What Are Non Progressive Jackpots?

Published 12 Nov 2018, 3:03 p.m.

In the vast world of online slots there are several types of game categories that are most widely represented in the casinos and slots sites. Considering how many slots there have been released during the history of online slots (around 4000), it is fittingly imaginable that there ought to be different types of games. Among these we will look at one of the most favorite category and one whose games are sought by the players. In this guide you will discover what arenon progressivejackpots and some of the slots that count for the players’ favorites. 

We will start with drawing a line between the types of slots. This is going to help the new slots player discover the gaming options that are available at the casinos. Because there are millions of players out there, you could imagine that one part of them has an interest in marking the slots games that have a neat jackpot prize, and those that are progressive jackpot. Even though the word ‘jackpot’ is in both of these categories, there is a main difference that makes the slots games different - but not so much the slots games rather than the potential outcomes.

What Type Of Slots Are There?

The slots have undergone an evolution of sorts since the first machines were available at bars across the United States. Through coming the decades tinkerers and engineers have made improvements on the mechanism that led us to the era of early Las Vegas slots where the reels were three and the paylines anywhere between one and nine. When the slots started to become more digital, fitted with lights and video screens, the number of paylines increased and there were more reels that made that available. 

So when asking what type of slots are there - we are considering the number of reels. What started as three reels slots would eventually become five reel slots, which is the standard number that most online and land casino slots nowadays have. There are slots with different type of grids, such as five reels and four rows, or six reels and three rows, and there are even irregular reel sets that have diamond-shaped reel sets and reels of one row that are followed by two or three reels of three or four rows and so on. So there really is no limits to how a company can put together a slots machine.

As for the paylines, there are games with as little as one payline, found usually in the classic slots of three reels, however, most slots, both land casino and online, have anywhere between 10 and 100 reels. There are multiway slots, such as the Bonanza slot, whose paylines can ‘explore’ up to one hundred thousand. Regardless if the matter is what are non progressive jackpots, or what are progressive jackpots, the reel set can assume and shape and form - however, the standard seems to be three rows and five lines. 

What Are Non Progressive Jackpot Slots - Explanation

This category of slots is represented by hundreds of titles that are readily available at the casinos that have been reviewed and verified by the slots experts at SlotsWise. Non-progressive type of slot jackpots are fixed amounts of money that go beyond the symbol combinations. If we can propose a cutoff amount that we can call a jackpot, it would be anything that is above 10,000 pounds. However, there are online slots that have smaller sums, such as 5000 and more, which are called a ‘jackpot’ in the paytable. That’s fine by us. 

The key difference between these and the progressive jackpot slots is that the jackpot amount is exclusive to each slot game, in each instance that it appears across online casinos. Comparably, progressive jackpot slots have a seed amount and a jackpot that may not have a limit pertaining to the amount. So in every instance that a progressive jackpot title appears, it will always be linked with the same pot. One person winning the jackpot in one place will bring the jackpot amount back to the seed. That is not the case with non progressive jackpots. When someone wins the jackpot, the very next minute the amount will be refreshed and can be won by the same player. 

Non Progressive Jackpot Slots

Some of these fixed-amount jackpots can extend to as much as £500,000 or anything that is in-between and even more than that, as there are such titles that are non-progressive slots but are fixed in the millions. Some of the most popular jackpot slot games include Starburst with a 50000 coin jackpot; Bonanza slot with an amazing 120000 coin top payout, Book of Dead with 250000, the Rainbow Riches slot with 250000, Fluffy Favourites with 10,000 coins with the Wild symbol, Immortal Romance with 80,000, with a return to player of 97.00% and a jackpot of more than 10,000 and many other extremely fun to play slots. When answering the question 'What arenon progressivejackpots?', these are the examples that explain it the best.

Is There A Better Chance At Winning A Progressive Jackpot Or Non Progressive?

This question could not be settled as there are proponents to both outcomes. However, those who have read up on the technical insights of how the slots work will tell you that these outcomes are again left to the whim of the Random Number Generator, which has been explained in our guides as the mathematical machine that produces all winning and losing outcomes in a purely coincidental manner, from out of many millions of number sequences. 

So, in simple terms we can conclude this by saying, you can play either type of jackpot slot and it will always ride on your luck and the outcome of the random number generator. The progressive jackpots on one hand are very thrilling to play, but then the amounts are dispersed across too many casinos - so does that have any impact is, again, hard to know for sure.

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