Progressive Jackpots in the online video slot games is one of the main reasons why people are constantly spinning the reels and returning to the games. They are making the game more interesting and inviting, and adding an additional payout that is constantly growing until it pays out is definitely something that you would fancy in every slot game. Want to see how they work and how they pay out? You are in the right place.  


What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive Jackpots are payouts that are part of the slot machines or video poker machines usually located in the casinos or their online video versions. Each machine that possesses a progressive jackpot is marked as one, therefore, every player knows which game has a progressive jackpot and which doesn’t.

There are several interesting things that you need to know about the casino progressive jackpots. There are limits set by the casinos that the machines are located at, and if the jackpot manages to reach the limit without paying out to some happy customer, the process will speed up and it will land the winning combination asap.

Usually, the Progressive jackpots are linked between several machines so that the jackpot rises at a faster tempo and it can be awarded on one of those machines. The point is to keep more games competitive, have much more progressive jackpots that are being awarded and more games played.


How Does the Slot Pay the Progressive Jackpots?

Each slot machine, whether it’s land-based or online video slot has a jackpot meter in it. This jackpot meter constantly gets filled until a certain combination lands on the reels. The combination is different in all the slot games, and if for example, you would need five cherries to trigger and land the progressive jackpot in one game, it might need three other symbols in a different game.

Once this happens, the meter just resets to the minimum level and the process starts all over again.

In almost all of the slot games that have progressive jackpots in them, you need to play with the maximum denomination in order to qualify for the jackpot. This is simply doable by hitting the “Bet Max” button at the bottom of every slot. If you don’t play with the maximum denomination, and you hit the jackpot combination, there will still be a payout for you, but it will not be the jackpot.

Even when playing with lower denomination, you are still contributing to the progressive jackpot, but you can’t win it.


How do I know when I’ve won the Progressive Jackpot?

When the progressive jackpot lands, there are several things that you can use as an indicator and herald to this fantastic moment. The machine will get locked up and lights will start to flash on and off. There will be loud sounds and alarms from the machine, and an information is sent to the control room of the casino, whether it is land-based or online, so that they know of it. If you find yourself at this moment, you will know what we are talking about, and to find yourself in this moment, you need to spin some reels! We are expecting you! 

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