How Do Progressive Slots Work?

If you want to get a chance to win a life-altering cash prize, then you should try your luck playing a progressive jackpot slot. And if you have any questions about how progressive slots work, continue reading this article and all of your questions will be answered.


First of all, we should mention that there are three types of progressive jackpot slots: the standalone progressive jackpot slots, the local progressive jackpot and the network progressive slots. In the following three paragraphs, we are going to explain how each of these three types works. So, stay tuned!

Standalone Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of progressive jackpot has a ticker in that specific game. That is why the standalone jackpot is lower than the other two types. It varies from £1.000 to £10.000. On the plus side, because the jackpot is lower, it is much easier to win it when compared to the local and the network progressive jackpot. Sometimes, if the progressive slot has been recently launched, the casinos spice things up and add a few thousand pounds to the cash prize pool.

Local Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of progressive jackpot is only for the players at a certain casino. This means that all players that place their bets at the same casino contribute to increasing the progressive jackpot. So, before you make t deposit at any casino, our suggestion is to do some research. Here at Slots Wise, we only recommend the most high-quality casino sites, so don’t hesitate to sign up at one of these casino brands. The local progressive jackpot is much higher than the standalone type, however, it is more difficult to win it. And who knows, maybe you will be the lucky winner to cash in an astonishing prize.

Network Progressive Jackpot Slots

All of the online video slots that have a network progressive jackpot are connected to a server, which is centrally located. So, each time you play that certain slot, the casino will be in touch with the centrally-located server. This type of casino is the opposite of the local progressive jackpot type, which is only based on a certain casino site. Keep in mind that millions of players play this type of progressive jackpot, which increases the jackpot to a jaw-dropping amount of cash prizes.

Most Popular Progressive Jackpot Slots

Some of the most popular progressive jackpot slots are Beach Life slots (Playtech), Mega Moolah slot (Microgaming), Mega Moolah ISIS slot (Microgaming), Tiki Wonders slot (Net Entertainment), Mega Joker (Net Entertainment), Mega Fortune slot (Net Entertainment), Hall of Gods slot (Net Entertainment), Super Lucky Frog (Net Entertainment)and many more. Click on their names to find out more about these entertaining progressive slots that can possibly win you amazing cash prizes. Good luck!