Key Features

Reels: 3

Min Bet: 0.10

Max Payout: 2500.00

Paylines: 1

Max Bet: 60.00

Bonus Rounds: 0

Safari King Slots Review

You can play this simple yet unique game just for fun, or you can play for a chance to win one of the prizes. The top Safari King slot prize is 2500 and it comes by simply landing three lions on the single one payline

Safari King Slot Overview

Speaking of retro slots, here is a very old-school slot game that has been given a safari twist. It is the Safari King slot, a simple yet entertaining slot game by Spade Gaming that has only a single payline. That is all that you get, but you know what, such games use to be the standard in the old days of Las Vegas, so there is something that can be appreciated in this game. There is another thing that can be appreciated even more, and that is the game's jackpot - small yet still a hefty amount of 2500 coins. 

To those who are used to playing spectacular game that are loaded with bonus features and are packed with 3D graphics and cinematic sequences, this will be a disappointing time on the reels. But if you are someone who judges a book not by its cover, then you may come to enjoy the Safari King slots game. At any rate, it works just like any other slot machine out there - there is the random number generator which dishes out the winnings at random when they occur, and there is a simple paytable and the possibility of three symbols landing on just one payline

How To Play Safari King Slot

Setting up for the gameplay on a single payline slot ought to be as simple as it could ever get. And that is just about right with Safari King. To set up the game and play all that you need to do is select the bet per spin and select whether you want to play for the single wins or doubled wins. Here is exactly what this means.

You can select the bet per spin from the window that is right below the paytable. The starting amount is £0.20 and the top wager is £30.00. To the left of this window is a button that says BET ONE. Clicking this button toggles the single or double potential for winnings. So if you are playing with the single, you will pay the selected bet amount. If you play for doubled winnings, the bet will cost double. It is all pretty simple and straightforward because the Total Bet window displays the sum that you are spending per spin. 

To set the reel spinning just click or push the 'Spin' button to the right of the reel set. You can hold that button to set the game for an Autoplay mode. 

Safari King Slot Design

The slot design of this game is quite rudimentary. You are not going to find here pots and whistles. You will notice lots of references to the African safari experience, plus one oddball symbol, that of the Liberty Bell. There are some other symbols that don't quite suggest anything to do with safari, but more with the stone age, and these are flint axe and the crossed torches. There is a mud house for a symbol, as well as a giraffe, a zebra and a winking lion.

And that is about it regarding the game's symbols. The paytable can be seen right in the playing surface, or precisely, to the left of the reel-set. Having the paytable in sight is a very good reminder on part of the developers in letting the player know that you can land just one symbol on the reels and score a winning. But more on that just below. 

How To Win Safari King 

It is absolutely amazing that this game is able to provide winnings with just one symbol - that is the bell. Landing just one bell pays 2 and 4 coins, depending whether you are playing single winnings or doubled winnings. This is the only single symbol that pays prizes. Then there are two bells, which also pay a prize. Every other trifecta of symbols requires three on the payline in order to provide the winnings. 

The highest paying is the string of lions, worth 2500 coins or 1200 for a single bet of 30 pounds on the spin. ANother high valued symbol is the giraffe, bringing in 1000 on the double bet of 60 pounds. 

To play this odd yet amusing game, you can start by claiming a welcome bonus at one of the casinos on this page. 

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