Shoot for the high life with this high-class (if slightly serious) five reeler

Key Features

Reels: 5

Min Bet: 1.00

Paylines: 25

Max Bet: 150.00

Bonus Rounds: 0

The Glam Life Slots Review


Play to ride the yacht and have it land in five instances for the Jackpot prize of 2,000,000. The Glam Life slot is here to entertain but also to remind us that winning riches may be an occurrence of sheer luck.

The Glam Life Slot Overview

Step into the world of glamour and wealth where you will find yourself surrounded by the stuff of dreams about the glam life. The Glam Life slot game paints a nice picture that includes all of the objects of desire that make up the lives of those who have become the nouveau riche and want to flaunt it like there is no tomorrow. This slot game dates from the time when Nokia was the most popular phone in the world and there indeed were special edition diamond-encrusted phones on the market - that some people did indeed buy.

Anyhow, the slot game boasts a huge jackpot of six and sometimes seven figures, so you are looking at a huge prize that could be won if you are the luckiest person in the world right then and there when you are playing the game. 

How To Play The Glam Life Slot

Setting up the gameplay takes several clicks and lets you start the adventure. The reel set contains three rows and five reels which have 25 paylines that mark the winning combinations. Before hitting the diamond-studded 'spin' button, make sure to select the right coin denomination, bet per line and paylines that will reflect your style of play, or in other words, how much you want to spend per spin.

The coin denomination setting is located in the bottom left corner and contains values that start with one penny and go up incrementally all the way up to £1.00. The other two settings that you should discover are the Select Lines option and Bet Per Line. The former lets you select how many paylines you wish to have active and the second determines the number of levels at which your bet is going to be extrapolated. 

Other than this, everything about The Glam Life slot is straightforward. You will find the paytable in the top right corner and the Autoplay button in the opposite direction, next to the Glam Life logo.

The Glam Life Slot Design

Playing the game is a colorful experience. Somehow the slots experts at Betsoft have managed to instill the color purple in almost every of the game's symbols, so that the entire layout looks and feels, well, purplish. Is that the color of riches, but not money, we think? That could be the case in The Glam Life slot.

Besides the regal layout you will notice that there are lots of diamonds on the set. You will see them on the bracelet, on the watch, the mobile phone and most likely, they will be found on the interior of the white Rolls Royce. The game's top paying symbol is the Yacht, which delivers a wallop of 400 credits on the wager. This symbol appearing in five instances leads to the Jackpot prize, so seeing more than two stopping on the reels, as the other ones are spinning, ought to get you excited. 

Another symbol on the reels is the mansion that appears like the White House, meaning, the presidential residence, and it is the bonus symbol. Three of which will trigger a bonus game. Sadly, the jackpot prize can not be won during the bonus feature, but the jackpot itself is huge and is an even of its own.

How To Win The Glam Life Slots

Winning the game may be a matter of sheer luck, but luck may visit upon your gameplay when you are least expecting it, or better yet, when you are not even thinking about it. Indeed, the random number generator ensures that all outcomes are paid at random, so that the luckiest of players will get the top payout of 1,000,000 coins, and some less lucky but lucky nevertheless, people, may chance upon smaller prizes. 

Thankfully, in addition to luck, we can rely on The Glam Life bonus features. There are three such features that are triggered by their corresponding symbols. The jumbo ject symbol landing on three or more positions on any active payline will result in the free spins mode. 

Then there is The Glam Life slot necklace case, a fine mahogany case, that leads to the Pick Me Bonus when landing on three or more positions. This bonus takes you to a second screen where you get to pick prizes at random from a screen littered with options. 

Last but not least, the perfume bottle will trigger the Match Bonus. Did you forget to mention the Second Screen Bonus which is earned through landing three or more of the mansion symbols? This is the Travel Around the World bonus, which takes you to world-famous locations, where you will be treated to an exceptional welcome and gain some more winnings along the way. 

To enter the world of The Glam Life slots, all you need to do is claim your welcome bonus right from this page and chance upon the game at one of the casinos. 

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