Enchanted Prince slots is a digital casino slot game with five reels, three rows and 25 paylines. It draws inspiration from the story about the girl who kisses an enchanted frog and becomes a princess. 

Key Features

Reels: 5

Paylines: 5

Bonus Rounds: 0

Enchanted Prince Slots Review

Enchanted Prince slots is an online casino slot game with five reels, three rows and 25 paylines that draws inspiration from the famous story. The sincere kiss dispels the hex and the frog turns into a prince. The major cash prize win for the modest girl leads to her living a wealthy life. We hope that the same fate follows online casino players who play the Enchanted Prince slots. 

Enchanted Prince Slot Overview

The Enchanted Prince fairytale has a moral to the story - in essence, good fortunes are hidden in plain sight and all you need to do is - believe! The modest girl steps away from her apprehension kisses the frog and he turns into a prince. Thus she becomes rich in life. The graphics of the Enchanted Prince slots may not be much, but the moral of the story remains and we feel that there is something hidden behind the lily pads. 

This is a standard three row, five reels digital slot that has 25 paylines that you can activate at will. The non-intrusive graphics make it a laid-back slots game that you can enjoy relaxing in bed while waiting for the coin to enchant the pond and turn it into a kingdom. Someone has to rule that kingdom. Anyone? That depends on how seriously you are going to take the Return to Player possibility of 95.00% plus the bonus features. 

How to Play Enchanted Prince

Play Enchanted Prince Slot

The Enchanted Prince slots developer Eyecon Games are well versed in creating marvelous fantasy-themed games. They didn't underachieve on this one. Perhaps it was their intention to leave out the 3D effects and settle with subtle animation that befits the theme, the sound, the gameplay and bolster the game with excellent bonus features. 

Across 25 paylines you can bet as little as a penny per line and as much as ‎£0.50. The symbols that bring the real magic to the table are the pad of the pond, the lily, the diamond heart, the castle, the princess-to-be, the crowned toad and the royal crown itself. The rest of the symbols are the usual, 10 to Ace, and are beautifully designed with an appearance of wood carver’s craftsmanship. 

If you want to make sure that you understand the winning combinations, you can open the paytable and look at the value of the symbols. The princess-to-be symbol is the highest paying one and if your luck serves you well, you can land four of these plus a Wild symbol and walk away with amazing riches. But that is not the only way to score big as there are free spins and the gamble feature. 

How to Win Enchanted Prince Slot 

Once you have set your wager you can go on and spin the reels. All of the paylines can be viewed in the paytable, but the game itself draws them every time you score. The most prized symbol in the game is the Frog Scatter because it can trigger whopping 15, 20 or 25 free spins. You shouldn't be surprised that the developer has set a cap on the number of free spins that you can get during a Free Spin round. With them occurring so often the house doesn't stand a chance, so a total of 15 occurrences of free spins is in place. That means you can have 15, 20 or 25 free spins occurring for a total of 15 times during one sitting. Not at all bad.  

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The royal crown symbol is the Wild that substitutes for any other symbol in a matching combination, except for the scatter. When you get two matching crowns your winnings are doubled if the Wild is in the same line with the rest. Another important role of the Frog symbol is that it pays when it combines for a match and, the winnings based on the scatter are multiplied by the amount of your bet. 

Other than these bonuses the game dishes out regular wins made of wilds, stacks and regular symbol combos. You can have the game set on fewer paylines and fewer credits to see how it “thinks” and eventually you can set your strategy if you are in for the big win.

Enchanted Prince Bonus Features 

Following any win during the base play you can choose the gamble bonus feature. When available, you can double your win or lose it by selecting the correct of the two choices that are revealed. You can continue selecting the right of the two options until you opt to take back your winnings, or when you make five correct moves in a row. That's not all. If you land between two and five scatter symbols in a row, you'll be rewarded with 2x, 5x, 10x or 50x your total stake, plus you'll be taken to the free games feature! So by introducing one bonus the Enchanted Prince slot game raises the ante regarding its gameplay and the level of entertainment.


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Our Enchanted Prince Slot Review

This is a basic game, but fun to play because of the scatter symbol’s rate of occurrence. There isn’t much going on with the sound, just basic sounds of reels spinning, some twinkles here and there. But the idea is idea behind the game is nice and we think that Enchanted Prince slot deserves a chance to test how inclined towards your luck is the Return to Player of 95.00%.

We would have been pleasantly surprised if the developers included an additional bonus feature because the bonus gamble and the free spins just don’t suffice for the amount of fun that could be had. That is not to say that you should overlook the Enchanted Prince slots.

You can try Enchanted Prince at one of our affiliated casinos and by the way, you can make use of some of the available bonuses through SlotsWise. 

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