Released: 7 Nov 2023

Welcome to Pirots 2, the highly anticipated sequel by ELK Studios. This game builds upon the success of its predecessor and takes you on an exciting adventure where dinosaurs roam the gaming grid. With familiar mechanics and exciting new elements, Pirots 2 offers the potential for a massive 10,000x max win. Get ready to embark on a refreshingly different journey.

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Pirots 2 Slot

Pirots 2 Slot Review

Exotic-themed slots are always fan favourites and exciting to play. Such examples include Tropical Bonanza and Tiki Tiki Boom. Pirots 2 continues the same trend, although you are in a forest and not on a beach. Still, there are many great features for achieving wins.

While staying true to its core mechanics, Pirots 2 introduces several exciting new features to enhance gameplay. These include the CollectR, Wild, Scatter & Upgrade Symbols, Coin Symbol, Red Button, Popcorn Symbol, Egg Symbol, Transform Symbol, Free Spins, and X-iter Buys, adding depth and excitement to the game.

Table of Contents 

  1. About Pirots 2 Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Pirots 2 Casino
  6. Pirots 2 Mobile
  7. Pirots 2 Demo Play
  8. Our Verdict

About Pirots 2 Slot 

Pirots 2 by ELK Studios is a sequel to the Pirots slot, offering an engaging experience with a dynamic grid configuration. The game showcases a flexible setup, ranging from 6x6 to an expansive 8x8 grid. You can place bets from 0.20p to £100 per spin, which can appeal to both casual players and high rollers.

Winning in Pirots 2 is a unique journey. As symbols descend onto the grid during spins, four bird characters - coloured blue, green, purple, and red - accompany them. These birds serve as collectors, gathering amber pay symbols of their corresponding colour and any feature symbols. If adjacent, these birds can swap places, provided that unlocking new symbol clusters is possible. 

Additionally, when three or four birds align horizontally or vertically, they fight, removing amber symbols while collecting scatters, coins, eggs, or red buttons. After that, the birds change their positions, and a symbol refill occurs.

To collect symbols, birds must be orthogonally adjacent to those of the same colour and move in descending order of symbol payout. Moreover, amber symbols can get individually upgraded, reaching a maximum payout level of 7.

How to Play Pirots 2 Slot?

Follow the next steps to play Pirots 2 slot:

  • Choose your bet (from 0.20p to £100) and spin the reels.
  • Watch the four bird characters collect same-coloured symbols and features.
  • Birds can swap places next to each other, unlocking new clusters.
  • When three or four birds line up horizontally or vertically, they fight to remove symbols and grab bonuses.
  • Symbols must touch same-colored birds for collection.
  • Symbols can upgrade up to level 7.

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

We are embarking on a journey to the rainforest with elements resembling an amusement park or something similar. Either way, it’s a refreshing change of scenery. 

While the grid and our feathered companions remain similar, ELK Studios has improved the graphics and added just the right touch of new elements to give the game a fresh feel while keeping its sequel status clear. Beware of the roaming dinosaurs as a roller coaster winds through the treetops.

You’ll find blue and green ambers among the symbols, with fully upgraded blue symbols paying out 10x and green ones delivering 15x your bet. On the flip side, the higher-paying symbols are purple and red ambers, offering a rewarding 20x and an impressive 50x the bet, respectively, when maxed out. 

The game contains many feature symbols that can boost your winnings, and we’ll explore those further down in this review.

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Pirots 2 Slot

The Pirots 2 slot offers an RTP of 94%, which falls below the industry average. In terms of volatility, Pirots 2 leans towards the high end of the scale, meaning that while wins may be less frequent, they have the potential to be substantial when they do occur. With a staggering maximum win of 10,000x your stake, the Pirots 2 slot offers you a chance to secure substantial rewards with each spin.

To explore other games with higher RTPs, check out our recommended Highest RTP Slots list and pick your favourite. 

Gameplay and Features on Pirots 2 Slot

Pirots 2 offers several exciting features to enhance gameplay, which you’ll likely find entertaining. 

Collection Meter

You’ll see the collection meter above the playing grid, tracking collected amber and wild symbols. It releases pending feature symbols when it becomes full, allowing up to three releases to stack. These releases can convert random amber symbols into feature symbols or randomly land on the reels. These are the feature symbols and what they do:

  • Upgrade Symbols: Increase an amber symbol’s payout level by 1 to 3 steps.
  • Upgrade All: Boost the payout level of all four amber symbols by 1 to 3 steps.
  • Coins: Pay their value when getting collected. The Max Win coin awards you the remaining amount for the max win.
  • Wild: Substitute for amber symbols at their current payout level.
  • Red Button: Triggers a meteor strike, exploding symbols (except feature symbols) and expanding the grid.
  • Egg: Hatch a dinosaur at the game round’s end, causing birds to relocate.
  • Popcorn: Fill vacant spaces with popcorn, allowing birds to cross them once.
  • Mushroom: Transform adjacent amber symbols into the same colour as the collecting bird or feature symbols.

Free Spins Bonus Game

You’ll get five free spins when you land three dino skull scatters in the base game. These free spins begin with the current grid size and keep your progress on the symbol collection meter. 

If there are pending feature symbol releases when the bonus game begins, they come into play during the first drop. During free spins, your grid size, symbol collection progress, scatter symbol count, and amber symbol payouts all stay the same. Plus, collecting three more scatter symbols earns you extra free spins.


Players outside the UK can activate different modes for a cost:

  • Bonus Hunt: 3x the stake, offering 4x the chance to trigger the bonus game.
  • Popcorn Fiesta: 10x the stake, enabling the popcorn feature.
  • Maximum Grid Size: 25x the stake, playing on the largest grid.
  • Bonus: 100x the stake to buy the free spins.
  • Super Bonus: 500x the bet for free spins on the max grid size with all upgrade symbols affecting all amber symbols.

Pirots 2 Casino 

When seeking a casino to play Pirots 2, look for a reputable platform with diverse games and clear payment options. 

Opt for an online casino with fair terms and conditions and reasonable wagering requirements. Playing at a secure online casino ensures the safety of your sensitive information and guarantees fair play and timely winning payouts. Here are some excellent recommendations.

Magic Red
Sky Vegas
Amber Spins
Jaak Casino

Pirots 2 Mobile

Pirots 2 slot is fully compatible with mobile devices, offering you the flexibility to enjoy this thrilling slot game on smartphones and tablets while on the go. Whether using iOS or Android, you can experience the adventure and potential rewards from the palm of your hand. That makes the game convenient and accessible whenever and wherever you want.

Pirots 2 Demo Play & Pirots 2 Free Play

Pirots 2 has a demo version, so you can play it without betting real money. It’s a perfect way to try out the game, get the hang of its features, and have some fun risk-free, especially if you’re new to it.

You can also play Pirots 2 for free by taking advantage of no deposit or free spin offers at casinos. That lets you spin the reels with a chance to win real prizes without spending your cash. It’s a terrific way to test your luck and enjoy the excitement without dipping into your wallet upfront.

Other ELK Studios Slots

ELK Studios consistently delivers visually stunning slots infused with inventive mechanics. Their commitment to originality keeps players engaged and eager for more. Some of their notable slots you can find reviews for on our site include J-POP, Coba Reborn, and Cygnus 3

Our Verdict 

ELK Studios maintains its reputation for creativity and polish with this slot release. Pirots 2 lives up to the anticipation without straying too far from the original’s appeal. While not for everyone due to potentially long game rounds, those who appreciate its unique features and potential for big wins will have a blast. 

With a maximum payout of 10,000 times the bet, Pirots 2 maintains its high winning potential, making it a game that may divide players but continues to offer a distinct and enjoyable experience.

Discover the Pirots 2 slot by claiming a welcome offer from this page and playing at top-rated online casinos.

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