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Brisbane, Australia •

Eyecon has established as a leading slots developer that produced titles such as Fluffy Favourites, Irish Luck, Kitty Payouts, Shaman's Dream and other exceptional games. 

Eyecon Group Games

Founded in 1997, the Brisbane, Australia-based slots manufacturer, Eyecon, has a place of its own on the roster of international slots makers. To make it on the list of games provided by online casinos, the producers have to have special talents in combining the outcome probabilities with graphics that are appealing and captivating gameplay. For the most part, Eyecon manages to do that and most of their games indeed provide a solid gambling entertainment experience. This is true for both online and land-based casinos. Many of the titles made by Eyecon are available at casinos affiliated with SlotsWise.

For those who count things like this, Eyecon is not only experienced slots-wizards but also game developers. In 2002 they were part of the developer team who made Gore: Ultimate Soldier for Personal Computer, which is a 3D shooter game like Halo, Half-Life and so on, which has clocked more than one million downloads. It is apparent that Eyecon has a knack for making games and a small surprise that they are behind some online casino favourites, some of which we will highlight here. 

As of present, the company has somewhat over 60 slots games strewn about some of the best casinos online, and some in land-based casinos as well. Some of their games have been widely popular for years and remain in the top rows of these casinos, rows which are usually reserved for the most in-demand and new and presumably hot titles. Their website boasts an impressive number of 6 billion spins per year being achieved on their games. This means Eyecon are going at it strong and will continue dishing out cool casino slots in the time to come. 

As you can see, there is not a single part of the online casino industry that they haven’t contributed to or taken part into. Apart from minor contributions to the land-based casino world, these are the significant platforms that they have built for the online casino industry:

• F.I.R.E. – It is a platform that creates progressive jackpots, holds live gambling and casino games for regulated environments
• Cootha – It is their platform for land-based slots that actually provides third-party branded slots
• Maroon – Optimizes the payment methods in the online casino industry
• Toothey – Sports engine that focuses on real-time odds and allows in-game betting

Apart from slots, Eyecon offers a wide range of other online gambling games, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Roulette and many others. It has a lot of video pokers available and live casinos are also part of their offerings.

Let’s mention now some of the Eyecon favourites. The list is topped by Fluffy Favourites which is a fantasy-themed slot where stuffed animals come to life to bring winning combinations. This game features excellent graphics, which aren’t overbearing and don’t boast any 3D animations, and that’s what makes the game appealing. How the symbols are drawn and rendered, their unique appearance and the bonus feature, make this game a favourite.

Notable Titles

Cheng Gong

The title of Cheng Gong slot, translated from Mandarin Chinese means “good luck”. The game is filled with Chinese cultural symbols and entertaining gameplay which features a gamble option and free spins. 

Jewel Journey Slot

Jewel Journey is a jungle-adventure themed pursuit of rare gems. This online slot features excellent gameplay, bonus features and more than one scatter and bonus symbol. The graphics are excellent and fit the theme in a very nice fashion. Certainly, this is for everyone, but those who are inclined to adventures would gladly enjoy trekking in the jungle. 

Shaman's Dream Slot

Shaman’s Dream is an online slot with spiritual undercurrents. The game draws inspiration from Native American culture which is rife with cultural symbols that are used in land-based casinos quite often. The dreamcatcher, the feathered chief, a wolf, an eagle, a totem – all of this plus terrific gameplay adds for a thrilling gambling experience.

Stampede Slot

Stampede is one of the most famous slots machines that appears in countless online casinos. In fact, so popular is this game that it is featured prominently on their front page, alongside absolute winners like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. The Stampede slot features the stampede bonus, which causes more elephants to amass, trample the ground and generate a windfall of winnings. 

Puggy Payout, Kitty Payout, Piggy Payout

Next, there is a host of games featuring domestic animals - precisely, cats and dogs. These online slots come in the shape of Puggy Payout, Kitty Payout and Piggy Payout. All three have become part of leading online casinos, but with varying degrees of success. The Kitty and Piggy Payout versions have registered on our radar, however, the Puddy Payout seems to be little noticed on account of these two. Whatever the case, this trio captures the cuteness of the said animals and is a welcome addition for players who are attached to their pets or who simply love animals.

And of course, there are more noteworthy titles but we can’t simply name each and every one. What is worth noting besides the games themselves is their availability. Not only does Eyecon have their games featured in casinos, but they are also featured online too. So any player who is savvy for online gambling and has a tablet or a cell phone, Eyecone is there to supply the adaptability, so every single game that they make can be played on mobile. 

Concluding Remarks

We have done this Australian company that also has offices in the UK solid. Naming the games and their quality is one thing, but playing them is another. If not all, then most of Eyecon’s games are available in the online casinos that SlotsWise is affiliated with. On the side of the casinos is generosity in the form of Welcome Packages and special promotions, and free spins. So take your pick of the titles we mentioned or look for the Eyecon category at any of our online casinos to spin for your win. 

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