The online world of gambling keeps getting bigger and bigger, and the places where you can actually place your bets and invest your money are opening with a fast tempo, and it is our job to distinguish the ones that are worth mentioning from the ones offering poor customer service.  One of the latest additions that are actually a real bite is Betsoft Casino, and we are happy to inform that we have an awesome partnership with them where you can grab some of the bonuses and free spins that are available their page through our site. Don’t miss this opportunity and check out their progressive slots which award some life-changing rewards.


Few Words about Betsoft Casino

Betsoft Casino, established in 2017, has made a huge baby boom over the first quartets and is now trying to reach the top casinos on the internet. It offers some fantastic games and promotions on their pages, as well as a plethora of live table games always full of customers. Their customer base has grown steadily, and they are constantly offering new games to keep the site fresh.

The user experience and the customer support are on an extraordinary level, while the site offers an amazing design which you will find inviting.


Betsoft Progressive Slots

Every slot player nowadays comes to the reels for one purpose – to win a jackpot. All of the small prizes that the games are offering are there to keep you in the game while you are trying your best to land the winning combination. And what is better than a standard jackpot? The answer is pretty simple – progressive jackpot!

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that you can feed and increase its value. The more you play, the better the jackpot is, and with the online video slots and their features, the progressive jackpots have reached a new milestone, awarding prizes better than ever before!

The thing is, there are many games that can be merged and connected with one jackpot, therefore the more people play the games, the better the jackpot is. You can play any of those games and win the jackpot, which is an outstanding award.

Betsoft Casino progressive jackpots can be found on their homepage, with the jackpot amount rotating and being visible just underneath the slot.


How to Win a Progressive Jackpot at Betsoft Casino

To win a progressive jackpot at Betsoft Casino, you should select one of the games that the casino offers from our Slotswise Site and follow the link to the casino. This way, you will earn yourself a facilitator in the form of a welcome bonus or Free Spins that will most certainly help you with the gameplay.

The other thing to do is to set the denomination to the highest level, as only that way the full amount of the progressive jackpot will be paid. Do that with one click on the “Bet Max” feature found in every game but be careful while you play. Best of luck!