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White Rabbit Slots Review

Game Name: White Rabbit
Software: Big Time Gaming
Reels 6
Paylines 16,807 (Base)
Minimum Bet: £0.20
Maximum Bet: £40.00
Bonus Games: 2
Release Date: 2019
RTP 97.70%
Bonus Feature Buy: 100x


If you are ready to take the leap forward and venture to the depths of the most interesting place according to Alice, you are in the right place. White Rabbit slots game is developed by Big Time Gaming is inspired by Alice in the Wonderland, where the White Rabbit is the main character of the game.

Once you are in, you will enjoy 6 reels and an amazing 16,807 paylines at your disposal. You will be able to spin the reels from £0.20 up to £40.00 wager and have a chance of amazing x25 as the multiplier of the game. The RTP can go as high as 97.72%, meaning you have a lovely chance of winning some juicy prizes.

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White Rabbit Big Time Gaming

Lewis Carrol was the creator behind Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but when he created the storybook, he had absolutely no idea that the theme of his story was going to be used in several online video slot games. The story is the muse to some interesting video slot games, and White rabbit developed by Big Time Gaming is one of them.

Check out this interestingly designed game on some of the casinos on this site, claim the free spins and bonuses that we are offering, and read below on how to play this game.



Once you click play, you will notice the big reels in the centre of the screen and the colourful and live symbols that are there. On the right side is the rabbit hole that is used to get you to Wonderland. It’s a calm green forest with one big tree above the hole and a nice positive sunlight coming from the side. Once you enter the hole, you are taken to the left side of the screen where Wonderland itself awaits. Here we can see mushrooms all over the place, a big centipede with red eyes in the middle, and a shisha with a purple liquid in it. The options that this game offers are at the bottom of the screen.

Line 2

How To Play White Rabbit

There is something extraordinary about White Rabbit slots. The six reels seem pretty normal, but the 16,807 paylines is more than we have seen in any slot game. What is even better, during a bonus feature called Extended Reels, it goes up to 248,842 paylines. The standard options are here, with the “Bet Max” adjusting the denomination and the coin value all the way to the end. “Auto Play”, on the other hand, is something that is here for the lazy people and the ones that would like to sit back and enjoy the spinning of the reels of the game by itself, with previously set the number of spins and the denomination.

If you decide to play the old-fashioned way, set the wager from £0.20 up to £40.00, and you will have a chance to win 25x your stake.


White Rabbit Symbols 

There are two types of symbols in White Rabbit slot game. While 


ones are the higher valued symbol that we are all expecting on the reels, sometimes we can get the lower valued ones which are represented by the playing card symbols starting from number 9 all the way to the Ace.

The higher valued symbols, on the other hand, are represented by Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, red, blue and green ornaments, a Gryphon and a Mad Hatter.

There is also a wild symbol represented by Alice itself which is used as a substitute for all the normal symbols in the game, except the White Rabbit Scatter, and the Cupcake and Feature drop symbols which are used as bonus feature activators.

The Queen of hearts is the best possible higher value symbol to land.  If you are lucy enough to get get a single line of her over five reels she will pay back 25x your stake.  The beauty of this is that the Megaways setup makes it easier to establish a large number of win lines, you just need to land her a couple of times on 2 or 3 different reels for that big win.  Of course with any symbol like this she is very rare and only shows up for a win from time to time.

Line 2

Does White Rabbit Work on Mobile?

Fortunately like all of BTG’s other amazing game titles White Rabbit also works well on mobile without any problems.  The details and game graphics are just as strong as they are on Desktop, to the point where there is actually no visible difference between the two versions. The game is best run in landscape mode as it is with any other slot game. 

White Rabbit Volatility?

This is quite a subjective view, but it has to be said that as is with all BTG games and their large Megaways pay lines, that White Rabbit can be quite a volatile game when it comes to pays.  In our experience you will quite often get a large number of very small pays, but that they rarely match your stake.  Occasionally you can match some wild multipliers courtesy of the caterpillar that can sometimes deliver huge wins.

The Difference comes with the feature, as with all BTG games this feature has the potential to pay out huge.  


White Rabbit Slot Free Play & Bonus Feature 

Landing three or more of the Rabbit Scatter symbol anywhere in the 2nd



3rd and 4th symbol will trigger the free spins feature. There is an interesting option to buy the feature on the reels, and you can play it as well after this feature, same as landing the three scatters. The feature will cost 100x but if you wait for the Feature Drop symbols, they will drastically reduce the cost of it. If they are reduced to zero, the feature will activate.

In the feature, you will get 15 free spins, and every cupcake that will land in this feature gets split into two random symbols that will jump around the screen to a random position. There will also be a chance to increase the number of reels to up to 12, and the paylines are increased up to 248,842. There is a chance to win more free spins – as soon as some of the reels reach 12 symbols. That reel becomes the Queen’s Reel, and It will award wins more frequently.

The Megaways experience on White Rabbit is the real selling point here.  As mentioned when we say that paylines increase all the way up to a possible 248,842, that is because of Big Time Gamings well recieved design in the way that they connect lines on thier slots.  White Rabbit slot is no different and the bonus gives players a huge number of potential win possibilities.  In order to take advantage of these massive Megaway paylines, you need to grab yourself some Pink Cupcakes that will extend each of your reels.

ReTriggering on the White Rabbit slot:  If you get 12 cupcakes show up on one reel during your 15 free spins, you will retrigger the White Rabbit bonus game and could potential roll in up to 12 additional Bonus game free spins.  With 6 reels, it means that you could potentailly end up with 6 ReTriggers, and big wins. 



What is the Feature Drop on White Rabbit?

As mentioned; the feature drop on White Rabbit like other BTG titles is only available on some Casino sites.  The feature drop allows you to buy the White Rabbit bonus, and take 15 free spins at a cost of 100x what your stake is. This is obviously a very hefty investment, and the feature does present you with a warning to state that you might not recoup what you put in.  In our experience the feature can act with a lot of volatility, sometimes you can win big, and sometimes you only get 10% of your initial investment back.  Be careful with feature drops, they can quickly consume your funds if you don’t play responsibly. 

Something worth keeping in mind is also the BTG coin drops that occur in the base game.  As you play through the game, you will sometimes encounter BTG coins that will be added to your feature drop fund and drop the cost of your overall feature drop.  Depending on how long you play for and how many of these coins you encounter, you can drop the overall cost of your featyre drop over time, meaning you don't have to invest a full 100x stake.  Keep in mind that in our experience, coin drops didn't come in too often, and in 300 spins we lowered our feature cost by 20x our stake. 


Our White Rabbit Slot Review

An interestingly designed online slot video game with a strange number of paylines, a feature unlike any on the market, and an option to buy a bonus feature.

It can be hard to activate the bonus in the base game without purchasing the feature drop on some online casinos.  In our experience we tested the slot on 10 different occasions.  On average it took 214 spins to get the feature drop.  It's worth noting that on 2 seperate occasions the feature dropped within 50 spins...  And on one occasion it did not drop for the 803 spins.  

In our experience this is a highly volatile game, something that BTG is well know for.  Sometimes we saw huge wins (over 200x) from the feature, and others saw less than 10x.  If you want to experience a game that will take you on a whirlwind of a journey, White Rabbit is definitely the one for you.

Although the whole game is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, it has a unique design. White Rabbit has a Return to Player of 97.39%, and when it enters the Free Spins feature it goes up to 97.72%.

Play White Rabbit slots today and claim your free spins bonus at one of our featured casinos for the chance to spin and win big!


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Deposit £10 Play With  £60

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Key Details
Reels: 6
Paylines: 16807
Min Bet: £0.20
Max Bet: £40.00
Bonus Games: 2
Release Date: 2017
RTP: 97.70%

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