Dynamite Digger Slots Review

Play Dynamite Digger slot and Win a massive payout as the gold is just around the corner. This five reel slot has a cash prize of £25,000 and a hefty multiplier amount. 

Dynamite Digger Overview

Mining or going on a resource exploration adventure underground is a common theme in the slots world, because it resonates with great many people who are in those occupations. Deep ground mines, open pits and similar such places yield diamonds, gems, gold and other highly valued minerals, so the theme in Dynamite Digger slot has been inspired by the excitement related to this. In Dynamite Digger slot the player uses explosives to blast through the earth's core and reach the incredible depths where the riches are tucked in waiting to be claimed. This digital slot machine was produced by Playtech with a specific audience in mind - all the people who have imagined themselves partaking in a gold-digging adventure. 

Dynamite Digger Design

Dynamite Digger slots has an appealing cartoonish look to it that sits perfectly well with the theme. The game's banner says it all: a cave that leads to a tunnel that goes deep underground eventually leading to massive amounts of gold. And that is not an overstatement. The total payout of Dynamite Digger slots can amount to as much as £25,000, but there are prizes that are smaller than that, still very lucrative, that are closer at hand's reach. The sound effects in Dynamite Digger slot are naturally associated with TNT and you will hear quite a number of explosions as soon as the winnings come ringing in. The other aspects of the design are all very much in place with an old gold mine from the Wild West. There is a wooden frame that holds the tunnels from caving in, befitting golden and earthen hues, and all the associated tools and equipment that your would normally find in a mining operation.

How to Play Dynamite Digger 

With five reels and 20 paylines, Dynamite Digger slot has plenty to offer to the players that choose this slot over the others. It can be played with the smallest denomination possible, £0.01 all the way up to £100.00 for the most enthusiastic players. This is possible with the hit of one button called “Max Bet” which will set the highest wager the slot can offer on all of the 20 paylines and the max coin value. 

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About the paylines, they are not fixed in place, so you can fiddle with the settings to determine your optimal playing style. If you are starting on a smaller deposit it would not be too sensible blasting the entire amount on just few spins. What would really work for smaller deposits are more paylines but played on a smaller wager per spin. If you have hit a big win then you are welcome to up the wager, however, only at the maximum betting amount do you get the chance to win the jackpot which is 5000x your stake. The “Auto Play” option will simply let the spin the reels on their own as you sit back watch a dynamite fireworks show. Set the desired coin value and number of spins and you are ready to go. Let’s take a look at the symbols of this game.

How to Win Dynamite Digger

The symbols, according to their value, are separated in two categories. We can see the deck of cards symbols as the lower valued symbols which include the Jack, the Queen, the King and the Ace. A TNT plunger, a Paraffin Lamp, a pair of gold wagons, pickaxe, and of course the Miner and the Dynamite are the high valued symbols. What is strange about this game is that there are no special symbols, that means no Wilds, no Scatters nor Bonus symbols. The highest paying symbol is the head Miner which grants the 5000x your stake for five symbols on an active payline. There not being any specialty symbols may at first seem like a big letdown, but it really isn't. The developers have paid attention to creating enough winning opportunities that ensure that the balance is maintained on the Return to Player probability of 95.52%.

Dynamite Digger Bonus Features

The only feature apart from the normal game is the Exploding Reels. This is also called the cascading reels by some developers and is triggered after every win in this game. As soon as you land a winning combination on the reels, the symbols will explode, making room for new ones falling from above, increasing your chance for a lucrative win. This feels like getting free spins every time you land a winning combo! Thus the specialty symbols are not dearly missed after all. 

Conversely, there are many, if not most, digital slots machines that have bonuses and free spins and many that do not, but that doesn’t leave the latter category without winning opportunities. No chance in the world. Digital and video slots developers make sure that every player gets the most out of a slot machine. Beside the entertainment value, of course that there has to be a winning opportunity. Well, the Dynamite Digger slot gives you that opportunity, it is just a matter of selecting your playing style to let the probabilities work themselves out and turn up good winning combinations. Who knows, maybe the red-bearded head miner symbol will turn up on all five reels for the ultimate winning combination of 5000x your wager! 

Our Dynamite Digger Review

Overall, Playtech made a very simple, yet fun and rewarding Dynamite Digger slot. The theme of the game is perfect for a slot game, as we are all searching for the prizes, and it is illustrated to a real-life action in which everyone is on a mission to come across a chance prize by, quote on quote, embarking of a mission of discovering hidden gold. Take a look at this fantastic online slot game and experience its appeal. It is a hidden gem indeed. Try it out on one of our associate casinos and claim the free spins and bonuses that we offer. Good Luck!

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Key Details
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Min Bet: £0.01
Max Bet: £100.00
Release Date: 2014
RTP: 95.52%

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