Released: 13 Oct 2014


Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park Slot Review

If you are eager to mingle with some dinosaurs then you are welcome to join the expedition to the Jurassic Park slot, where the main payout is 7200 coins, with many other hefty amounts that are deliverable with the Wild. 

Jurassic Park Slot Overview

The Microgaming slots experts are the innovative crew behind the Jurassic Park slot, which takes the players straight to the movie set of this incredible blockbuster. Are those dinosaurs props, or are the real? Of course they aren't but they do spring to life when part of a winning combination of the Jurassic Park's 243 paylines. 

But in addition the big number of paylines that deliver pays on adjacent lines, there are several other in-game bonus features that can trigger at random, without any rule as to when I how many times in succession. That being said, Jurassic Park does deliver a fun-loving gameplay that can create an entertaining experience on the reels for pretty much anybody. 

To set the reels spinning, check out some further details pertaining to setting up the slot, its pays and the top payout prize. 

How To Play Jurassic Park Slot

Setting up the game requires discovering the controls on the game's reel-set, but in reality there are just few buttons that need to be clicked on. The 243 Paylines are always the same, which means, you need not worry about any of that. You won't miss a winning outcome regardless if you are playing with a small coin size, or a more hefty bet.

Speaking of the Bet, use the minus and the plus button on the Bet window in order to select the total bet. The smallest amount that you could play is a comfortable and basic £0.30 per spin, however, there are so many amounts that go up in smaller increments, which allow any player to find a comfortable wager for the spin. Once we go in the red zone of the bets, the players will notice that the bets are becoming hefty and serious, but nothing over the top. In reality, the 

Jurassic Park slots top wager has been set at £360, but do check your favorite casino to make sure that this is the top amount, because it could be higher or lower.

Jurassic Park Slot Design

The design of this game is right on par with some of the most widely played slots online. You are going to find a spectacularly designed reel-set of five reels and three rows. The symbols are so lively that they can also trigger random bonuses during the base play. Additionally, there are three variations of the free spins feature, and we will get more into it shortly. 

The game's low paying symbols are actually ones that pay high when compared to so many slots out there. This category of symbols include various dinosaurs, such as an allosaurus, a stegosaurus, a t-rex, a velociraptor, a pterosaurs and some kind of hammer-tailed creature that could deal a massive blow to any of its competitors. 

The highest paying in this category is the velociraptor, delivering a wallop of 720 coins when five matching symbols land on the reels. 

The other category features the portraits of actors in the film. This is where you would really hope to gain a string of five symbols, or get a win substituted by the wild, because the starting symbol is 1500 and the top one is 2400. 

How To Win Jurassic Park

Like we mentioned earlier, the slot game has three free spins bonuses and a bunch of randomly appearing bonuses. The Indominus feature appears at random during the base game. Catching a sight of this gnarly beast could result in a mig multiplier of 1000 on the total bet. 

As for the Jurassic Park free spins bonuses, each of the three are awarded at random. The players get 10 free spins in each instance, however, each mode comes with a different set of bonus features. 

The Raptor Den free spins comes with the Wild scatter symbol with the possibility of a retrigger with three additional scattered.

Creation Lab comes with Rolling Reels where the winning symbols are removed to make room for the newcomers. The Cryo Wilds remain for three wins.

The Gyrosphere Valley is a multiplier trail with 10 free spins. The multipliers increase with each non-winning spin, and resent on a win.

Furthermore, the game has two excellent specialty symbols in the Wild and the Scatter. The wild substitutes for all except the Scatter, even for the high-valued symbols which could create high wins with the wild. 

The Scatter symbol is a piece of amber with a mosquito inside, which can create multiplied wins by the total bet staked, as well as create two-way winnings. This symbol pays in any position, and what is more, if it appears on the reels twice, it transforms into a Wild symbol
If you are ready to head to Jurassic Park, claim a welcome bonus at one of the casinos right on this page. 

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