Many people have tried to find a pattern of how often progressive slots hit in order to determine the exact time when the slot machine will hit the next progressive jackpot, but, in reality, this is almost impossible for any individual to predict, since in every online slot machine the progressive jackpot is randomly generated by a computer.

Predicting When a Progressive Jackpot Might Pay Out

Although it is impossible to predict, some players claim that there is a possibility to determine when the progressive slot is just about to hit. Their method is very consuming and requires a lot of patience. It includes visiting your favourite online casino often and closely monitoring different progressive slots noting which pay out frequently and how high are the payouts.

How Often do Progressive Slots Hit?

The truth is that no one, not even the online casino, can determine the exact moment when a progressive slot is about to hit the jackpot. The progressive slot can hit at any time since the computer generator uses random algorithms and therefore we cannot tell when it will strike.

Considering all of the above, we can say with certainty that no one can answer the question ‘How often progressive slots hit?’. As with most online slots, to win progressive jackpots you need to have both knowledge of the game and luck. However, if you follow these general tips you can get better results.

Choose Progressive Slots with the Best Payouts

You have to look for the progressive slots that offer the best and the biggest payouts. You will have to play the slots to see which games have the best payouts, but if your pocket size doesn’t allow you to bet too much, you can always try reading information on some of the online review sites.

Oftentimes, you will see that some of these casino sites offer better payouts than the traditional casinos. This is probably the case because online casinos have fewer expenses and that better promotions must be offered to attract more players.

Sufficiently Big Jackpots = Better Chances

Many progressive slots offer jackpots amounting to million dollars which is considered big enough. Over time, you will realize that choosing to play when the jackpot is sufficiently big will get you better chances of winning it.

Play with the Maximum Number of Coins

Probably the most important tip is to play with the maximum number of coins since slots are set to award the highest possible payouts to players who opt to play with the maximum number of coins. So, if you plan to gamble small amounts, then you will have lower chances of winning the jackpot. 

However, before deciding to play the maximum number of coins, always make a habit of reading the paytables. You want to play the slot that will get you the biggest benefit with the smallest investment.

On a final note, winning progressive slots begins and ends with your good financial management. When things go south, it is always a better choice to walk away than go bust.