Playing online slots is one of the most popular past time activities that offers its players two things: excellent entertainment and unmatched online gaming experience and a chance to win some excellent prizes. To have a shot at the highest jackpot that an online slot awards, you should aim at playing those slots that offer their players the highest RTP percentage.

What does RTP stand for?

The abbreviation RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’ and is a theoretical percentage of the total wins over all stakes played. However, you should have a clear picture that the RTP percentage is a calculated average value for a given number of game plays and not for each time an online slot is played. So, the higher RTP an online slot offers, the better! You should also bear in mind that there is no connection between the number of reels on a certain slot and its RTP percentage. Some of the slots that offer the highest RTP percentage have only three reels while some slots with five or more reels offer and average or slightly above the average percentages.


House of Fun RTP

RTP Definition

As we have mentioned in the previous section, you should play online slots that offer its players a higher RTP. Games that have a payout percentage of 96% or over are considered among the best to play, so you should be aiming at these games when making your selection. Any online game that advertises an RTP of less than 96% will just get you shorter session and will spend your money faster over time. So, in general, it would be smart to try and avoid these slots. A useful tip when playing online slots would be to always activate the maximum possible number of win lines to have a better shot at getting enhanced jackpot payouts, because it can get you the highest possible RTP on all online slots. Games always award the highest paying jackpots to players who go for the maximum bet, so it is a smart idea to always read slot paytables and check whether it would be beneficial to wager the highest possible stake.  

House of Fun RTP

Based on the above, we can say that House of Fun slot may not be among online slots with the best RTP percentage, but it still offers an excellent playing experience. It has an RTP that is slightly below the average, but its additional bonus features compensate for this shortcoming. The game’s RTP is about 95% which lists House of Fun slot as below-average RTP game, but still, it is an interesting play.


To find the exact RTP percentage of an online slot, you can either open the paytable of the online slot, usually found by clicking the PAYTABLE button, or you can read this information on the website of the casino that offers the game to its players. To find out more on House of Fun slot, you can visit our House of Fun slot review page.


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