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The Gamesys Group was founded in 2001 in the UK. It currently owns nine slots and bingo brands and it has developed a number of popular slots and bingo games over the years. 

Gamesys Games

Houdinis Encore
Double Bubble Triple Jackpot
Around The Reels In 80 Wilds
Squirrel Warriors
Double Bubble Jackpot
Secrets of the Phoenix
Spinning For Gold
Secret Of The Pharaoh's Chamber

Gamesys are a pretty unique company in many respects. They are primarily a game provider and even though they aren’t always listed as one of the largest providers in the industry, together with NetEnt and Microgaming, but they have released some pretty exciting games. What makes Gamesys unique is that this company also operates its own brands, so they play a dual role. There aren’t a lot of companies that develop both games and their own brands. Gamesysis a UK based company, but they operate internationally and in addition to slots they also develop bingo games and conventional casino games like Roulette and Bingo.

Gamesys Overview

The Gamesys Group was founded in 2001 in the UK, but in addition to their London headquarters, they also have offices in Newcastle upon Lyme and in the Estonian capital – Tallinn. Multiple gambling providers and operators have opened offices in Estonia, due to the tax rate and the fact that this Eastern European EU member has been named the most digital advanced country in the world. Moreover, Gamesys have also opened offices in Gibraltar, Malta and even New Jersey. Many of their branches are registered as separate companies in the respective countries. Recently, Gamesys opened another department in Prague.

Gamesys Founder

Noel Hayden is the name behind Gamesys, or to be more precise he is the one who founded the company. Earlier in 1996 Hayden also founded Internet Digital Media. He is one of the leading figures in the UK gambling industry and he remained CEO and Managing Director of Gamesys until 2015.


Although the UK is the main market for Gamesys, they also work in a number of other European countries, as well as internationally, so if you’re a player who is interested in their games, don’t worry, you can enjoy the selection of games by Gamesys regardless of your location.

Gamesys Growth

Gamesys started off small, but the growth was quite rapid and currently, the company employs more 1,000 people. There aren’t a lot of operators that have more employees, and that too is a testament of the reputation of Gamesys. Based on what’ve seen from them so far, it seems that they intend on growing and expanding their business and operations.

In a way, the period when Gamesys was founded really marks the beginning of a new era in the world of online gambling. Yes, the first online slots and the first online casinos became available before 2001, but it wasn’t until the 2000s before online gambling became a trend.

And even though there are companies that were founded before 2001, in fact, most of the largest and most renowned providers were founded in the 1990s, but if you think about it, you’ll realise that 2001 was actually a long time ago. Over the past almost two decades, Gamesyshave released a wide range of slots, as well as a range of other games and products in general.

Players And Brands

Currently, all Gamesys products are used by more than 40 million people, and even though there are larger companies in the industry, the number is rather impressive and speaks volumes of the company’s reputation and popularity. In fact, Gamesys has been named number 5 on the EGR Power 50 list of online gaming companies, and that is just one of the many rewards received by this provider.

Gamesys own 9 brands, including both casino and bingo sites, as well as apps. We’ll speak more about their brands below, in the section dedicated to that.

Gamesys Awards and History

As we mentioned, the company was founded back in 2001 by Noel Hayden and as early as 2002, the first Gamesys-owned casino was launched. This was, of course, Jackpotjoy. It was quite obvious, right there and then that Gamesys will become a pretty significant player on the market. In 2003 the company moved its headquarters to the iconic Piccadilly.

100 Millionth Wager

In just three years’ time over 100 million wagers were placed via Gamesys platform, in fact, the 100 Millionth wager was recorded in 2004. In 2005, so only three years after Jackpotjoy was launched, there were 100,000 registered members. In 2006, Gamesys won the first most significant award, namely, the company won The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 award. The Deal or No Deal slot was launched in 2006, and this game went on to become one of the most popular slots by Gamesys.

International Expansion

Following the success in the UK, Gamesys decided to expand its international operations and in 2007 the company launched Botemania – their first Spanish brand that offers bingo, slots and casino gaming, even though it was initially only a bingo brand. In fact, Botemania was named bingo brand of the year during the first year of its launch, which was quite an impressive achievement.

Sun Bingo

At one point Gamesys was operating Sun Bingo, one of UK’s most renowned bingo brand and during this period, Sun Bingo launched their first dedicated mobile site. Even though Sun Bingo is no longer operated by Gamesys, the site’s popularity is largely due to the work and effort put by Gamesys.

4 Billionth Cash Bet In 2008

The year 2008 was remarkable for Gamesys for another reason. Namely, in 2008 the company recorded the 4 Billionth cash bet through their sites. 2009 was no less eventful for Gamesys. Another remarkable recognition for the company came this year, as Gamesys won the EGR Innovation Award. In 2009 the company also launched their first Social Games product and, on top of all that, a £1.6 million jackpot was won at one of their sites.

Partnership Deals

People at Gamesys have always been aware of the importance of marketing. Most online operators are primarily focused on online marketing, but Gamesys decided to try and go beyond that and in 2010 they launched a massive TV campaign featuring Barbara Windsor. During the same year, the previous jackpot record was broken and a player managed to hit a prize worth almost £2 million, or to be more precise – £1.9 million. Roughly around the same period the company signed partnership deals with Caesars and Heart FM.

Gamesys Innovation Sprint

From an outsider perspective, 2011 was also an important year for Gamesys, as this is the year when Jackpotjoy became available in Sweden. But from a company perspective, this year is perhaps even more important because that is when the first Gamesys Innovation Sprint was launched. The event is actually a fortnight initiative that takes place before Christmas where all employees get to work ideas that don’t fit their job description. The concept is pretty simple and there is just one rule, the idea has to be developed sufficiently so a demo version of it can be presented to the rest of the company at the end of the period. Some pretty good ideas have been developed within the Innovation Spirit event. Jack Bot Joy – an automated chat bot that helped the company support players in their bingo chat rooms was developed as a result of a such initiative.

Further Expansion

In terms of brand development and the Gamesys image and reach, 2013 was one of the most significant year, as during it Gamesys released Virgin Games, Bingo Lane and Starspins. Moreover, the company also sealed a partnership deal with Tropicana, a land-based casino in New Jersey. Soon after that the company opened a branch in New Jersey.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, based on what we’ve said about Gamesys so far, but this company is always looking to expand into new areas. In 2014, they were the first company to launch a Facebook Poker app, called Virgin Poker.

Gamesys DNA is a collection of all principles that Gamesys employees are supposed to adhere to, but it’s not a set of strict rules, it’s more of a collection of catchphrases that sum up Gamesys’ approach.

Gamesys achieved a lot of firsts over the years, and in 2015 they ticked another box on the list. Namely, Gamesys was the first company to launch an online bingo brand on the other side of the pond, in the US. Launching new brands is one way to grow a business, another is to sell older and well-established brands and use the funds for growth. In 2015, Gamesys sold more than a couple of their brands – Jackpotjoy, Starspins and Botemania were all sold to Intertain.

In 2016 Gamesys opened their office in Estonia and since then they’ve also opened an office in Prague, while the expansion didn’t stop in their other branches as well. Quite a few top-notch online slots have been released since 2016, so even if the Gamesys Journey section isn’t updated on their site, the company has been quite active since then.

Game Types

There are certain similarities between all Gamesys games. In a way, even if the theme is completely different and the symbols match this, there is something that connects Gamesys slots. If you have played at least one or few of their games, you will be able to recognise whether a slot was developed by Gamesys or not.

We can’t say that Gamesys are known for a particular type of slots, in a way that NetEnt are known for their fairytale-themed slots, but this provider has developed quite a few remarkable and unique games.

Gamesys Slots

Unlike some other slot providers that pretty much develop the same slot over and over again with minor changes and finesses added in each new edition, every Gamesys slot stands on its own and its not just symbols and features that differ, there are slight differences in the control panel, the way the buttons are presented and everything.

Progressive Slots

In the past Gamesys weren’t particularly renowned for progressive jackpot games. Most of their games were standard video slots featuring fixed win amounts, i.e. the amount directly depends on the combination in question and the wagered amount. For example, if the payout for a particular combination is 20 times your line wager, and you’ve wagered £1, there’s no other option but to win £20.

With progressive jackpot games, things are quite different. These jackpots start seeding at a particular amount and then it can only grow with every new wager. Once the progressive jackpot is hit, the prize goes back to the original amount at which it seeds and then it starts progressing again with each wager.

Gamesys have witnessed the tremendous potential and popularity of progressive jackpot games and based on the popularity of some of their progressive games, they decided they need to start releasing progressive jackpot games of their own.

Double Bubble And Double Bubble Jackpot

Following the success and popularity of Double Bubble, Gamesys released a Double Bubble jackpot slot version, which functions much in the same way like the standard Double Bubble, with the only difference being the fact that there’s a jackpot prize. The jackpot starts seeding at £20,000, but the prize has grown up to as much as £200,000 and over that amount on several occasions.

Following the release of Double Bubble jackpot and its rapid popularisation, Gamesys realised that there is a lot of potential behind the Double Bubble theme in general, so soon after the release of the Double Bubble Jackpot, Gamesys released a Double Bubble Triple Jackpot slot, and this one featured not one, but three progressive jackpot prizes, a mini, a major and a grand jackpot.

Brands Owned And Operated By Gamesys

We already mentioned that Gamesys is not just a software provider, they also own and operate more than few casino and bingo brands, as well as apps. We’ve said that some of the brands are no longer owned by Gamesys, i.e. have been sold, but we’re still going to cover all brands that are or have been owned/operated by Gamesys at any point in the past years.


Jackpotjoy is a bingo, slots and live casino site that offers plenty of bingo rooms, hundreds of slots and live dealer games. This is the most renowned Gamesys brand that attracts the largest number of players. When you join Jackpotjoy you can get £50 of Free Bingo with a deposit of £10 and there are 30 Free Spins on Double Bubble on top of that. This site is operated by the Gibraltar-based Profitable Play Limited.

Virgin Games

Virgin Games is another all-encompassing gaming platform with slots, casino, live casino, bingo and poker capabilities. Players can claim a range of promo offers and participate in live poker tournaments, get cashback bonuses on live casino games and many more. The Welcome offer at Virgin Games is similar to that of Jackpotjoy with one notable difference – here you get to choose whether you want £50 of Free Bingo, or 30 Free Spins with your £10 deposit.

Monopoly Casino

Monopoly Casino is a mobile gaming site, it was launched towards the end of 2015, and if you are a fan of the board game Monopoly, you will definitely find this site amusing as it includes a wide range of Monopoly-themed games. In addition to Monopoly games, you can play over 100 online slot games, Gamesys titles as well as slots by other providers. The Welcome offer, as this site doesn’t offer bingo, is 30 Free Spins with a deposit of £10.

Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino used to be a separate casino brand, very similar to Virgin Games, but now the two sites are merged and if you go to Virgin Casino you will be redirected to Virgin Games.

Jackpotjoy Slots

Jackpotjoy Slots is a free app, available on Google Play, and on Facebook, which allows you to play slot games for free, just for fun. This is a perfect option for those aren’t willing to wager real funds, or would like to try out the Gamesys games, as well as a range of other slots, before they opt in to play with real money.


Botemania s a Spanish gaming site which features a variety of great slots. It is one of the leading sites on the Spanish market. This site features a significant Welcome offer, you can claim €200 as soon as you join and make your first deposit.


Starspins is an exclusive slots site, it is a great choice for slot players who love variety and enjoy having access to a wide range of games. The site was launched back in 2012. More than 200 slots are available at Starspins. As for the Welcome offer, well, it’s pretty much the same – you will get 30 Free Spins with a deposit of £10.

Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino is an online replica of the famous Atlantic City Resort of the same name. It offers great promotions and multiple games.

Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo is a Gamesys UK bingo site that was launched back in 2010. Heart Bingo also offers instant games, as well as slots and other casino games. The site is operated by Entertaining Play Limited, a company based in Gibraltar. This is a mobile friendly site, and there’s a mobile app that you can download, either from the App Store or Google Play, depending on what kind of a device you’re using, i.e. its OS.

Most Popular Games

Gamesys has produced some of the most lively and fun slots over the years. Their creations include Double Bubble, Secrets of the Phoenix, Tiki Island and The Godfather. If you want to know more about their games, have a look at our Double Bubble review, and we’ve also reviewed many of their games, like Secrets of the Phoenix and Tiki Island.

When it comes to Bingo, Gamesys has produced a few innovative and original bingo games, in addition to standard 75-ball and 90-ball bingo. Speed Bingo and Take Me Out Bingo are among the most inventive bingo games by Gamesys.

Last but not least, Gamesys have also developed a number of conventional online casino games, such as Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud and Hi-Lo.

As we’re primarily interested in slots, we are going to have a look at the most popular online slots by Gamesys. We have reviewed all major games by Gamesys, so have a look at the selection and then if you’re interested in a particular game and you’ll like to know more about it, feel free to have a read.

Double Bubble

Double Bubble is rightfully considered to be Gamesys’ masterpiece and it is by far the most popular game by this developer. If you have not played any Gamesys slots before, Double Bubble will probably be the first one that you should try. The game’s RTP fluctuates between 95.75% and 96.24% which is pretty decent as most online slots are in the range between 95% and 96%. The theme is quite unique, because while Double Bubble is a retro game that features symbols typically used on older games, but the graphics and the overall appearance of the game are quite modern.

Secrets Of The Phoenix

Secrets of the Phoenix slot is another major title by Gamesys, this one is based on Ancient American civilisations – the Aztecs in this case. This game comes with 25 paylines and features the popular cascading reels, or cascading wins bonus. The RTP on Secrets of the Phoenix is 94.97%, so somewhat lower, but still respectable.

A Girls Best Friend

They say that the diamond is a girl’s best friend, and that’s exactly the premise of the Gamesys slot of the same name. You will see a lot of diamonds on the reels, but that is surely to be expected from a game called A Girls Best Friend slot. This game features five reels and the minimum wager is a single penny per line. The maximum amount that you can wager on this slot is £25. The RTP is quite lower – 91.54%.

Tiki Island

Tiki Island slot on the other hand is a Pacific-themed game. The layout features five reels and three rows and it can be played with minimum of 20p. The maximum wager on Tiki Island is £200 and the top amount you could win is £100,000. The game RTP is quite higher than the return rates of all other games that we discussed here – 96.30%.

Jalapeno Racers

Here we have another game with an RTP higher than 96% - Jalapeno Racers slot. This is another Gamesys slot that features a progressive jackpot. The jackpot prize may not be expressed in seven or even six-digit figures, but one player managed to win over £21,000 on Jalapeno Racers. The number of active paylines is 80, which is significantly more compared to most Gamesys slots.

Other Gamesys Slots

If you like some of these Gamesys slots, in terms of theme, features and how they are played, you might also fancy some of the other Gamesys slots, but also slots by other providers featured here on SlotsWise. For example, Return of Kong Megaways slot by Blueprint Gaming is one of our most renowned slots, whereas Rich Wild and the Tome of Madness slot is a masterpiece that was developed by Play ‘n GO and also is one of the most popular games on our site.

Gamesys On Mobile

Nowadays a lot of players prefer to place wagers and play online slots on their mobile devices be that a smartphone or a tablet. Fortunately, the latest Gamesys editions are created using HTML5 technology, which means they are completely mobile-friendly. There will be no differences in terms of options or gameplay regardless whether you’re playing on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

There is no need to download any apps or create a separate account if you’re playing on a mobile device. Just log in to a casino account in your mobile browser, using the same username and password that you use when logging in to your account from a desktop device and you will be able to start playing right away. All Gamesys owned casinos are mobile-friendly and everything runs smoothly.

Even earlier editions that are still popular, available at played at both Gamesys casinos and casinos that simply offer Gamesys slots have been optimised so these games can also be played on smartphones and tablets.


Security is a pretty common concern for multiple slots players, in the sense that everybody wants to be certain that they are not going to have any issues with security.


All slots developed by Gamesys follow GamCare rules and there haven’t been any problems in the past, there haven’t been cases where players reported having issues with Gamesys slots. As all other games, Gamesys slots are also powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and this ensures that the gameplay is fair, and the games aren’t rigged. Basically, the RNG functions like an algorithm which guarantees that there will be no patterns, so neither players can predict the outcome and thus know when they’re going to record a win, or that casinos will be able to prevent certain players from winning.

The RTP for Gamesys online slots varies, but in most cases it exceeds 95% which is more than a decent percentage, based on the fact that 95% is considered to be a pretty much standard percentage. Of course, there are few Gamesys slots with lower percentage like A Girls Best Friend slot, but you don’t have to play those if you don’t want to.

All the RTP figures that have been published by Gamesys have proven to be accurate, as many of the casinos where these games are featured, including the Gamesys proprietary casinos have hired independent testing agencies that tested the featured slot and there was no case in which it was determined that the advertised RTP doesn’t match the actual one.

Safe Online Transactions

When it comes to casino security, all casino, bingo and betting sites that are owned and/or operated by Gamesys have a proven track record of providing a very high standard of security. The Gamesys team monitor all activities, to ensure that all security regulations and details are implemented and that all players’ activities are in accordance with the laws and regulations that are in place. Employees, as well as contractors and associates aren’t permitted to wager and play for real funds, except for testing purposes.

All Gamesys sites are safe and secure and you will notice the ‘Secure & Safe’ logo on the homepage. Moreover, customer support is provided, in most cases we’re talking 24/7 support, which means that players can seek assistance at any time. The website itself is also quite informative, so you can also have a look at the Help section.

All payment information that is processed via Gamesys sites is encrypted, so, even if a third party manages to obtain it, they will have no use of it, because it’ll unintelligible. This technology is used by leading online payment providers and it is guaranteed to protect personal financial data. Safe security layers, known as SSLs are used to ensure data protection. The provided level of encryption depends on your internet browser, i.e. the level that is supported by it.

All Gamesys Games

As we mentioned, while Gamesys might not be on the level of NetEnt or Microgaming, they are working their way to the top, and they have developed more than several games in the past years. We’ve reviewed almost all Gamesys titles, and our reviews are detailed and thorough enough, so you would get a good perspective of what each game is all about. Here are the Gamesys slots that we’ve reviewed.

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