Released: 4 Oct 2018

Double Bubble Jackpot slot is a progressive jackpot version of the original Double Bubble. It is also a Gamesys game, it features 20 paylines and five reels just like its prequel. The jackpot starts seeding at £20,000 and it can be won by players who wager the maximum possible amount. It can be played with as little as one penny per payline. Double Bubble Jackpot is a mobile-friendly game.

Double Bubble Jackpot Slot

Double Bubble Jackpot Slot Online

Double Bubble Jackpot slot is a new version of the famous Double Bubble game and there is a reason to think that it is better than the original, that is if you’re hoping to win the progressive jackpot prize. Yes, the odds to win the jackpot aren’t too high, but the mere chance to play for a jackpot prize that might exceed £200,000 is a sufficient motive for many.

This game can be played with as a little as a single penny per payline, just like the original Double Bubble. Adjust your stake accordingly and make sure that you’re wagering at a level that is sustainable. You don’t want to wager more than what you can afford to lose, on Double Bubble Jackpot or any game. If you check the Double Bubble Jackpot stats you will notice that there have been quite a few Double Bubble Jackpot winners in the past several months and before, but that remember that there are thousands players who are playing the game simultaneously and it’s not very easy to hit a jackpot.

Double Bubble Jackpot Overview

One of the key reasons why slots fans enjoy playing this game and are looking for Double Bubble Jackpot sites is the fact that it offers that old slot machine feeling that many are looking for in a game. The game looks both retro and modern at the same time, much like its predecessor, the original Double Bubble.


The design is not that different from the original Double Bubble slot. As a matter of fact, there is only one little difference, and that’s the place where you can track the progressive jackpot in the top corner. Speaking of that, the issue of Double Bubble Jackpot winners arises naturally. Below you can read a bit more on the jackpot prizes that have been won so far and that will give you a clearer perspective of what you can hope for. 

The top of the slot is for the logo of the game while at the bottom under the menu you can find the adjustable options and features that will enhance your gameplay and modify it as you want to play it. You can see the bet, level of the game and bet per line as well as the coin value. On the other side are the Auto Play and Bet Max features which will make your playtime better.

The overall screen is pretty similar to Double Bubble, where the pink and green colours are dominant and there are lots of bubbles all over the screen, especially if you manage to land a winning combination.

The music and sound effects are also pretty awesome so we suggest you pop up the volume and enjoy the sound of winning combination landing on an active payline!


We already mentioned that this is a retro game, and that is completely reflected in the symbol. There are bars, cherries, oranges, lemons, bells and other symbols that are traditionally part of retro slots. 

To make things more interesting, there are wilds, multiplies and of course a progressive jackpot which we will speak about in a minute.

How to Play Double Bubble Jackpot Slot

Double Bubble Jackpot slot has five reels and 20 paylines and you can start playing as soon as you select a casino where you will play the game. Most casino sites that offer the original Double Bubble also offer Double Bubble Jackpot. 

Our partner sites feature this game, so if you're looking where to play it, just choose one of the sites that you can see on this page. Check their bonus and the other terms and conditions and then you can proceed on to register, make a deposit and thn start playing for the massive Double Bubble Jackpot. Nobody can make any promises on that, but it is only understandable that if you play, you'd be hoping to become one of the Double Bubble jackpot winners. 

You can play  this game with a minimum of a one penny per line, whereas the maximum amount that you can wager on a single spin is £200. The potential winnings depend on your wager as the standard prizes are coin multipliers. Playing with the highest denomination increases your chances to win the Double Bubble jackpot, So if you're looking to play for the jackpot prize, you should increase your wager, provided of course that you can afford that level.

This game features a max bet and an autoplay button, the first increases the wager to the max immediately, with a single button click, so you won't have to increase it by adjusting each option individually, whereas the autoplay will permit you to set the reels to spin automatically without having to press the button each time. 

Double Bubble Jackpot Bonus Features

Similar to the original version of the game, the slot also has a Bubble Line bonus where in order to start playing it you need to get five symbols in bubbles. Once that happens, get ready to win the prize (x22 multiplier of your wager).

The most exciting thing is the progressive jackpot, and I am pretty sure everybody wants to know a bit more about it. To put it simply, this prize is awarded automatically, so there's not much to say in terms of gameplay. If you wish to play for it, you'll might want to go with the highest wager and simply hope that you'll become the next lucky Double Bubble Jackpot winner.

Double Bubble Jackpot Winners

The Double Bubble Jackpot seeds at £20,000 and that means simply that this is the lowest amount that you can win on Double Bubble Jackpot slot. Of course, the jackpot amount can grow and reach a much higher amount, depending on how many people have been playing the game since the last jackpot was hit. 

The average amount won on the Double Bubble Jackpot is just above £88,000, which is more than a decent amount of money, especially since there have been quite a few lucky players who managed to hit a jackpot that's a lot higher than that. The biggest jackpot win was just shy of £215K and there have been two jackpots above £160K so far. The highest jackpot prize so far was hit in March 2019.

Below there's a table featuring the top winners on Double Bubble Jackpot, have a look, some of the prizes are truly astonishing.

United KingdomUnnamed£214,739Mar 08, 2019JackpotJoy
United KingdomAlison R£205,250.00Nov 28, 2016JackpotJoy
United KingdomRussell M£115,500.00Dec 11, 2014JackpotJoy
United KingdomFatma S£110,680.00May 09, 2016JackpotJoy
United KingdomRussell M£110,200.00Jan 26, 2015JackpotJoy
United KingdomJessy H£107,610.00Jan 26, 2017JackpotJoy
United KingdomJulien F£66,360.00Mar 05, 2015JackpotJoy
United KingdomEsther H£55,250.00Jun 06, 2015JackpotJoy
United KingdomRussell M£51,200.00Nov 20, 2014JackpotJoy
United KingdomAlan E£46,000.00Feb 06, 2013JackpotJoy
United KingdomLisa F£45,350.00Jul 23, 2015JackpotJoy
United KingdomKen W£44,920.00Jun 13, 2016JackpotJoy
United KingdomAlison H£44,860.00Apr 04, 2015JackpotJoy
United KingdomChristine B£44,840.00Jun 02, 2014JackpotJoy
United KingdomRussell M£44,600.00Dec 06, 2014JackpotJoy
United KingdomAhmad J£44,600.00Dec 01, 2015JackpotJoy
United KingdomLisa F£44,520.00Feb 27, 2015JackpotJoy
United KingdomRussell M£44,500.00Oct 21, 2014JackpotJoy
United KingdomAhmad J£44,490.00Nov 28, 2014JackpotJoy
United KingdomRussell M£44,460.00Jun 13, 2016JackpotJoy
United KingdomKarl C£44,000.00Sep 22, 2017Virgin Games

Double Bubble Mobile Version

If you want to play for the jackpot prize on Double Bubble Jackpot and you are not home at the moment, don’t worry, it is possible even if you don’t have your laptop with you. Namely, this is a mobile-friendly game, it is available on a range of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. All that is needed is to open a casino site in your mobile browser, register or log in if you’re already registered and then just launch Double Bubble Jackpot slot. It will be optimised depending on the type of device and the size of the screen, and you will have access to all features that are available in the desktop version as well.

Our Double Bubble Jackpot Review

The online slot game comes with a lot of surprises and although it’s similar to the original game it is a pretty exciting game, mostly due to the potential to win a progressive jackpot prize.

Double Bubble Jackpot simply combines traditional retro slots with the modern concept of a progressive jackpot and players seem to like that combination. Who knows who will be the next jackpot winner and what will the progressive prize amount to. One thing is certain though, players will keep playing it. If you like Double Bubble and Double Bubble Jackpot, you might want to have a look at Double Bubble Triple Jackpot - the latest Double Bubble version by Gamesys. 

If you like to have a go at this game, choose one of the casinos featured here and who knows. Remember, the jackpot starts seeding at £20,000. 

Key Features
  • ProviderGamesys
  • Reels5
  • Min Bet0.01
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • Paylines20
  • Max Bet200.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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