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Merkur Gaming is a growing, but quite influential software developer based in Germany. This company is also part of the popular Gauselmann Group, so you can be sure about the quality that this company offers. We will tell you all about it in this review and you can then select some of their excellent slots to try out.

Merkur Gaming Games

Everything You Need To Know About Merkur Gaming 

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Our Verdict on Merkur Gaming

Merkur Gaming is a really incredible software developer that does not focus only on video slots but has also dabbled in a few other casino game types. This makes it an experienced company with well-founded knowledge of the market it operates in. Their portfolio is full of quality content, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

If you are still debating whether you should give Merkur Gaming a chance, why don’t you first read about the specifics we will tell you about in this review. Once you learn about all the amazing things it offers, we are certain that you will want to try out a slot or two first-hand.

About Merkur Gaming

Merkur Gaming is a German company, and its headquarters is in the city of Lubbecke. As such, it was established back in 2006, but since then it has become a part of the acclaimed Gauselmann Group, which exists since 1957 and operates in over 40 countries worldwide.

It seems that Germany is not only great at making cars but some really incredible video slots as well. Everything Merkur Gaming creates is completely German-made, and the company works in accordance with the strictest regulations of the markets, which means that quality and safety are part of the package.

merkur gaming review

Merkur Gaming has received several recognitions for its amazing work as a subsidiary of Gauselmann Group. Focus Business magazine has given this company the winning title in the Art, Culture and Entertainment category. On top of that, Focus Money magazine awarded the prize of “Favourite Arcade”, as well as the one for “Customer Favourite”.

A great thing about Merkur Gaming is the fact that it didn’t restrict itself to only one type of game. Instead, it has created many different game types and it offers a lot more possibilities to its players. On top of that, they have managed to create a truly extensive portfolio.

Merkur Gaming Games

As we mentioned in the previous section, this company offers a really rich library when it comes to both the quality and the number of its games. So far, there are above 200 games to choose from, which is truly impressive and remarkable. Merkur Gaming creates content for both online and land-based casinos.

A great portion of that portfolio is made up of video slots, as they are generally the ones that provide the most fun. There are however several table games such as roulette, and you can also treat yourself to lottery as well. Furthermore, this company is also known for creating incredible terminals for land-based casinos.

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When it comes to jackpots, Merkur Gaming offers several progressive jackpots, but they are meant for land-based casinos. There are however several video slots, such as the Tortuga slot which offer fixed jackpots for online casinos.

The games do offer quality in terms of prizes and gameplay, but they fall a bit short in the visual aspects. If you compare the games released by Merkur Gaming to those of other video slot developers, you will notice that they could benefit a lot from improved graphics and appearance.

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On the other hand, the video slots tend to be quite satisfactory when it comes to the theoretical RTP. There are of course some exceptions that offer slightly below-average values, but from what we’ve seen, most of the video slots come with RTP values that are above the industry average.

Despite the fact that these games might not be on par with some of their competitors in terms of visual design and graphics, you can be certain that they still offer a great and enjoyable experience full of massive potential prizes. 

Popular Merkur Gaming Slots

You can find a huge number of games in Merkur Gaming’s portfolio, and there are also countless themes to choose from. However, this company seems to focus more on regular and straightforward video slots, which means that are no releases that employ different ways of playing, such as the Megaways engine for example.

Some of the most popular releases, which you might have heard of include: Coffee House Mystery, Fallen Alien, Scribes of Thebes, Mojito Beach, and Dragon’s Maid.

Coffee House Mystery Slot

If you are a fan of Agatha Christie and her stories, then the Coffee House Mystery slot is the perfect choice for you.  You will need to put your detective cap on and solve a missing-person mystery, for which you can be very handsomely rewarded. 

coffee house mystery slot

Fallen Alien Slot

The Fallen Alien slot is a very cartoonish and fun game, in which you will be accompanied by different coloured aliens. You will get to spin the UFO reels and activate exciting bonus features to help you in your quest for big wins.

fallen alien slot

Scribes of Thebes Slot

The Scribes of Thebes slot will let you enter an ancient and forgotten tomb, which is full of priceless artefacts and treasures. The Egyptian atmosphere is incredibly immersive and you can also win some really great prizes on the standard 5x3 layout.

scribes of thebes slot

Mojito Beach Slot

It’s time to leave the doom and gloom behind and bask in the sun. The Mojito Beach slot is a very sunny game that offers an incredibly relaxing atmosphere on a tropical beach. You can spin the reels and earn great prizes, all while drinking cocktails on a sandy beach, surrounded by palm trees.

mojito beach slot

Dragon’s Maid Slot

The Dragon’s Maid slot is a treat for all the fantasy fans out there. The game is full of dragons, spell books, shields, and weapons, which can also bring you worthy prizes. Take advantage of the dragon’s power and you might just walk away with a massive profit.

dragon's maid slot

Mobile Experience 

Merkur Gaming makes sure to keep up with the trends and the latest technology, which is why all of their games are made with state of the art HTML5 technology. This makes it possible to play the games in the browser of any device that runs on Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems, regardless of where you are. 


In conclusion, Merkur Gaming is an excellent developer that has extensive knowledge of the iGaming industry, as well as the player’s wishes. The company utilizes that knowledge to their full advantage in order to produce high-quality video slots. The fact that Merkur Gaming is part of the largest German group (Gauselmann) is only additional proof of the company’s worth.

The three main values that the company stands by are tradition, passion, and innovation. One thing that we can say with absolute certainty is that Merkur Gaming definitely lives up to those values. Try some of their video slots today and enjoy all the benefits they offer.


What types of slots does Merkur Gaming offer?

Merkur Gaming has an extensive portfolio full of numerous exciting games, the majority of which are regular video slots, but there are also several roulette games, as well as lottery.

Which are the most popular Merkur Gaming slots?

Over the years, Merkur Gaming has created countless successful video slots, but some of the most popular titles include Coffee House Mystery, Fallen Alien, Scribes of Thebes, Mojito Beach, and Dragon’s Maid.

Are Merkur Gaming slots secure?

Merkur Gaming works in many countries around the world and the company is always compliant with the regulations and requirements of the markets and the jurisdiction. Safety and security are guaranteed.

Are Merkur Gaming slots mobile-friendly?

Their games are made with HTML5 technology, so you will have no issues playing them on smaller screens. You can play them in the browser of your mobile or tablet device, without the need for additional downloads.

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