Published 1 Aug 2022, 8:19 a.m.

In the world of online slots and gaming providers, iSoftbet is one of the leading names dedicated to creating high-quality gaming products. Ever since its establishment, iSoftBet has grown so fast and its online slots can be found in a variety of online casinos and locations. If you've ever played iSoftBet slots, you'll know that the company delivers top-notch products with high-end graphics and innovative bonuses.

We've had the chance to speak to Mark Claxton, Head of Games at iSoftBet, and learn more about its amazing games. Mark shared some details about the company's creative process and upcoming releases that fans should be excited about. Check out our full interview below. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!

Could you introduce yourself and iSoftBet to our readers?

"My name is Mark Claxton and I am the Head of Games here at iSoftBet. In a nutshell, I am responsible for the creation of the gaming roadmap and leading our multiple teams to meet organizational goals, whilst driving the company forward through innovative and much-loved gaming products.

I’ve been in the industry for the best part of 20 years. I started my career back in the world of Pub Fruit machines then moved online through some of the biggest players in the market such as Playtech and IGT.

iSoftBet is an industry-leading online and mobile casino games supplier, providing content and gaming solutions to some of the world’s largest and most successful iGaming operators."

majestic megaways extreme 4 slot

Majestic Megaways Extreme 4 Slot - new product from iSoftBet

iSoftet is one of the most popular providers in the iGaming industry. What’s the best thing about working there?

"I'd say that in iSoftBet there is a high degree of professionality practised within the company, mixed with a great social side and work flexibility - really bringing our motto of 'Serious Fun' to life. We have flexible working and remote working as part of our culture and are very trust-based with employees which is very rewarding on both sides."

How many games are in iSoftbet’s library? How many games are being released per month/year?

"iSoftBet currently have over 150 slot titles and we aim to release up to 36 titles per year."

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Let’s talk about your games! We’re curious to learn more about the Musketeer Megaways slot. How challenging was the development process of this game and how complex are the implemented features?

"Musketeer Megaways was a really fun project for us to work on as it was our first game with a quad reel set. This game actually has two game modes to play - the single reel game mode "all for one" and the quad mode "one 4 all".

This was a deviation from what we typically produce in a slot game but felt it fit the theme amazing and opened new exciting ways for the player to engage. I'd say it was fairly complex but we are lucky at iSoftBet to have such a great team that welcomes complexity in our projects!"

musketeer megaways slot

Can you give our readers a short introduction to the Merlin’s Revenge Megaways slot and why they should play it?

"Merlin's Revenge Megaways is our follow-up title to fan favourite Morgana Megaways. In this new version, the player is treated to cascading reels which we really felt elevated the unique feature whereby you collect symbols in order to boost your max megaways.

There is something so simplistic about just needing certain symbols dropping in any position to progress up the win ladder. You were always a few symbols away from the next progression - it makes it very exciting!"

merlin's revenge megaways slot

And what about the Golden Jockers Double Up slot? What was your inspiration for this release?

"With Golden Jokers we wanted to breathe new life into the popular Joker theme and spice it up by adding a variety of bonus buys and side bets. With the Double Up side bet, the player literally has double the chance to win the bonus! The iconic Joker graphics have been stapled in gaming since pub and bar land-based machines across the world.

Combining this retro style with classic gameplay we reached audiences far and wide. We enhanced the joker to be covered in Gold to make it more striking and noticeable on the reels, as the joker symbols are stacked on the reels it becomes a real wow moment when lots of these land on the reels together!"

golden jockers double up slot

Your games are filled with innovative features and mechanics like Megaways and Hold & Win. Do you plan on releasing new titles with other features?

"Yes of course! We have plenty of new features on the way. Not only that we also have new and innovative twists on our market-leading Hold & Win titles and Megaways too. I can't give away too much now but keep your eye on our upcoming releases!"

What is the Game Aggregation Platform?

"We offer a market-leading Games Aggregation Platform (GAP) solution that allows operators to access a vast library of innovative, exciting and revenue-maximising content via single API integration.

This includes the full iSoftBet portfolio of 150+ games plus in excess of 8,000+ games from over 90 leading content providers in the industry.

The aggregation platform also offers integrated operators access to iSoftBet Arena, a full suite of player engagement solutions including: Free Rounds, Tournaments, Achievements, Marketing Jackpots, Community Jackpots, VIP Jackpots and Cash Drops, as well as Behavioural Driven Awards. These can be leveraged by operators on both iSoftBet and aggregated game partner content.

Additionally, the single integration also grants operators access to iSofBet’s full suite of regulated market solutions, customisable widgets, reporting tools and advanced data analytics services."

ocean hunter slot

Ocean Hunter slot - new product from iSoftBet

What would you say is the most important aspect of a successful game?

"I'd say that the math is the most important aspect of a slot game. without it the rest of the game would fall down. You could have the best-looking artwork in the industry, or the best features but if they are simply not paying and playing correctly then you'll find the game will not succeed as it should."

What product of iSoftBet are you proud of the most?

"I am proud of many things here at iSoftBet but if we are talking about a singular product then I'd say it has to be Gold Digger - our original Hold & Win game. We innovated on a respin concept and added additional win layers and boosters that the players really resonated too. Our prospector, Gus, on the side of the reels helps the player with a variety of modifiers. Overall we felt this game ticked all boxes for our players."

gold digger slot

Could you share some insider info with us, what else can we expect from iSoftBet in the following months?

"Without giving too much away... players can expect to be swimming with sharks in the deep ocean, enjoying tropical cocktails on the beach, blast off into "sweet" outer space and also see the return of the Sheriff of Nottingham!"

Wow, this is awesome. Thank you, Mark, for giving us such comprehensive answers and insights! We're looking forward to playing, testing, and reviewing your new online slots!

In the meantime, make sure to check iSoftBet and try their already launched games to see the unique gameplay first-hand!

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