Bonanza is the online slot that helped the Megaways craze take off and this game is here to stay. With 117649 ways to pay, a free spins bonus feature and multipliers, it is one highly entertaining game that also comes with the possibilities of a big win. There are six reels that befit the megaways arrangement of the reel-set and an additional row of four reels which are active at all times and turn up various symbols that can boost the outcome on the reels. Claim a welcome bonus to explore the Bonanza slot today. 

Key Features

Reels: 6

Min Bet: 0.20

Max Payout: 50.00

RTP: 96.00%

Paylines: 117649

Max Bet: 500.00

Bonus Rounds: 0

Bonanza Slots Review

Big Time Gaming is familiar and knows that you need to dig underground to find some of the most lucrative and whopping rewards that our planet Earth has hidden. All the minerals and best diamonds are underground, but there is one thing that you might not be familiar with.

You don’t need to dig too deep underground to find them, as they are right on the surface, on the reach of your hands, and in this case, just one click away.

Meet Bonanza, the online video slot developed by Big Time Gaming that presents us and puts us in the role of a miner so that we work for our share of the goodies. Are you ready to go underground and claim the shiny diamonds and gems that will turn out to be the cash that will fill your pocket? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page.

Bonanza Origin

In Bonanza Slot, it’s all about mining and reaching the shiny gems, gold and diamonds. The idea behind this fantastic game is in favour of many online slot lovers, and the reels are constantly being turned, the mining pick hitting the soil and the lucrative rewards splashing out of the ground. We are pretty sure you want to be one of the luckiest players that have already tasted the joy and satisfaction of the most precious pieces of glittery rock, so read all that you need to know below as it will facilitate your way to the goal.

It is pretty obvious what is the theme of Bonanza slot is – it is mining. Okay, you won’t see the actual process of mining displayed on the reels, but there are gems, stones and other instruments that are used in the process. As you probably know stone mining requires water, so there’s also a waterfall. There are many online slots where symbols include gold, gems and other precious stones, but none of them displays the whole process in the manner and the way in which that is done here by Big Time Gaming.

In terms of layout and reels it is pretty unique as well, there are games with a non-standard number of winning combinations, but not a lot of games where the number is as high as 117,649. The carts that appear above reels two to five are also a pretty original element.

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Bonanza Music

The music in accordance with the theme, it includes sound effects and the reels are turning to the tune of The Sash My Father Wore but in a faster rhythm.

Bonanza Slot Design

The very first glance at the game will give you an impression that you are on the field just in front of a mining entrance. And that’s exactly where the action is happening. The entrance of the mine is actually the screen where the reels are spinning, positioned on a rocky background. The actual reels are small scale compared to other games, as Reel Time Gaming is putting an accent on the surroundings. You can see the rocky mountain covered in grass and few trees and flowers here and there.

The design is satisfying, and the graphics are awesome, which is expected from a slot game developed in 2016. The music just gives an emphasis on the whole atmosphere, and it heralds a great win with a sound you can’t miss.

On the bottom of the screen, just below the reels, you can see the game’s logo while on the left bottom corner you the adjustable options such as the level, denomination, as well as features like Max Bet and AutoPlay are there. Bonanza Slot offers the play button on the right bottom corner, and that’s when the magic starts to happen. Eager to find out more about the gameplay and the bonus features that Bonanza slot offers? Read below.

How To Play Bonanza

Reel Big Time decided to add little bit of extra features and way more number of paylines that we are used playing with. With six reels and astonishing 117,649 paylines, you do the math and be the judge how many spins you’d need not to get rewarded with anything. If you don’t trust us, feel free to spin the reels by yourself. You can do that with setting the denomination from £0.20 all the way up to £500.00, which means it’s perfect for the types of slot lovers that are here to chill and check out these fantastic spins and how the reels work, and also for the players which are here to earn some of the most lucrative awards that the game offers by investing a lot of money in spinning the reels.

When it comes to the RTP that Bonanza Slot offers, it’s on a satisfying level of 96.00%, which is one percent more than the average Return to Player that the online slot games are offering.

The gameplay is on a satisfying level, which will leave you breathless and wish you could return to the reels and spin some more diamonds!


Big Time Gaming are known for their original approach to slot making and Bonanza is definitely one of their most unique games, both in terms of layout, but also in terms of features and theme. When it comes to variance, Bonanza features a high variance, so if you’re keen to take greater risks when playing slots then this game would perhaps be your cup of tea.

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Bonanza Symbols

When you are creating a game that revolves around the theme of mining, you can expect the symbols to be like they are – all related to the mining. As expected, there are two categories of symbols divided into higher and lower valued ones. The lower valued ones are the standard deck of cards inspired symbols which start from the number nine and go all the way to the Ace. On the other hand, the higher valued symbols represent the gems and diamonds that you will find in the mining cave. Out from the higher valued symbols, the green one is the one that will bring you the least cash, while going up through the blue and red, you will reach the purple circled one, which is the highest valued symbol of them all.

To make things more interesting there are 5 extra symbols: The dynamite which is the wild symbol and substitutes all the normal symbols we just mentioned and participates in their winning combinations, and the four scatter symbols which are the letters G, O, L and D. There are lucrative rewards if you manage to get the word GOLD on the screen.

Bonus Features


Each of the symbols that will participate in a winning combination will disappear from the reels, making room for new symbols. This is known as the Reaction feature in Bonanza Slot, and it is basically a free spin or one more chance after a winning combination for a new prize.

Bonanza Free Spins

Once you manage to land four of the G, O, L and D symbols, you are in for a free spins feature. When this happens, you won yourself 12 free spins plus 5 for each letter.

Each new symbol from these four will give you five to ten free spins.

Bonanza Mobile Friendly Version

Bonanza is a mobile-friendly slot which means that if you want to play it on your mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, there will be nothing standing in your way. There’s no need to download any apps or anything, just open the casino site in your mobile browser and if they have the game in their desktop version, it will be also available in the mobile variant of the site.

There’s great chance you’re reading this on your mobile device, and if you are, you can just pick a casino from our partners, register and claim your bonus right away.

Check out the game from some of our casinos, claim the welcome bonuses and be among the first ones to kick-start the mining adventure on Slotswise! 

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