Released: 21 Jun 2018

Play the Jumanji slot, a brand new online slot by NetEnt that has a diamond reel-set with many bonus features and payouts as high as 500x times the winning wager. 

Jumanji Slot

Jumanji Slot Online

NetEnt have finally released the Jumanji and online casinos are eager to be the first to offer this amazing slot. Find out what sites offer the best bonus packages and claim yours now to play on the Jumanji slot. 

Jumanji Slot Features Overview

When a great Hollywood movie hits the movie theatres it becomes successful and eventually results in a big variety of themed products. You can bet that this was the case with the movie Jumanji when it came out in 1995. One of the most popular class of products were Jumanji board games, but if online slots had been around back then they would have been made too. Today NetEnt finally made an online slot that was inspired by the original movie and prompted by the Hollywood blockbuster featuring Dwayne Johnson. Just like the game that starts the action in both movies, the Jumanji slot features a rare reel-set format with 36 paylines and several Jumanji bonus features that wrap things into a solid online casino gaming experience. 

The Board Game with a 500x Multiplier

The game starts with a brief intro that spells out the bonus features that appear during the game randomly and as triggered by the player. As we mentioned, the reel set format is irregular, but not uncommon in some other games, and it appears like a board-game seen from a bird's perspective. In fact, the entire set looks like someone's room, as there are elements of a kitchen, stairs, a chandelier, a bookshelf and so on. We are told by this that the Jumanji slot is taking place in the house where the adventure started. Does that hint at an adventure starting in your house? That we could not know, but surely the game has the potential for real reel action and payouts that could be as much as 500x coins multiplied by the winning bet. 


Play Jumanji - Claim Free Spins at SlotsWise

The game has many details that are reminiscent of the movie, but in reality, the movie is simply the premise, which allows for a cool story to be present as a backdrop to the gameplay and the real gambling experience that comes with it. 

The otherwise low-light setting is conducive to a bright reel set that displays even brighter symbols. Whenever a winning combination occurs flashes of light appear behind the symbols in the style of land-based casino slots that ring and sometimes even sound a siren. 

It will become noticed right away that there is a divided prominence of the symbols that appear on the reel set, which are divided by type. The high and the low paying symbols are as different as pictures and cards numbers and letters. The second category features jack, queen, king and ace. The first category features animals such as pelican, crocodile, rhino and lion. 

The Wild symbol is simply a plain old plate that says Wild on it and the Scatter symbol is the box that contains the board game, with the lettering Jumanji across. It is true, you wouldn't see any of the actors in the movie and that is fine by us. It wasn't that they couldn't, it's just, having the great late Robin Williams as one of the symbols would have been distasteful and it's good that the Jumanji slot is just Jumanji in theme. 

One of the brightest features, besides the Jumanji bonus features, is the Jumanji slots musical score. Someone really tried to make an impression in all aspects, including the music. It is a jungle-theme track with a string section and very nice tribal percussions
 that together set the mood for your experience. 

How to Play Jumanji

The game has multiple bonus features that accentuate the incredible gameplay. It really gets you into the game when a random feature occurs and when it theatrically consumes part of the reel set to let you know that you have made a nice score. But even besides that, the Jumani slot is fun to play and starts with setting up to play. 

The first thing to be done before hitting the renowned NetEnt spin button is set up the bet level and the coin value. The configuration arrangement is typical for NetEnt slots and Jumanji slot is no exception. The coin value ranges from just 1 penny all the way to £2 quid. This value is then extrapolated across the reel-set according to the bet level, which can range between one and ten. The bigger the bet level is the more expensive will be the bet per spin. But this can also be treated like a penny slot. The Jumanji slots has the option of playing on the first level with only 1 penny, which comes to 10 pence per spin. Not at all bad. As you can see you can really configure the bet size as you wish because the game allows it, with all paylines active and all Jumanji bonus feature ready as well. 

How to Win Jumanji 

Winning the game is a matter of your personal luck and the whim of the Random Number Generator which creates winning combinations at random intervals by way of precise mathematical calculus. All games work the same way and Jumanji slot is not an exception. What makes Jumanji exceptional though are the randomly activated bonus features that bring extra punch to the play.

Monkey Mayhem

This feature comes at random. When a winning has been made a pair of monkey arms come from behind the symbols and beging to shuffle them around the reel-set. This will lead to guaranteed winnings which are given according to the paytable.

Monsoon Wilds 

This is another randomly triggered feature that leads to one or two reels becoming inundated in the Wild symbol while the other reels continue to spin. 

Sticky Vines

This is the re-spins or free spins feature. Jumanji slots awards the winning combination to stick while the rest of the reels spin, which can lead to that winning combo becoming even bigger on one of the many positions for the symbols. 

Wild Stampede

There is a stampede which occurs due to rhinos trampling on the reel set. In the wake of their dash between four and nine wild symbols are left on the reel-set and the winnings are then counted according to the paytable. 

More Jumanji Bonus Plays

The ones we mentioned above are just few of the Jumanji special features, as there are many more. It is up to you to discover them all and there is how… 

Concluding Remarks

We have a brand new game by slots experts NetEnt and it recalls a famous movie that inspired millions of people. This makes for a good time on the reel set, where the bonus features just add to the fun. Feel welcome to claim your bonus package and play Jumanji right from this page.

Key Features
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