a human touch, there is no denying that generally, AI is becoming a part of the normal development process particularly as the tech becomes more reliable.

Examples include the use of Co-Pilot tools that help developers produce cleaner, more consistent code more efficiently and rapidly; also graphics software that aids artists with more mundane tasks to leave them free to focus their time on more creative illustrations.

There should not be a reliance on AI, but just like the manner in which smartphones changed how we work on the move, AI could augment current working processes to improve quality and productivity.

The infusion of engagement elements into traditional slots, the rise of sequels and the increasing use of AI in slot development are just a few of the trends that are poised to make a significant impact on the industry in the coming year. These trends reflect the evolving needs and preferences of players, who are increasingly demanding more engaging, immersive and personalised gaming experiences. As we move forward into 2024, it will be exciting to see how these trends and others continue to develop and shape the future of the gambling industry."

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