Released: 1 Jan 2015

Gems are a common feature of many online slot games and of course this is the case with a game of this name. Introducing Jackpot Gems, a five-reel, 10 payline slot that comes with a bonus feature in which the three middle reels spin as one. How about that for unity! The result is potentially bigger prizes, which are also available with the epic spins bonus and the several multiplier levels. The Jackpot Gems bonus feature lets the players choose the multiplier in correlation with the number of free spins. Start your Jackpot Gems slots adventure by claiming one of the welcome offers right from this page. 

Jackpot Gems Slot

Jackpot Gems Slot Online

Gems are a common feature of many online slot games and of course, this is the case with a game of this name. Introducing Jackpot Gems slots, a five-reel, 10 payline slot game that will most definitely attract you on the reels and make you feel rich and entertained.

If you are not sure about making a real money wager, you can play Jackpot Gems online free and see if you care for the game.

The gems are here to help you with the most lucrative wins that the game can offer. Give the game try on some of our casinos where you can claim the welcome bonuses or free spins that our partner casinos are offering, according to your desires. Want to find out more about the game? Stick around.

Jackpot Gems Overview

If you are up for some fantastic play time where your pockets might get filled with some fantastic prizes that Jackpot Gems slot offers, you are in the right place. This is one of the most successful games that are developed by not so famous software developers Casino Technology, and you will definitely fall in love with the game and the prizes they are offering.

In the plethora of games that are inspired by one of the most precious items on the planet, the gems, you might get lost and confused whether this one, or some other gems related slot game is the right one. It is our job to make sure we give the right review for the right game and point you to the game worth your time.

With absolute pleasure, we assure you- you are at the right place! Jackpot Gems slots will not only entertain you with the reels and unique bonus features, but it already has a bulk of players that are with happy faces and pockets full of cash because of this game.

Jackpot Gems Origin

There are many slot games for which it is pretty easy to realise what they are about and what you can expect to see on the reels as soon as you read the name. The name Jackpot Gems gives a pretty clear idea what this game is all about, yeah, you guessed it – it’s about gems. 

You will see plenty of different gems on the reels, so the theme could be classified as luxury, but also gems and precious stones of various sorts. Jackpot Gems isn’t the only slot featuring gems, we’ve got quite a few such games here on SlotsWise. For instance, Icy Gems and Crystal Gems are two other games that even have the word ‘gems’ in the name. 

Jackpot Gems Design

At first, the graphics for Jackpot Gems slot appear to be relatively dated, although this may not be of too much concern for many players. The red background is enough to make people stay on the reels, and all the options are on the screen just below the paylines.

It might use a bit of a design touch, as it might seem a little bit old when you compare it to the other modern slot games, but as we said, there aren’t many people who care about this. The main thing is the prize that Jackpot Gems offer, and there is plenty of that.

When playing Jackpot Gems slots, you can expect on-theme symbols including gems of various colours and colourful playing card symbols. With an interesting music, it is an online video slot game that will most certainly make you feel pleasant and entertain you.

jackpot gems slot

Jackpot Gems Gameplay

As almost all of the slot games, you need three or more matching symbols to land on any payline in order to receive the appropriate amount of winnings. The game can be played with denomination from 10p all the way up to £200,00, making all sorts of players happy.

The ones that are here for the fast cash and a little bit of adrenaline rush can use the “Max Bet” feature found under the reels, and it will activate all the paylines and will set the denomination and the coin value to the highest.

Although this might seem like a real catch, you have to be very careful with the feature as it might lose all of your money just as fast as it might fill your stake.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a more relaxed approach, the “Auto Play” is here for you, ensuring you sit back and enjoy the reels while the game spins for you. All you need to do is set up the denomination and the number of spins. You can always change your mind and continue manually.

Jackpot Gems Symbols

Jackpot Gems slots offers a nice set of symbols, divided into higher and lower valued symbol. The lower valued ones, as expected, are the deck of playing card symbols which start from the number 10 and go all the way to the Ace.

On the other hand, there are four gems representing the higher valued symbols. They can be found in green, blue, red and yellow colour, with the latest one being the highest valued symbol in Jackpot Gems slot.

There aren’t any wilds or scatter symbols, as the bonus features are unique and unlike the other games where these symbols triggered the bonuses. Read below to find out how the bonus features of Jackpot Gems slots work.

jackpot gems online

What Are Bonus Features?

Bonus features are additional rounds within a slot game that allow players to benefit from the likes of free spins, multipliers or sometimes real cash. Not every online slot will have bonus features, but we'd recommend that you look for those that do so that you can get even more from your gaming.

Jackpot Gems is one of those games that does offer its players bonus features. Carry on reading to find out exactly what they are and how you can spin for the chance to win with some added help.

Jackpot Gems Bonus Features

Jackpot Gems slots also features a Colossal Reel bonus round which can be activated during any spin. This feature will present you with three standard wheels all joined together. The reels will then spin and when they stop, players will be guaranteed a win on all ten paylines.

There is also an Epic Spins feature that you can choose to play at any time, simply by pressing the 'Epic Spins' button on the left of the screen. Players can then choose to play at 5x, 10x or 20x their bet and symbols will then be eliminated from the reels, depending on which Epic Bet is selected.

The reason that the Epic Spins feature is used by some, is because as mentioned above it enables the user to have a shorter game time with only the more premium symbols showing.  Usually when you select an Epic Spins bet, you will be entitled to 5 spins at that stake.  The wins are more frequent with higher paying symbols, but that doesn't mean you will recoup your bet size.

Jackpot Gems Volatility

Jackpot Gems is a low volatility Game - which means that you will get frequent pays at a low return.  Lower volatility games like Jackpot Gems mean that you can play for longer without impacting your balance too greatly.  However, be careful with those epic spins bets, they can sometimes deliver no wins and you will notice the impact quite quickly.

jackpot gems free play

Our Jackpot Gems Review

Overall, Jackpot Gems slots is a relatively basic slot game. The graphics are good but appear slightly outdated, although there are a couple of bonus features that may help Jackpot Gems offer a bit more than some other slots.

Jackpot Gems slots feature just 10 paylines, which isn't as many as a lot of other slots, although the various bet sizes available maybe this game's slight redeeming feature.

With an RTP of 96,10%, it offers more than 1% more RTP than the online video slots on average, which is more than acceptable and inviting.

Play Jackpot Gems slots online today for the chance to land great cash prizes. Our selection of real money casinos are offering free spins and great cash bonuses, so you can get even more from your gaming today!

Key Features
  • ProviderCasino Technology Group
  • Reels5
  • Min Bet0.02
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP96.10
  • Paylines10
  • Max Bet500.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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