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Random Logic Software Overview

Random Logic Software has been on the gaming circuit for many years, or precisely, since 1998. The company is a subsidiary fully owned by 888, which itself was founded in 1997. The purpose of Random Logic was to deliver research, development and marketing solutions for its parent company. Since then, these two company names are synonymous with one another. 888 became one of the biggest casinos in the world, and the Random Logic ltd. company became an online slots developer, as well as a land-based casino game maker. By 2005, 888 Holdings became listed on the London Stock Exchange and became one of the founding members of eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), which is the leading organization which sets and oversees industry benchmarks and consumer protection guidelines.

What is more, both 888 and Random Logic are also tied to Dragon Fish. This is one of the leading gaming platforms in the world, providing hundreds of games and gaming solutions to multiple casinos. Well, Dragon Fish, founded in 2006, stemmed from both 888 and Random Logic, as a stand-alone provider. 

Random Logic Online Slots

The company Random Logic has a wide variety of games and it constantly comes up with new titles that are available at many online casinos. 

We are going to dedicate some space to a number of games that have become favorites to online casino players. The reason for these games becoming popular is because Random Logic a connected guys who have managed to get licensing rights to pieces of American entertainment history, such as the Hollywood cult classics The Big Lebowski, Nightmare on Elm Street but also Japanese cult classic anime Ghost in the Shell and the famous American day television show The Price is Right. 

Top Random Logic Games

We have classic games and games that are brand new. There are games with regular payouts, big payouts and huge payouts. Let's not forget that Random Logic Progressive Jackpot slot is Alice's Wonderland slot. Let's mention few excellent titles by this 888 Holdings subsidiary.

Alice's Wonderland 

This game is as wild as the story that inspired it. The Alice's Wonderland slot features all the characters from Lewis Carroll's story, as they trigger a bunch of cash-multiplying bonuses. This is one of Random Logic's signature titles and not least because of the huge progressive jackpot. 


Five reels, four rows and exactly 100 lines that pay are the reel-set features of the vampire-themed Bloodlines slot by Random Logic. This one is another addition to an incipient genre of online slots that play on the popularity of vampires. The game delivers stacked wilds and free spins features; the latter can be retriggered a bunch of times and that makes this game attractive to players who are into winnings on the edge of the occult. 

Ghost in the Shell

We mentioned this title uptop. It is inspired by the anime movie of the same title and features many details that are found in it. Those who are not familiar with the movie need not worry, because the Ghost in the Shell slot makes everything straightforward. All of the winnings are paid in pounds and the bonus features are made known right away. The Ghost in the Shell Free Spins feature delivers up to 30 free spins. Besides this, the game has a progressive jackpot, so it is another one of Random Logic's mega payout games. 

Jack's Pot

This is a wild game that has a strange theme. Five reels, three rows and twenty paylines are the home of a creature named Jack who has a pot which is filled with multi-colored crystals. These crystals represent a high-valued currency on Jack's planet, but in terms of Earth, these can be converted into any currency thanks to the Jack's Pot progressive jackpot. 

The Big Lebowski Slot

Few people haven't heard about The Big Lebowski Hollywood movie featuring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, John Turturro and Julianne Moore. Random Logic made this game available to bring back the chuckles from the movie and the general idea of a big old loafer like Lebowski who, honestly, doesn't have it bad for himself at all. Oh by the way, the Big Lebowski Progressive jackpot counts the payout in six figures so we know that many players can't stay lazy knowing that this kind of prize is floating around.

Ultimate Grill Thrills

No, this isn't about Bear Grylls, fortunately, but it is about making the best out of backyard barbecues. The Ultimate Grill Thrills slot plays on this theme and offer bonus games and a jackpot of 10,000x times the winning wager. It isn't a progressive slot, but the payout is as hefty and as saucy as a masterfully grilled and marinated burger. 

The Great War Slot

We have a theme with a gloomy connotation, but that war exists is as exciting as it is sad. The Great War slots explores a number of vintage weapons and uses these to deliver payouts and bonus games. The scatter symbol is that strange airborne contraption called the Zeppelin and it brings on up to 15 free spins, with the bonus feature of the stacked wil

Random Logic Slots Review

As we all know, this is an excellent subsidiary that is working for an excellent company and pioneer in the world of online casinos. All of the Random Logic games can be found at the 888 Casino, including the progressive jackpot titles, so it is a sure thing that there is lots of great gambling entertainment where the ideas came from. 

So it is no wonder that 888 is one of our casinos and we offer a bonus package that allows you to claim free play money and free spins. If you have a good feeling about any of the games that we mentioned above, feel free to browse for them and make the best out of the welcome package. Our 888 Casino review can be found right here, where you can claim your 888 bonus. 


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