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Thundering 888 Slots Online


If you are up for a classy, three reels one payline video slot game that has many rewards and will entertain you while you play, Thundering 888 is your game. Random Logic made a game where they decided to give a chance to the number 8 instead of the 7, simply to change and flex things a little bit. If your number is 8 you should try this game, and if it’s not, we promise you are going to love it after the game. What is great about Thundering 888 is the first glance of the game. As soon as you open the game you realise that it’s a classy slot machine with a lever on the right site and the slot machine in front of you, while the background has more slot machines, giving you the casino late 90s Las Vegas sensation. The lid lights on top of the reels indicate the game’s logo and the pay table where you can see all the winning combinations. The progressive jackpot in this game just adds a cherry on the top of the cake. Try this game on one of our sites and claim the bonuses and free coins to get you kick-started.


Gameplay / How to Play

Thundering 888 is a 3x1 – three reels one payline classy slot machine game that really puts an impression of a land machine used more than 20 years ago.you can set the denominations from £0.25 up to £2.00 where the £2.00 is the Max Bet option, as well as the only way to fill and trigger the Progressive Jackpot.

The symbols of the game are the Bar symbol in two different colours which reward even if the colour is not the same, but the symbol is, as well as the Black field that gives a small price.

Number 8 is the most valuable of them all, and if you manage to hit three of them on the Max Bet option, you will get the highest win of this game.


Progressive Jackpot

Playing on the Max Bet is the only way to fill the jackpot and make it go up towards the sky, as well as it’s the only option to hit the jackpot with three 8 symbols of the Orange colour aligned on the payline. These symbols award lucrative wins on the smaller coin values as well, but will not trigger the jackpot.

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Thundering 888 free play
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Thundering 888 slot
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