Follow Gonzo on his quest for El Dorado, the mythical city of gold learn of his journey through the game’s opening sequence. 



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Gonzo's Quest Slots Online

Play for the Gonzo’s Quest Jackpot on a five-reel, 20 payline slot that gives explosive winnings and best bonus features. The graphics and player's experience on the Gonzo's Quest slot really take the cake from many other slots out there.

Follow Gonzo on his quest for El Dorado, the mythical city of gold learn of his journey through the game’s opening sequence. The scene is set with a brief animated story, beginning in 1541 off of the coast of Peru. Gonzo jumps ship to search for riches alone and you’re invited to go with him. Spin to win on Gonzo’s Quest, NetEnt’s incredibly popular slot game!

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Gonzo’s Quest slot is clearly a slot that has had a lot of work put into it and to good effect. The opening sequence hints at what’s to come, although when the game actually launches, all is confirmed.

The graphics are outstanding and NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest slot seems to draw on Aztec imagery for the reel symbols. Spin to win and land symbols of Aztec masks carved into stone, alongside some other exciting additions.

Of the seven standard symbols, the three of lowest value appear to Aztec-inspired carvings of animals, while the remaining four are chiseled Aztec marks in blue, green, brown and purple. There’s also a gold Free Fall special symbol and a wild symbol, represented by a carving with a question mark on it.

Aside from the reels and symbols, the background space is occupied by more on-theme imagery. Aztec pillars, walls and monuments are visible, as is a grand golden structure in the background as new symbols fall. We can only assume that this is the mythical El Dorado.

How To Play Gonzo's Quest Slot

Before you spin to win the Gonzo’s Quest slot game, you’ll need to decide on your stake. As a NetEnt slot, the different aspects that contribute to your total stake per spin can sometimes be a little confusing.

You can choose a coin value to play with and you can set this value to your preferred level, as it ranges from as little as 1p up to 50p. The next thing to take into consideration is the Level that you’d like to play on. This is a feature that NetEnt uses for its slots and we’ll explain how it works.

Level effectively refers to the number of coins you’d like to wager per line. Because all 20 paylines are fixed on Gonzo’s Quest, your coin size will always be multiplied by this amount, when playing on Level 1. For example, if you’re wagering with a 50p coin size on Level 1, your total stake per spin will be £10, because 50p multiplied by 20 equates to £10.

If you play on Level 2, this means you’re wagering a comfortable two coins per line. This means your stake will be coin size, multiplied by 20 paylines, multiplied by two. There are five levels and they each work this way. Setting the coin size and level size to the maximum means you are betting the highest amount possible. A great way to start is to select all pay levels but start on a smaller coin size to ensure that you hit all winning combos from the start. 

Once you have chosen a coin size and level to play on, your stake will be established and you can start to spin on the Gonzo’s Quest slot game. You can either use the central spin button to set the reels off, one go at a time, or you can use the ‘Autoplay’ feature, setting them to spin 10, 25 or 50 times consecutively.

How To Win Gonzo's Quest Slot

As mentioned, Gonzo’s Quest slot has various reel symbols of differing values. You will need to land three or more symbols across an active payline in order to receive a winning payout. The most lucrative symbol is the blue carved face, not to be confused with the lower value bird carving in blue. Landing five of these across an active payline will reward players with a payout of 2500x the coin size!

Better yet, Gonzo’s Quest slots also has Avalanche reels and a free fall feature. This means that the symbols involved in a winning combination will immediately crumble and disappear, allowing an entire new set of symbols to fall into their place and potentially contribute to a new winning combination.

The first combination after a free fall/Avalanche will result in a 1x multiplier, the second will award a 2x multiplier and so on until the maximum 5x multiplier is reached. This multiplier is one of the main reasons why Gonzos Quest slots is so popular with online casino players. 

Gonzo's Quest Slot Bonus Feature

If the avalanching symbols aren’t regarded as a bonus feature, then Gonzo’s Quest only has one and that is the Free Fall Feature.  

The Free Fall feature is triggered when three of the golden Free Fall symbols land on a single payline. During this feature, you’ll be awarded 10 free spins and the multiplier is increased from the main game to 3x, 6x, 9x and 15x. Plus, you can even win more free spins during this feature.


Gonzo's Quest slots may be one of the older titles to be widely featured on gaming sites, but it remains one of the most playable and entertaining experiences anywhere in the slots scene. The 3D graphics are very impressive for their time and the all-singing, all-dancing Gonzo is a superlative host, gesturing and nodding as you make progress.

It's not just the charm of the graphics or the excitement of the adventure theme setting you on a quest to seek out treasure in the Americas. The Avalanche feature sees symbols tumbling out, only to have a new set crashing down in their place. The constant mystery and suspense of the Avalanche feature, tied to the lovely little bonus game, makes this one of the most enjoyable slots on the market, in spite of its age.

We’d definitely recommend Gonzo’s Quest, despite its being not as recent compared to other slots machines. As is usually the case with slot games from NetEnt, this one is truly incredible in terms of its gameplay, design and additional features within, whether that’s bonus rounds or Avalanching symbols in this case

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