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Casino Technology

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This is a company that has one of the richest portfolios in the iGaming industry, as well as extensive experience in the market. This has allowed Casino Technology to produce numerous incredible video slots over the years, so let’s take a closer look at the specifics.

Casino Technology Games

Everything You Need To Know About Casino Technology

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Our Verdict on Casino Technology

Casino Technology is a company that has been an influential member of the iGaming industry for a while now. It is present in both the land-based sphere of the industry, as well as the online world. The company has created an impressively long list of casino games, which are in high demand all over the world.

The company also has the “Interactive” subsidiary, which takes care of its online and mobile aspects. It is a good way to focus on both fronts and to create really impressive games. We will cover all the most important aspects of the company in this review so make sure to keep reading.

About Casino Technology

Casino Technology is a Bulgarian company that was founded back in 1999 in the city of Sofia. Today, even though the headquarters of the company remains in Sofia, the company also has offices in many countries around the world, such as Serbia, Romania, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Kenya, United Arab Emirates and many more.

The company makes sure to follow all of the strict guidelines and regulations that are required of it, which means that you can expect incredible quality, as well as fair play. Casino Technology is licensed to operate in more than 40 countries worldwide, which is a great indicator of that.

casino technology

One thing that Casino Technology can certainly boast about is the huge number of awards and nominations it has received over the years. The company received several each year, such as the Best Stand Award at the Peru Gaming Show in 2007, 2008 and in 2009. In 2016, the CEO of the company won the Gambling Visionary of the Year Award, and there are many more.

As we said, Casino Technology is big in both the land-based and the online world of gambling. You can look forward to incredible video slots and other online games, but there are also fantastic slot machines that come in different shapes and sizes. The company has several different types of terminals that are a huge hit among players.

Casino Technology Games

Casino Technology has one the lengthiest and richest game libraries of all software developers to date. Since the company was established, the developers have managed to create over 500 games in total, which is a really impressive number that offers a wide array of choices.

With Casino Technology, you can choose between video slots of excellent quality, bingo, roulette, and several other types of games. The majority of the games belong to the video slot category of course, but generally, everyone can find a game that they prefer.

casino technology slots

One thing that the developers have not included in their video slots is jackpot prizes. You can surely find jackpots in their land-based slot terminals, but the online video slots do offer great prizes that can be just as satisfactory.

To be fair, the older Casino Technology games lack the sophistication in regards to the visual design, however, the newer releases have definitely been upgraded in that aspect and you can look forward to incredible graphics and improved visuals, combined with lively animations and great soundtracks.

The theoretical RTP values are quite satisfactory and the developers are generally making them around the industry average or slightly above it. There are of course some exceptions to this, in which case the RTPs are below the average. Make sure you are always aware of the percentage before starting the game.

casino technology games

In regards to the entertainment factor, Casino Technology made sure to include all kinds of themes and genres, which makes it possible to find almost anything. On top of that, the fact that the latest releases are made with impressive visuals, make the experience a lot more immersive and thrilling.

Popular Casino Technology Slots

With more than 500 games to choose from, it is almost impossible not to find something that piques your interest. Casino Technology has included about a dozen branded video slots as well, which might be particularly exciting for some players, plus many of the other games are made with the influence of different cultures, which can also be a plus.

As some of the most popular games by Casino Technology, we can mention Aztec Gold, Jackpot Gems, Talisman of Power, 13 Black Cats, Thai Temple and many more.

Aztec Gold Slot

Aztec Gold slot is a retro-looking video slot that revolves around the ancient Aztec civilization. It comes with straightforward gameplay and a combination of realistic and cartoonish visuals that make for a unique, but fun experience.

aztec gold slot

Jackpot Gems Slot

Jackpot Gems slot is a simple game that can bring you some exciting rewards. The graphics of the game may seem a bit dated, as this is an older release, but you can still look forward to an enjoyable gaming experience full of all kinds of precious gems.

jackpot gems slot

Talisman of Power Slot

As we said, there is a strong cultural presence in many of the games and the Talisman of Power slot is once again about the mysterious Aztec civilization. The visuals are quite fitting and they include interesting characters, artefacts, and Aztec pyramids. There are also great prizes as well.

talisman of power slot

Mobile Experience

Casino Technology utilizes very sophisticated technologies when it comes to their games, for example, the modern HTML5 technology, which allows you to play the game no matter where you are. You can open the game you want to play directly in the browser of your mobile or tablet and enjoy the same visuals, graphics, and gameplay with no issues.

casino technology mobile experience


Casino Technology is an omnipresent member of the iGaming industry that has a big influence in both the land-based and the online sphere. The company has created many different terminals that provide both comforts, as well as immersive and enjoyable gameplay. Plus, it can also be proud of the incredible online games it has created so far.

This is an award-winning company that truly has a lot to offer. The fact that it has offices and is active in multiple countries on several continents is only further proof of the company’s high-quality products. 

You can check some of the incredible Casino Technology slots we offer right here at SlotsWise and see why this company is held in such high regard by so many players around the world.


What types of slots does Casino Technology offer?

With Casino Technology, you can look forward to great video slots that offer fun gameplay and immersive visuals. Plus there are also other types of games such as roulette and bingo for players who prefer them.

Which are the most popular Casino Technology slots?

Aztec Gold, Jackpot Gems, Talisman of Power, 13 Black Cats, and Thai Temple are just some of the most popular games that this company has created. There are of course many more.

Are Casino Technology slots secure?

Yes, the company is licensed in more than 40 countries worldwide, which means that all of their games offer secure gameplay, as well as random outcomes and fair play.

Are Casino Technology slots mobile-friendly?

Yes, thanks to the sophisticated HTML5 technology, you can access these games from you mobile or tablet device, no matter where you are. They can be played directly in the browser, without the need for any additional downloads.

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